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Cyprus is not just an unforgettable holiday destination in Europe. The country also has strong business links with the UK, and abundant connections between family and friends. This means there are a lot of parcels passing back and forth between the UK and this Mediterranean island country.

So, how do you arrange cheap parcel delivery to Cyprus? How can you make sure that personal items, gifts or commercial goods reach their recipient as quickly as possible, in the safest possible hands?

That’s what this guide is designed to show how easy it is to benefit from parcel delivery UK to Cyprus, at an affordable price.

Cyprus is a relatively small country neighboured by Turkey, Greece and Lebanon. However, remarkably it is in the top 50 places that the UK sends good to, not least as there is a strong British expat community among the roughly one million residents of Cyprus, and, of course, there are also many Cypriot families who receive items from relatives and friends who have moved to the UK too.

Having so many items to look after, passing backwards and forwards between the two countries, means that for parcel delivery to Cyprus, we have been able to establish the fastest routes. Plus, we have negotiated the keenest prices due to our buying power, allowing us to provide you with the cheapest parcel delivery to Cyprus on the web.

Getting your personal items or commercial goods to Cyprus delivered for a low price is entirely possible because of our partnerships with trusted local couriers, who know the island inside out and offer you cheap courier to Cyprus services. They are also carefully chosen from having the same quality standards as us, and commitment to customer care. With our simple to use price comparison site it is easier than ever to compare the price of each cheap courier services to Cyprus and find you the best price for cheap courier to Cyprus.

That means they can make absolutely sure that your parcel is delivered safely into the hands of your addressee though the use of our cheap courier services to Cyprus to ensure successful delivery, every time you send parcel to Cyprus. They show the same personal responsibility, whether the parcel is large or small, a gift or a box of items for sale, from Dipkarpaz to Peyia. Affordable door to door service for parcel delivery to Cyprus from UK is clearly a team effort.

Here at Parcel Delivery, we can provide you with the ultimate solution to all of your Cyprus parcel delivery worries. We ensure that we only use the UK’s most reputable and high quality couriers, to ensure your parcel gets to where it needs to be, on time and in one piece, every time you send a parcel to Cyprus.

Parcel Delivery To Cyprus

The speed and efficiency of our parcel delivery UK to Cyprus service is also thanks to the local knowledge and experience our partner couriers boast. Many holidaymakers have fallen in love with Cyprus, but it is a diverse country with lots of characteristics only known to local people. It could be that you are arranging a Cyprus parcel delivery to one of the many villas and apartments in coastal areas such as Paphos or Limasoll, or you may be looking to send a parcel to Cyprus’ more remote areas.

What if your parcel is destined to travel through wine country to Omodos or along basic roads to Kakopetria at the base of the stunning Troödos Mountains? Your parcel delivery to Cyprus could be to the highest mountain village on the island, Prodromos, or to Livera, a tiny coastal community on Cape Kormakitis, and with us, you can ensure it will get to its destination in one piece, no matter where it’s headed.

You may need to get a parcel from the UK to Cyprus to send goods to a business in the city centre of Nicosia, or a tourist bar in Ayia Napa. This all relies on having a parcel delivery service that knows the country, its place names, language and customs well enough to go straight to the right door, each and every time.

Having experience, local connections and expertise to call on means you get the cheapest parcel delivery to Cyprus, but also peace of mind that speed and care are serious concerns. As well as this it is also important to utilise the use of cheap shipping to Cyprus when looking for the best form of cheap delivery to Cyprus. This is because the use of cheap shipping to Cyprus can be beneficial when sending multiple parcels at once and can reduce the overall price when compared to single delivery’s.
The strong connections between Cyprus and the UK and the great partnerships forged with local couriers, means that sending a parcel from the UK to Cyprus probably costs less than many people would guess. Sending a cheap parcel to Cyprus is easy through the site.

The weight and size of your parcel can affect the cost, of course, and we do special rates for multiple collections from the same address in the UK. The speed with which you want your parcel to be delivered also has an effect – next day delivery may be available for a slightly higher premium than economy, for example.

There are no current customs charges for parcels from the UK to Cyprus, but this situation could change due to the UK exiting the EU. If it does, this is the place to come for information and help (and ways of saving money on parcel deliveries to Cyprus).

There are extras you can add to your parcel delivery UK to Cyprus to tailor make the service to what you want and need. For example, this could include extra insurance for particularly valuable items or a system to track delivery signatures.

Cheapest Way to Send Parcel to Cyprus

Though your UK to Cyprus parcel delivery offers care and efficiency, there are ways you can help to ensure your item or items reach their destination safely and quickly, too.

This all starts with making sure you have an accurate note of the address. Double check any challenging local spellings for parcel delivery to Cyprus, particularly as addresses could be written in Greek, Turkish or English spellings and alphabet. For example, Karpasia in Cyprus can also be referred to as Karpaşa, Kırpaşa or Karpaz.

Addresses in Cyprus are written much the same way as in the UK, including postcodes to identify specific areas and sections of the island. Please use those postcodes. Write the address on the label or box carefully and clearly, in a smudge proof way. It is accepted practice to write the destination country in capital letters, at the end of the address.

Do you have other useful information to help with accurate and swift parcel delivery to Cyprus from the UK, such as obstacles? Let us know, as it helps us to maintain our excellent record for speed and efficiency. If the parcel needs a signature on arrival, let the recipient know it is on the way, as this can sometimes make it easier to deliver signed-for parcels UK to Cyprus. If you need to send a parcel from UK to Cyprus then look no further.

With the parcel delivery service UK provider selected, and the address double checked, what’s the next step to make sure your item or items arrive safely in Cyprus? To ensure there are no holds ups or issues for your cheap parcel delivery to Cyprus, you need to pack your items or items well, ready for the trip.

Use a strong box rather than simply a bag, unless it is something soft and unbreakable (in which case put plenty of layers of plastic on). Most things need to be in an appropriate sized cardboard container – you can get cylinders, if that is a better fit. Your item or items need to fit comfortably in the box ready for cheap parcel delivery to Cyprus, without pressing on the sides or rattling around.

Fill all gaps and spaces if you can, with bubble wrap, shredded paper and packing peanuts. Wrap and protect parts that stick out of your item, or vulnerable edges. This not only cushions your items and prevents them banging together, it helps maintain the exterior integrity of your box. A full box is stronger than one that can be easily pushed in or dented.

Seal the box with good packaging tape, without leaving dangling ends or loose labels.

It’s okay to recycle old packaging materials – in fact, it is a great idea – but always remove old paperwork from boxes and obscure any out of date delivery information. That way, cheap delivery to Cyprus from the UK can be achieved with no hitches.

All that is left to do after that is to arrange a convenient collection slot. Then your gift, personal item, or business goods can be handed over for swift and efficient carriage, alongside the cheapest parcel delivery to Cyprus on the market.

So, to find a Cyprus courier at the best price, go to Parcel Delivery now.