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DPD from £5.99 exc VAT
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DPD is one of the best-known parcel services throughout the UK and globally, providing an excellent delivery service for helping you get your parcel from A to B. From as little as £5.99, you can ensure your parcel reaches its destination efficiently and without delay.

As one of the leading time-critical parcel carriers in the UK, DPD parcels is able to satisfy all of your distribution requirements, whether you want your consignment to be sent internally within the United Kingdom, or to Europe and beyond. DPD couriers have a reputation for being experts in parcel delivery, and have an extensive network that enables them to deliver on time and without problems. This is of ultimate importance when it comes to parcel delivery, as no one wants their package to end up arriving late, damaged, or having to deal with a complaints service.

DPD parcel delivery service has an extensive UK network, which helps them connect their unrivalled ground-based services with their Europe and Air Express services, and also with their services for the rest of the world. They are one of the best-placed carriers for aiding with your logistics and distribution needs. With decades of experience and some of the best systems in place, plus hundreds of vans on the road, you can have faith in the support you will receive.

How DPD Parcel Delivery Works

DPD parcel delivery couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is drop your parcel off at your local shop (which is never far away), or choose from their range of pick-up and delivery services. DPD parcel delivery service has over 2,500 Pickup shops located around the UK; you can find which is closest to you on their website simply by entering your postcode or town.

Some of the common shops in the UK for dropping off parcels include Matalan Sainsbury’s and Halfords. For 93% of the population, your nearest DPD parcels drop-off or collection point is just a 10-minute drive away, and in London, it is an average of just a five-minute walk.

When you book to use the DPD parcel delivery service Pickup, you simply take your parcel to the location at your convenience and hand it over to the shop assistant. They will give you a receipt, and you will pay for any DPD parcel delivery costs that need covering. From there, DPD couriers will then collect it and take it to the destination. This means you can easily factor in your parcel drop-off around your busy day.

If you opt to use the DPD parcel delivery service Predict, you will be able to track the progress of your parcel through to delivery, and select whether it is delivered to a DPD pick-up point or to your customer’s door. It makes life a lot quicker and easier. You can also collect parcels that have been sent to you at a DPD parcels pick-up point.

Why Choose DPD Parcel Delivery?

DPD couriers work hard on their corporate social responsibility, and seek to be responsible when working with communities, businesses and people. They have produced a range of reports and initiatives, which can be viewed on their website. However, one of their most important commitments is to be carbon neutral. This is made on every parcel they deliver, with no extra cost to the customer. This is done through measuring and reducing CO2 emissions, and then offsetting any remaining emissions. A lot of work is done to keep reducing CO2 emissions.

By 2020, the DPD parcels group has set themselves the target of reducing their road transport CO2 emissions by 10% against the levels that were set in 2013. So far, they have been achieving this through improving how efficient their transport network is, by deploying innovative solutions such as Pickup or Predict, and by using alternative fuel vehicles more regularly.

They also purchase carbon credits, which help them to finance cleaner energy and renewable energy product projects. DPD have been working closely with EcoAct, a leader in the European carbon market, to create an offset program on carbon emissions that meets the rigorous standards set internationally. They have six of these projects in place across Europe, India and Turkey This is helped by the age of DPD group’s fleet, with half less than 5 years old.

Other plans in place include Smart Urban Delivery, which aims to offer greater delivery choices to those living in urban areas. DPD parcel delivery found that more than 74% of people in Europe live in a city, so this is an important market area for them to be reaching. While offering a greater range of deliveries, they are also seeking to tackle congestion in traffic and reduce local pollution where possible. This means less time spent wasted for customers wanting their parcels on time, less traffic on the roads, and a reduction in city emissions. 95% of Europeans are now within 15 minutes of a DPD Pickup point, with Predict available in 22 EU countries.

DPD couriers have won many awards, including topping the Money Saving Expert’s customer satisfaction poll for the fourth consecutive year, receiving a hat-trick of wins at the 2016 Motor Transport awards, receiving a Queen’s Award for Innovation with Predict, and getting a special Which? award for being the best delivery company within the UK. They have also won a national honour at the UK Employee Experience Awards, and gained a prestigious National Business Award in the Customer Focus category. DPD parcels was recognised at the UK Customer Experience Awards too.

DPD Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

You can send a parcel from as little as £5.99 with DPD parcel delivery, although this price increases depending on the size of your parcel, its weight and the parcel’s final destination. You can easily send more than one parcel with DPD, either to the same or different addresses, with quotes available to you for all of your deliveries before you place your final order. If required, you can set up bulk parcel delivery solutions, which makes life a lot easier and saves you time when sending out multiple packages, especially if you are a small business. You can link your DPD account with eBay, Magento, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, PrestaShop or by uploading a CSV template file.

When choosing your DPD delivery, you can choose from a variety of options including DPD 10:30, DPD 12:00, Two Day, Saturday, Sunday or next day delivery options. There is also a range of flexible international services available, including DPD Classic – a fast and reliable road-based service throughout Europe – and Air Classic, an international service that enables you to get your shipments sent abroad with full tracking. This is ideal for non-time sensitive shipments. For those that need to be there in a hurry, there’s DPD Express. DPD parcel delivery has a wide and extensive range of networks, both on the ground and in the air, which means you can get your parcel to where it needs to be without hassle or delay. Their prices are competitive with any other delivery provider across the world, with an award-winning level of customer service to match. It is this level of reliability that has seen customers repeatedly returning to a DPD parcel delivery service.

Once your parcel is with DPD, you can track it online with Predict to ensure peace of mind about the whereabouts of your shipment and to give necessary information to the recipient if required. If you need a refund, there is a special refund policy in place with DPD in which you have a maximum of 28 days from when the order was placed to request a refund. You aren’t able to request refunds for any consequential loss. With all of this in mind, use Parcel Delivery today to find out more about using DPD as a courier.