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    Situated in central Europe, Slovakia holds close ties with the countries it borders, including Hungary, UkrainePoland, Czech Republic and Austria. Having only gained independence as a nation in 1993, and having had very tumultuous years leading up to this, it’s surprising to find that Slovakia is one of the most well-developed nations on Earth. Not just this, but they rank highly for per capita income and human happiness. They also top the list of many other social ranking factors. Compared to other nearby European countries, the services provided by the government are quite substantial; Slovakia benefits from both free education and free health care.

    Despite having a relatively small population of just over five million, the number of cars produced in Slovakia tops a million a year, making it the largest per capita producer of cars in the world. It is not just manufacturing that the Slovakian economy holds strong at, but also their tourism industry which sees more than five million people arrive every year. Much of the country is covered in gorgeous mountainous terrain, making it a popular spot for nature enthusiasts looking to escape for their holidays. Beyond just visiting for a couple of weeks a year, more than 4,000 British expats now call Slovakia home and roughly 8,000 Slovakians now live in the UK.

    With so many expats living in both countries, it’s unsurprising that demand for cheap parcel delivery to Slovakia is something that couriers are experienced with. As well as this, strong economic growth and improving relations with major capitals like London make sending parcels for business purposes a similarly common occurrence. Many international couriers offer incredibly speedy and cheap courier to Slovakia, and they also offer a number of additional services that may be needed, such as recorded delivery.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we are able to provide you with cheap delivery to Slovakia services on the market, due to our network of highly responsive and reputable couriers. Finding cheap courier services to Slovakia has never been easier, and we ensure that the entire process is quick and simple, every time. If you’re looking to send a parcel to Slovakia, no matter the size, weight or shape of the parcel, we are certain to provide you with a courier that can meet your requirements. Use our comparison tool online today to find cheap shipping to Slovakia that fits your critera.

    Parcel Delivery To Slovakia

    To help keep up with this hefty demand and to help ensure that you are able to find a cheap courier to Slovakia, we’ve developed a price comparison tool to compare the quotes offered by a number of large international couriers. With in-depth industry knowledge and strong working ties with these couriers, we are well placed to provide great value deals and make sure you don’t waste money unnecessarily. To get started on finding the best quote for your cheap shipping to Slovakia, input your requirements into our comparison tool. However, before you make your purchase and wrap your delivery ready to be collected, be sure to read the rest of the information in this article to be sure you don’t fall into any common pitfalls that many individuals and businesses fall into when they attempt to send a parcel to Slovakia.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Slovakia

    The cost of parcel delivery to Slovakia from UK is much cheaper than you may expect and is incredibly easy to do given the freedom of trade between these two EU countries. To quickly get an idea of the cost of parcel delivery to Slovakia from UK, input your requirements into our tool, but bear in mind that the prices you are given will be affected by a couple of factors. This will largely be based on the exact size and weight of the parcel you wish to send. It will also depend on which additional parcel delivery UK to Slovakia services you require. Many businesses will need parcels to arrive within just one to three working days and this is possible, but this special delivery service does cost extra. Keep reading for details on how the parcel sizes are decided.

    Parcel sizes

    Typically, parcel sizes are arranged into three categories: small, medium and large when you arrange cheap parcel delivery to Slovakia. As you will expect, the price increases based on the size of the parcel you wish to send. Though not completely accurate for all couriers, the size of a small parcel is 45cm x 35cm x 16cm and will weigh no more than 2kg. A medium parcel weighs up to 20kg but cannot exceed 61cm x 46cm x 46cm. Finally, large parcels are above the 20kg limit but have a maximum length of 2.5m and a maximum combined width and height of 5m. Some parcels may not fit into these exact requirements, such as tubes, and some may be far larger than listed above, which is important to specify when arranging Slovakia parcel delivery. It is best to input your needs into our comparison tool, and we will notify you on which couriers still offer such delivery. When packing your parcel, it is strongly recommended that you safely wrap and pack all contents. If this causes the parcel to step into the next sizing category, then it’s probably the best course of action as a poorly packed parcel can easily be broken on delivery, especially if the contents are fragile. Make sure that you are as accurate as possible when measuring your parcel in order to ensure that you can still benefit from our cheap courier services to Slovakia.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Slovakia

    Below you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Slovakia parcel delivery. It is important you understand customs restrictions and know how to properly address a parcel when you send a parcel to Slovakia. Failure to do so can cause long delays in the delivery process, or a failure to deliver at all.

    Dealing with customs when sending a parcel to Slovakia

    With Slovakia and the UK both being part of the EU, the great thing is that you won’t need to deal with customs when sending your parcel; this means that there is no need to fill out any customs declarations that you may be used to with other countries. However, it is still important you don’t break any laws by sending any restricted items when arranging parcel delivery to Slovakia from UK.

    What can’t be sent to Slovakia

    Items that the Slovakian customs authorities don’t allow into their country are typically harmful goods like ammunitions, weapons, explosives or dangerous chemicals. It is also important to note that your chosen courier will also have a list of products that they deem unsafe to send. To find this list, you can check your courier’s website or get in touch with them prior to sending.

    How to address your parcel delivery UK to Slovakia

    The addressing system used in Slovakia is not too dissimilar to that used in the UK, but you should still be aware of the exact layout they require.

    Delivery times for Slovakia

    The expected economy delivery time for parcel delivery to Slovakia is anywhere from three to four days and upwards. If you require a faster service, then express delivery can see your parcel arrive in just one to three days. It is important to consider that these are based on working days and so little or no processing will be carried out over the weekend. To allow for a fast and efficient delivery, we recommend you follow the above guidelines on how to address your parcel and, if you have any queries at any time, to contact the customs office before sending.

    Therefore, if you’d like to find the perfect courier that will deliver to Slovakia, visit Parcel Delivery today. Our comparison service is quick and simple, and will be able to provide you with cheap delivery to Slovakia to suit your postal needs.