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    The Republic of Estonia is located in the Baltic region of North-Eastern Europe. The country has been a member of the European Union since 2004, and geographically it lies at the edge of both the European continent and the EU, neighbouring Russia and Finland. This can make parcel delivery to Estonia a little more expensive than to other EU member states; however, Estonia parcel delivery is very reliable and the country operates an excellent postal service. Here is some information to help you to arrange cheap parcel delivery to Estonia.

    If you want reliable and cheap parcel delivery to Estonia, it’s wise to do a little research beforehand.

    First of all, you should ensure that what you want to send is not illegal and that there are no restrictions, prohibitions or taxes on your items. The section below will help you with that, but you should also contact the Estonian post office directly for further advice before arranging parcel delivery UK to Estonia.

    Secondly, pack your items and note the weight and dimensions of the package, as you’ll have to supply these to get a quote on your delivery costs, there are many cheap courier services to Estonia that give you competitive prices. Make sure that your package is fully wrapped, packed and taped up before you actually buy a slot for parcel delivery to Estonia from the UK, because if you make your payment and later realise you need a bigger box, you may have to pay a surcharge with the courier. The section below on delivery prices will give you information on some other factors that can influence the price of your Estonia parcel delivery.

    Third, get some quotes and choose an Estonia parcel delivery company -you can visit Parcel Delivery to help you with comparing different couriers. Cheap shipping to Estonia is also available for a fast reliable service. Our parcel Estonia service is second to none. If you need a cheap parcel to Estonia from UK then look no further.

    Parcel Delivery To Estonia

    Parcel delivery to Estonia from UK locations is generally very reliable and faster than you might expect given that it is a cheap courier to Estonia and your parcel will be going to the opposite edge of the European continent. Once inside Estonia, your parcel will be picked up by an excellent postal service. Despite being a fairly small country of only 1.3 million people, Estonia’s post office – called Omniva within the country – ranked an impressive 18th in the Universal Postal Union’s 2016 global survey of 170 countries. To put this in perspective, that’s higher than all of the Scandinavian countries, and only five places behind the United States of America (if you’re curious, the UK ranked 6th and Switzerland took 1st place). One of the key reasons for this high placement, according to Omniva, was the development of Estonia’s international services. So rest assured your parcel is in good hands even if you chose one of the many cheap courier services to Estonia when you arrange parcel delivery UK to Estonia with us.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Estonia

    Of course, the price of parcel delivery UK to Estonia depends on what you’re sending and the various services you want to purchase along with the actual delivery of the parcel. Here are a few factors that can influence cheap delivery to Estonia, which you should keep in mind when sourcing a cheap courier to Estonia.

    Size of the parcel: Couriers may charge different prices depending on the size of the parcel you want to send. For example, Royal Mail (via Parcelforce Worldwide) charge different prices for “Small Parcels,” and “Parcels.” A small parcel must have a combined length, width and depth no greater than 90 cm, and no single side can be longer than 60 cm. Its important to ensure the sizes are correct when sending a parcel from uk to Estonia.

    Collection method: Most couriers are able to collect your parcel from your home, but if you want this service you generally have to pay a little extra for the convenience. You can get a slightly cheaper price by dropping your parcel off yourself at the post office, depot or other drop-off point. Make sure you choose the most convenient collection method for you in order to send a parcel to Estonia in the most hassle-free way possible. We offer an efficient service to send parcel to Estonia and are here to cater for any requirements you may have for parcel delivery to Estonia.

    Delivery speed: As always, you’ll have to pay more if you need to send a parcel to Estonia in a time-sensitive manner. You’ll usually be offered a range of options, with the cheapest economy prices usually taking 5 to 8 days. Express services offer shorter delivery times, perhaps as short as 3 days, and some couriers guarantee delivery within a certain time frame. Also cheap shipping to Estonia will be slower then transport by air.

    Insurance: If you are sending something valuable, you might want to consider taking out insurance on your delivery. This way, in the unlikely event that your parcel goes missing, you’ll be able to make a claim for compensation. If you take out this kind of cover, you’ll have to pay a premium of course, and the coverage for larger amounts will demand larger premiums.

    Tracking: This is also useful if you’re sending something important and are concerned by the cheap delivery to Estonia or items value that is being transported. Your package will be tracked along its journey, and delivery to the destination will be confirmed by signature. You will usually be able to log in and check the status and location of your parcel online. Tracking will cost extra but it is often included in special delivery services.

    Buy in bulk: If you’re a business with a large number of parcels to post, you can get discounts from couriers by buying in bulk.

    Shopping around: All major postal companies in the UK deliver within the EU, so for the cheapest parcel delivery to Estonia, you need to check a few of them and compare prices. You may find cheap shipping to Estonia to be the best option. But you don’t need to do that by going to loads of different websites, putting in the same information over and over again – just use our comparison service. You’ll find the cheapest parcel delivery to Estonia and save yourself some time.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Estonia

    There are two categories of limitations with regards to international postage: prohibitions and restrictions. Prohibited items are items you are not permitted to send because by law these items are not allowed to enter the country. Restricted items are those that you may be able to send as long as certain conditions are met – typically you will need to have obtained a license or permit in advance of sending your parcel, and you would send the documentation along with it.

    Before arranging parcel delivery to Estonia, you should always check whether the items you want to send are prohibited or restricted. The information below will serve as a guide for you to find cheap parcel delivery to Estonia, but please note that laws, restrictions and prohibited items can change over time, so you should check with the Estonian post office before you send your parcel.

    The following items are prohibited by Estonia:

    Food products: Estonia prohibits some vegetable products, cereals, oil seeds, fruit, and medicinal plant products.

    Plants: Live trees and plants, bulbs, roots, seeds, flowers and foliage.

    Chemicals: Industrial chemical products and inorganic chemicals.

    Metals: Compounds of precious metals or rare-earth metals.

    Radioactive materials: Of any kind.

    Explosives: Including pyrotechnic products, matches, and combustible preparations.

    Wood: Including pulp or any fibrous cellulose materials.

    Paper: Books, newspapers, pictures, posters, and waste/scrap paper.

    The below items are restricted by Estonia. If you want to send any of these items you must find out what the restriction is from the Estonian post office, and then comply fully with that restriction:

    Animals: Live animals are restricted.

    Meat: Including edible meat offal.

    Seafood: Including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and molluscs.

    Other animal products: Including dairy products, eggs, honey, and any other edible products that come from animals.

    Other food products: Some vegetables, vegetable fats, certain roots and tubers, some fruits and nuts, certain cereals, coffee, tea, maté, spices, beverages, vinegar and spirits, malt, starches, inulin, wheat gluten, pastrycooks’ products.

    Tobacco: Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco and all other tobacco products, as well as manufactured tobacco substitutes.

    Oils: Vegetable fats or oils, animal fats or oils, prepared edible fats; animal or vegetable waxes.

    Pharmaceutical products: Drugs and medicines.

    Arms: Including ammunition and all parts and accessories thereof.

    If you need some assistance when arranging parcel delivery to Estonia, you can be sure that our comparison tool can help. Arranging to send a parcel to Estonia has never been easier. We can provide you with some of the UK’s most reputable and highly commended couriers, to ensure that the parcel delivery to Estonia from UK service that you recieve is of the highest quality, at a price that suits your budget. Use our comparison service online today!