Send a Parcel to Vatican City

Send a parcel to the smallest country in the world with the help of Parcel Delivery.


    Do you have family members, friends or business contacts living or working in the world’s smallest country? Perhaps you need to send parcels to the offices, museums and tourist attractions in the Vatican City state?

    Due to its highly unique nature, arranging a cheap courier to Vatican City may sound more problematic than many other destinations. However, it actually could not be easier.

    This guide provides step-by-step instructions on arranging a cheap courier to Vatican City. There is even valuable information on how to prepare a parcel destined for this small European state within Rome.

    The smallest state by both size and population, the Vatican City is still a busy place, populated by a diverse community and housing important ecclesiastical buildings alongside 11 museums of importance, a radio station and a daily newspaper. It is also a country which relies heavily on tourism, and the sale of publications and stamps, and is landlocked by Italy.

    It could be that you are a UK business sending a consignment of commercial goods via cheap shipping to Vatican City. Or want to know how to send gifts or personal items to friends or family who live and work in the Vatican City state.

    Whatever the purpose of your delivery, it all starts with finding the right courier. That does not mean going for the most obvious one, with charges that make the process prohibitive. Therefore, Parcel Delivery can help.

    Finding cheap delivery to Vatican City is easy with our straightforward online comparison tool. You key in the details of your parcel, and its destination, to receive instant suggestions for parcel delivery to Vatican City.

    You can then click through to arrange cheap shipping to Vatican City by the courier that best suits your needs.

    Whichever one you choose, rest assured that you are guaranteed reliability and a prompt, careful delivery service, alongside the option to compare cheap courier services to Vatican City that we can offer.

    Some of our Vatican City parcel delivery partners will offer you the opportunity to drop your parcel at a handy location near where you live or work in the UK.

    However, within one highly affordable price, it is often possible to arrange door-to-door service for Vatican City parcel delivery.

    That means you simply choose a slot that best suits you, and your trustworthy and professional courier, who is an expert in cheap parcel delivery to Vatican City, will collect your parcel, large or small. That is then cared for in a highly responsible manner until the minute it is handed to your recipient in this small state in Rome.

    Parcel Delivery To Vatican City

    Safe, efficient and cheap parcel delivery to Vatican City is possible because we match you with expert carriers.

    These are couriers who deliver to this State year round. Their business systems, contacts and understanding of the special nature of this country, offer economies of scale.

    However, they have also invested time in establishing offices or partners on the mainland of Europe, and have the latest technology to track your parcel at every step.

    They know all the quirks and characteristics of delivering to Vatican State residents who serve the Papacy and to their families. They also know each and every business, ecclesiastic and government building in this fascinating country, to ensure that your parcel is certain to get to its destination on time, every time.

    This also means that your parcel delivery UK to Vatican City state is as seamless and swift as possible.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Vatican City

    The price you pay when you send a parcel to Vatican City can be adjusted to accommodate your own particular requirements. For example, the size and weight will influence the cost of your parcel delivery to Vatican City.

    Your courier may well help you to work out any additional customs charges for commercial goods and will assist with any paperwork involved when it comes to arranging parcel delivery to Vatican City from UK.

    The prices of standard parcel delivery to Vatican City from UK include a certain level of cover for your item or items. If you are looking to send a parcel to Vatican City which contains valuable contents, you may opt to increase the level of cover.

    The other easy adjustments you can make include same day delivery and collection. Or maybe you want a traceable signature on receipt on your cheap delivery to Vatican City, to show the exact time your parcel arrived and who accepted the delivery.

    If you send multiple or regular parcels to Vatican State, our specialist couriers often offer preferential rates for both businesses and individuals.

    All of these options can be indicated on our easy-to-use online form, for a quick price that ensures you get exactly what you want from your parcel delivery to Vatican City from UK.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Vatican City

    Are there any special requirements for sending a parcel to the Vatican City state?

    Well, your courier can help with queries about restricted items – which are similar throughout Europe and indeed throughout all parcel delivery services worldwide.

    If you need to send a parcel to Vatican City which contains commercial products, or you want to know how to package a gift to someone who lives in the state, read on.

    Even though this is a small country, it still has its complexities. Therefore, it is recommended that you double check the address when arranging to send a parcel to Vatican City. The postcode for the Città del Vaticano is 00120. Please use this to prevent delays.

    Add the address to your parcel clearly and in a way that won’t be easily damaged by moisture or friction in transit.

    The parcel itself should be prepared in a way that best protects your item or items. The couriers we match you to for parcel delivery UK to Vatican City are highly responsible and efficient.

    However, even they can’t guarantee the integrity of your items if they set off ill-equipped for handling.

    Clothes, soft furnishings and other pliable items could be sent to the Vatican City state wrapped tightly in multiple layers of strong plastic (not bin bags or carrier bags which snag easily). Seal this well and attach the address securely.

    Most items you would send to a Vatican City business or residents would need to be encased in good quality cardboard.

    Find a carton, box or cylindrical tube that fits your item or items comfortably. It may seem a cost saving to squeeze them into as small a package as possible, but this could strain the seams when the items move about during the journey.

    Pack some lightweight material around your items to stop them rubbing together and to protect them from the sides of the box. This also serves to strengthen the structure of the box itself and avoid it caving in from outside.

    What to use to fill out a parcel delivery form to send a parcel to Vatican City?

    There are materials specially designed for this, such as foam shapes (beads and peanuts, for example) or bubble wrap. Some people prefer to use shredded newspaper. Scrunched newspaper is not as effective as it can leave gaps and compress. Small boxes bound for the Vatican City could even be padded out with popcorn, another biodegradable and low-cost option.

    Once carefully packed, seal your parcel with strong packaging tape. It is recommended that you give it a final check for hanging bits of tape or anything that could rip or stick.

    Did you opt for a signature on receipt? Let the recipient know it is on its way, as this is another way you can make delivering your parcel to the Vatican City seamless and efficient.

    Use Parcel Delivery’s online comparison tool online today to take advantage of our cheap courier services to Vatican City on the market. Get a quote online & send a parcel to the Vatican City today!