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    Ukraine is a sovereign state in Eastern Europe, which has borders with Belarus, Hungary, Poland, Moldova, Romania, Slovakia and, of course, Russia, while its coastline touches both the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Including the Crimean Peninsula (which, though claimed by Russia, is widely recognised as Ukrainian), Ukraine is the largest country situated solely in Europe, and its capital is the historical city of Kiev. A former Soviet Republic within the USSR, Ukraine achieved independence in 1991, following the dissolution of the Soviet Union after the Cold War. Often erroneously called “The Ukraine”, it is now considered out-of-touch to do so.

    With its fertile farmlands, Ukraine is one of the world’s largest exporters of grain, though its economy also benefits from heavy industry, such as the manufacture of industrial equipment and the field of aerospace, meaning trade both in and out of the country is at an all-time high.

    There has never been a better time for cheap delivery to Ukraine. Postal service providers across the UK offer a fast and efficient service to get your parcel to Ukraine within three working days. Usually cheap delivery to Ukraine from the UK takes more time, of course, but at Parcel Delivery, we can help you find a postal service provider that matches your timescale requirements and your budget.

    Ukraine is not a member of the EU and does not use the euro for currency. The Ukrainian unit of currency is the hryvnia, which is subdivided into 100 kopiyky. Ukrainian notes and coins are popular amongst collectors, many of whom trade by cheap shipping to Ukraine from the UK.

    Despite political and military conflicts with neighbouring Russia, Ukraine’s economy is among the most stable in Eastern Europe, and continues to improve, year-on-year. The country’s main industries are agriculture, and the manufacture of industrial and aerospace machinery. With an eye for Western products, many goods that Ukrainians enjoy are imported from abroad, which leads to strong trading with the rest of Europe and the UK. This makes finding the best parcel delivery to Ukraine even more important.

    This is a time of opportunity for overseas vendors who wish to invest in Ukraine’s burgeoning economy. Its status as an economic growth state on the continent makes it’s an ideal trading partner, and low cost Ukraine parcel delivery makes it a viable destination for start-up enterprises.

    Cheap shipping to Ukraine is available to all, regardless of budget. Here at Parcel Delivery, we can provide you with all of the information that you need to efficiently send a parcel to Ukraine. There are a huge number of different couriers on the market that can offer you cheap parcel delivery to Ukraine, and our comparison tool can help to provide you with the cheapest quotes, all in one place. No matter what you’re looking for when it comes to parcel delivery to Ukraine, you can be sure that we can provide you with a solution, no matter your requirements.

    Parcel Delivery To Ukraine

    Parcel delivery to Ukraine from UK has never been easier, or quicker. There are dozens of postal service providers who deliver parcels to Ukraine daily, helping to provide a much more competitive market for cheap parcel delivery to Ukraine. Ukraine is in Zone 9 of the Worldwide Postal Directory, which indicates a European country which is outside of the European Union. Traditionally, it costs more to send parcels to this zone than it would to send one to an EU Member State, which is why searching for a cheap courier to Ukraine has never been more important.

    Ukraine is a large country that benefits both from its history as part of the Soviet bloc, as well as from its position on all major transit routes, either overland across Eastern Europe, to Russia, or via its significant shipping ports along the length of the Black Sea. As a result, delivery times are very quick, even when operating on a budget, and your parcel delivery to Ukraine should take no more than a couple of days. Even when you’re using an economy postal service provider, allowing you to benefit from a cheap courier to Ukraine, you can be certain that your parcel will arrive on time, at the earliest convenience.

    It is worthwhile taking extra care with how you package the contents of your parcel to Ukraine. Wrapping each item in the box individually in bubble-wrap, or other padded material, will offer better protection to them while en route. Use heavy duty boxes (corrugated cardboard is ideal for the job) and strong packing tape to seal them. It may add to the weight of the final parcel delivery UK to Ukraine, but it will make your parcel more secure, and protect it during transit.

    It is vital that the recipient’s address on your parcel delivery to Ukraine cannot be easily damaged or smudged. We recommend a layer of adhesive tape to cover the address label or, failing that, sealing the label in a plastic window that can be attached to your parcel. Any customs documents can be protected in a similar manner when arranging parcel delivery to Ukraine from UK.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Ukraine

    Depending on the company you use, the service you require, and the weight and size of the item, parcel delivery UK to Ukraine can start from under £20.00. Of course, it will take longer to deliver your parcel using cheap courier services to Ukraine, but it’s useful to know such services exist. There are premium Ukraine parcel delivery options, which are much faster (delivery can take place by the next working day, if you place your order in time), though these Ukraine parcel delivery services tend to be more expensive.

    There is regular trade between Ukraine and the UK, and this is an area which is likely to explode in the near future, as the country actively seeks business ties with the UK, offering great opportunity for trading partners in Ukraine. Likewise, foreign imports are hugely desirable in the former Soviet Republic, keen on strengthening its ties with the West.

    We can help you find the best postal service for your parcel delivery from the UK to Ukraine, at a price that’s right for you.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Ukraine

    Addressing your Parcel

    So long as you address it correctly, parcel delivery from UK to Ukraine is quick and efficient.

    The Ukrainian address format is similar to that used in the UK, the only difference being that they write the house number AFTER the street name, and the apartment number AFTER the house number.

    Prohibited and Restricted Items

    Certain items are classed as restricted or prohibited, and must not be sent through the post. It is important to be aware, before preparing your parcel delivery from UK to Ukraine, whether any of its contents fall into these categories.

    At the moment, there are no restricted items unique to Ukraine, though it is important to note that this may change at any time. The Universal Postal Union website maintains a list of currently prohibited items, and is a recommended point of reference.


    Since Ukraine is not a member of the EU, any parcel delivery from UK to Ukraine must pass through Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. From your end, all that is required is the filling in of a customs declaration form, which is a very simple, and standard piece of paperwork. It confirms the contents, value, and weight of your parcel, and includes a declaration that you are not shipping any restricted items.

    If you are looking to send a parcel to Ukraine, there are a huge number of options to choose from with help from our comparison tool. We can provide you with cheap courier services to Ukraine that are on the market. Our comparison tool can ensure that you get the best price at all times, as we compare the UK’s most reliable couriers who have years of experience in providing efficient and effective parcel delivery UK to Ukraine. Send a parcel to Ukraine with us, today!