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    The Republic of San Marino is nestled into the side of the Apennine Mountains on the Italian Peninsula. It has the smallest population of any member of the Council of Europe, and cites itself as the old sovereign state in the world, dating its founding to the fourth century.

    Today, San Marino is one of the world’s wealthiest countries, boasting no national debt, some of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe, and a highly stable economy. With a reliance on tourism, service sectors, and the financial industries, there is a vibrant and regular flow of post between San Marino and the UK.

    There has never been a better time for cheap delivery to San Marino. Postal service providers across the UK offer a fast and efficient San Marino parcel delivery service to get your parcel to San Marino by the next working day, so long as you book in time. Cheap delivery to San Marino from UK takes more time, of course, but Parcel Delivery can help you find a postal service provider that matches your budget and your timescale requirements.

    Although San Marino is not a member of the EU, it does use the Euro for currency, the Sammarinese Euro bearing its own unique design on its reverse side. These have become of great interest to coin collectors, many of whom trade by cheap shipping to San Marino from UK.

    San Marino’s standard of living is one of the highest in the world, comparable to Scandanavian states like Denmark and Norway. The country’s foremost industries are banking and electronics, though ceramics make up a large portion of their GNP. Given its size, many goods that the Sammarinese enjoy must be imported from further afield, making them active importers. This makes finding cheap courier services to San Marino even more important.

    This is a time of opportunity for overseas vendors who wish to benefit from the investment opportunity that San Marino presents to small businesses. Its small size makes San Marino reliant on imported goods, whilst its stable economy and beneficial status as a protected non-EU state, makes it an ideal venue for new start-ups.

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    Parcel Delivery To San Marino

    Cheap courier services to San Marino have never been so popular let alone, easier, or quicker. There are dozens of postal service providers who deliver parcels to San Marino daily. San Marino is in Zone 9 of the Worldwide Postal Directory, which indicates a European country which is outside of the European Union, helping to make arranging parcel delivery to San Marino from UK easier than ever. Traditionally, it costs more to send parcels to this zone than it would to send one to an EU member state, which is why searching for a cheap courier to San Marino has never been more important.

    San Marino is a small country (indeed, at 61 square kilometres, it is the fifth smallest nation in the world), that benefits from being part of the Italian peninsula since all major transit routes across Europe pass through Italy. As a result, delivery times are very quick, even when operating on a budget, and your parcel delivery to San Marino should take no more than a couple of days, even using an economy postal service provider, allowing you to benefit from a cheap courier to San Marino.

    It is worthwhile taking extra care with how you package the contents of your parcel to San Marino. Wrapping each item in the box individually in bubble-wrap, or other padded material, will offer better protection to them while en route. Use heavy duty boxes (corrugated cardboard is ideal for the job) and strong packing tape to seal them. It may add to the weight of the final parcel delivery UK to San Marino, but it will make your parcel more secure, and protect it during transit.

    It is vital that the recipient’s address on your parcel delivery to San Marino cannot be easily damaged or smudged. A layer of adhesive tape covering the address label is a cheap and simple solution, though commercial plastic wallets are available that you can attach to your parcel, if you prefer. These have the benefit of being able to hold any custom documentation too.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To San Marino

    Depending on the company you use, the service you require, and the weight and size of the item, parcel delivery UK to San Marino can start from under £10.00. Of course, it will take longer to deliver your parcel if you use cheap shipping to San Marino, but it’s useful to know such services exist. More expensive services are also available, which promise faster delivery times for your parcel. Indeed, it is possible to have your parcel delivered to San Marino by the next working day.

    There is regular trade between San Marino and the UK, and this is an area which is likely to explode in the near future, as the country actively seeks business ties with the UK, offering great opportunity for start-up ventures in San Marino. Likewise, foreign imports are not only desirable, but an essential part of Sammarinese life, making parcel delivery UK to San Marino a growth industry.

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To San Marino

    Addressing your parcel

    So long as you address it correctly, parcel delivery from UK to San Marino is quick and efficient. The Republic of San Marino and Italy use the same postal and mail courier system. Indeed, the country’s postcode is an Italian designation, used by all major courier service providers, and the local postal service.

    Prohibited and restricted items

    Certain items are classed as restricted or prohibited, and must not be sent through the post. It is important to be aware, before preparing your parcel delivery from UK to San Marino, whether you have included any such objects in your package.

    At the moment, there are no restricted items unique to San Marino, though it is important to note that this may change at any time. A list of currently prohibited items may be found at the Universal Postal Union website, so make sure to check this when arranging to send a parcel to San Marino.


    Since San Marino is not a member of the EU, HMRC will require any San Marino parcel delivery to pass through customs. This involves filling in a declaration form confirming the value, contents, and weight of your parcel, and that you are not shipping any contraband items.

    Despite not being an EU Member State, San Marino benefits from the abolition of customs duties on transactions within the European Community, and ratified by the EU. This means that, whilst all parcels must are subject to inspection for their content, no additional customs duties will be levied on a cheap parcel delivery to San Marino.

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