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    Although it’s simple to send a parcel to any international destination, it’s particularly easy to arrange a cheap courier to Luxembourg because the country is part of the European Union. Due to this, parcels and goods can be processed easily and this facilitates swift, cheap delivery to Luxembourg from the UK.

    Located in Western Europe, Luxembourg is a landlocked country which means that goods cannot travel by sea to the mainland when you send a parcel to Luxembourg. Despite this, Luxembourg borders both France and Germany which means that goods can be transported via rail and road, following transportation via boat.

    In addition to this, Luxembourg Airport provides an ideal way for parcels to be shipped to the country. With air travel allowing fast shipment services, cheap courier services to Luxembourg can complete the delivery extremely quickly.

    As the smallest sovereign state in the EU, Luxembourg covers just 998 sq miles of land. Although the majority of the population live in the southern part of the country, the relatively small landmass means that it’s easy for you to send a parcel to Luxembourg and have it transported to all parts of country.

    While hills and mountains dominate the northern areas of Luxembourg, there are towns and villages in this region too. Although some are more remote than others, you will be able to arrange a cheap courier to Luxembourg that will reach recipients in these areas, should you need to do so.

    Parcel Delivery To Luxembourg

    Although people sometimes assume that arranging an international delivery is complicated, it’s actually very easy. As well as comparing services and prices online, you can book cheap shipping to Luxembourg from the comfort of your own home. Similarly, you will be able to arrange this type of cheap delivery to Luxembourg from anywhere in the UK.

    Whilst people in large cities often rely on the use of couriers and delivery firms, these services aren’t restricted to the busiest areas of the UK. In fact, people who reside in more rural areas may find using one of our cheap courier services to Luxembourg service particularly convenient.

    When you book cheap shipping to Luxembourg, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to drop your parcel off at a local point. Often located inside Post Offices and shops, there are copious amounts of these points situated around the country. Once you’ve booked your delivery service and packaged up your parcel, you simply need to leave it at the designated point so that it can be dispatched via a parcel delivery to Luxembourg from UK specialist.

    In order to cater for all UK residents, most towns and cities have numerous drop off points within their boundaries. Also located in many villages, it’s highly likely that you’ll have one of these drop off points situated nearby. With no need to queue or book your delivery in person, using one of these points ensures that you can dispatch your parcel quickly, making it easier than ever to send a parcel to Luxembourg.

    However, using a drop off point isn’t the only way to send a parcel. If you would prefer to have your parcel collected from you, this is easy to arrange. If you’re unable to access a drop off point or it’s simply more convenient for someone to collect the parcel from you, you can specify this when you book the cheapest parcel delivery to Luxembourg.

    Whilst you may be able to access a drop off point, arranging a collection may simply be a quicker way of getting your parcel on its way. If your commitments mean that you aren’t able to get to a drop off point within the next few days, for example, you could arrange a collection and have your parcel collected in just a few hours.

    Available in villages, towns and cities across the UK, using a collection service ensures that you can benefit from fast shipping services when you book a parcel delivery to Luxembourg from UK.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Luxembourg

    When you’re booking an international shipping service, reliability and security may be two of your biggest concerns. By arranging a parcel delivery to Luxembourg with a well-known and reputable firm, you can ensure that your delivery arrives on time. However, this needn’t cost extra!

    With low-cost services and competitive rates available, you can access reliable and secure delivery services without exceeding your budget.

    Currently, a cheap parcel delivery to Luxembourg starts at just £9.49 inc. VAT. With shipping rates under £10, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on parcel deliveries to the country.

    Available to both individuals and businesses, you can use the cheapest parcel delivery to Luxembourg whether you’re sending items to friends and family or dispatching goods to customers based abroad.

    When you want to keep costs low, reducing the weight or size of your parcel can be a great way to do it. Whilst you should use some packing material to secure the contents of your parcel, it’s important to choose lightweight materials. By doing so, you can ensure that your parcel weighs as little as possible and, therefore, will cost as little as possible to ship.

    When you need to access low-cost and extra fast delivery services, it’s easy to do so. special delivery services means that you can arrange a cheap parcel delivery to Luxembourg and get your items there in just 1-3 days. Although slightly more costly than economy deliveries, express shipments to Luxembourg from the UK are still extremely cost-effective and come in at around £16-£17 inc. VAT.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Luxembourg

    As with any international shipments, your parcels may be examined when they’re being processed during transit. As certain items are prohibited or restricted from being sent to the country, it’s important that these checks take place.

    If you’re unsure which items are prohibited, your delivery firm will be happy to provide the relevant information. As in most countries, Luxembourg prohibits most animal products, live plants and associated products from being shipped to the region.

    Although some of these items can be sent to the country if you are in possession of the relevant licences and authentication, they cannot usually be sent via standard Luxembourg parcel delivery services. Indeed, most delivery companies do not transport such items, regardless of whether the recipient’s country prohibits them or not.

    By checking your delivery firm’s list of restricted items and searching Luxembourg’s prohibited item list, you can be sure that your parcel doesn’t breach any of the regulations.

    When you’re dispatching goods via cheap parcel delivery to Luxembourg, you may want to add extra insurance coverage to your booking. Whilst it’s uncommon for parcels to be damaged whilst they’re being transported, obtaining extra insurance can be useful. Often available for just a pound or two extra, this type of coverage will ensure that your goods are insured to the appropriate value.

    Of course, the widespread use of the internet means that it’s often possible to track your parcel while it makes its way to the recipient. Although most firms offer this service as standard, you may want to check that your courier firm provides online tracking facilities if you’re keen to keep up-to-date with the delivery process.

    If you’re thinking of sending a parcel to an international location and you want to find out more, why not compare the services available today? With just a few clicks over at Parcel Delivery, you can compare the cost of various shipment services and find the cheapest parcel delivery to Luxembourg.