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    Do you need to send a parcel to Malta from the UK? Whatever the reason that you are looking for a parcel delivery company to send your goods from here to Malta, you’ll want to choose the most efficient and low cost option, which is why Parcel Delivery is so useful. UK residents arrange to send a parcel to Malta every day, across the country from Scotland to Cornwall headed to the main island or perhaps to one of the smaller islands of Como or Gozo. Parcel delivery to Malta generally includes gifts for loved ones, holiday souvenirs and eBay sales. Many parcels making this journey are sent from small to medium UK companies who have sold goods to national residents as well as UK expats living in Malta.

    Thousands of parcels make their way from the UK to Malta every year and include everything from tiny items to bulky items, whether it’s jewellery, computer equipment, car parts, cosmetics, books or toys. For businesses, this can mean being the most competitive in terms of customer service and can help companies keep their costs down and in turn, their prices. This is why there has been an increase in demand for cheap delivery to Malta over the past few years.

    Malta is a small island, smaller even than the Isle of Wight, and is geographically located near Tunisia and Libya, however, the Maltese population sits at around half a million people. Of those people, around four-fifths live in the metropolitan area of the capital and main port, Valetta. Malta is a popular holiday destination and many UK residents flock there each year for a sun soaked vacation. However, it’s also a country with a growing economy and one that the UK is increasingly doing business with.

    When you need Malta parcel delivery, you want it to get there as fast as possible, and that’s where our parcel comparison tool comes in handy, outlining the shipping timeframes for the largest courier companies. It will also help you find the best price and be able to search for couriers that offer additional searches such as online tracking and delivery signatures, providing you with the most exclusive, and cheap courier services to Malta on the market. Always ensure your parcel is covered for loss and damage with the option to pay for cover for more valuable items.

    Parcel Delivery To Malta

    Parcel delivery UK to Malta can be a surprisingly speedy and low cost service. Many customers wonder what happens to their parcel during its route from the UK to the southern Mediterranean island of Malta. Depending on which cheap courier to Malta from UK service you choose, your parcel may be picked up from your home or you may need to take it to a local collection point. It will then be transported to a regional hub where it will be sorted and taken to an airport. Many Malta parcel delivery shipments simply go on the next available passenger flight and are stored in the hold along with the passenger baggage. Once the plane lands, the passengers and their baggage are disembarked before the ground staff get straight to retrieving airmail, which then has to be checked by local Maltese customs. Hopefully, you have adhered to the restrictions on the goods that can and cannot enter Malta when arranging cheap shipping  to Malta. Nearly all cheap delivery to Malta from UK packages are destined for an address in Valetta, which means it won’t be long after the flight lands that your parcel is sorted and transported to its recipient.

    The fastest time a parcel can be transported to Malta via airmail from the UK is just two days. Arranging cheap shipping to Malta from the UK will take between two and four business days.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Malta

    Those looking for cheap parcel delivery to Malta generally like to balance this with the most reliable and fastest service currently available. Prices start from very little, some even offering parcel shipment to Malta for around £20 for low weight items, providing you with cheap shipping to Malta. This price may be more for faster delivery, for heavier items or for those that want additional services such as a signature on delivery or comprehensive cover.

    To make sure you really are finding the best possible price for your package, use a price comparison tool like ours which allows you to search according to exact postcodes for pick-up and delivery as well as the dimensions and the weight of the package. Always check whether a price includes VAT or not and make sure you budget for the VAT payment.

    You may want a cheap courier to Malta to help your own pocket or perhaps to keep business costs as low as possible. Either way, a search comparison tool is your best friend in finding the right international courier for Europe.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Malta

    Malta is a fellow EU member, making shipping goods to the country a fairly straightforward exercise. In fact, when you send a commercial parcel from one EU country to another it isn’t called ‘exporting’, it’s simply called ‘moving’. Shipping goods within the EU mean fewer trade restrictions and simpler, more straightforward customs declarations. There is no need for a customs invoice as there is no duty to pay when it comes to parcel delivery UK to Malta. Those sending a package to Malta will be provided with any the necessary forms online when they book the shipment, as well as a list of restricted items. Restricted items for EU movement include hazardous items, perfume, alcohol, money, fur and tobacco. It is important that you adhere to the rules on restricted and prohibited items when arranging one of our many cheap courier services to Malta from the UK.

    Those posting within the EU can also not send fertilisers, diesel, petrol, fireworks and rough diamonds. There are further items that are restricted specifically according to the Maltese Customs and Excise Authority if the country of the goods’ origin is outside the EU (regardless of whether the item is being sent from an EU country), this includes meat, fish, dairy, eggs, many fruits and vegetables including nightshades, raw hides, ivory and items from zoological collections. Customers should make themselves aware of local restrictions before arranging cheap parcel delivery to Malta.

    When you send a parcel to Malta, Gozo or Como, always ensure your parcel is suitably packaged before the time of your arranged pick up from the courier. This means making sure it is bubble wrapped if fragile and marked with which way up to be transported. The parcel needs to be completely secure and the address and return labels need to be clearly written and securely attached. When you write the address on your package, it’s really important to complete it with ‘MALTA’ in capital letters. All of this will ensure that your Malta parcel delivery doesn’t get held up at any point and also that your parcel arrives safely and undamaged.

    When you need fast parcel delivery to Malta

    When you want the most efficient parcel delivery to Malta, you’ll need to know all the prices and timeframes available from the different major providers in order to make an informed choice. Being able to check our service against the top European couriers means that you can be sure you have chosen the very best parcel delivery option for you. Whether you need to get a gift to a friend on time for their big day or simply want to fulfil a customer’s request quickly to gain excellent feedback, picking the fastest and most efficient service will be the perfect option for you.