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    Before beginning to research delivery options on this page, please be sure that your parcel is to be delivered to the Republic of Macedonia, and not the area in Northern Greece which shares the name Macedonia, or anywhere in the region in the Balkan Peninsula which includes parts of Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo and indeed, the Republic of Macedonia. The country of the Republic of Macedonia was admitted into the United Nations in 1993, but due to a dispute with Greece over the name ‘Macedonia’, it was registered as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, sometimes abbreviated to FYROM or FYR Macedonia.

    Macedonia’s official name is the Republic of Macedonia and is a country in the Balkans in Southeast Europe. As a landlocked country bordering Kosovo, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece and Albania, parcel delivery is quick and easy with a choice of access by road, train and air for parcel carriers. The Republic of Macedonia has a population of just over two million people, residing over a total area of 9,928 square miles. It is a popular transit route for the shipment of goods from Greece towards Eastern, Western and Central Europe.

    Skopje is the capital of the Republic of Macedonia and is home to a third of its population. However, whether you are looking to send a parcel to Macedonia to reach a Skopje resident or business, or someone in one of the smaller towns of Macedonia, including Bitola, Ohrid or Prilep, we can help you find a cheap courier to Macedonia that will provide you with reliable delivery of your parcel. With two airports to the North of the country (Alexander the Great airport in Petrovec and Kuehne+Nagel Macedonia Airport in Skopje) along with a further airport in the South of the country (Ohrid “St Paul the Apostle” Airport) providing air freight services, as well as a motorway system called the Avtopat (translating directly as auto road) totalling 242km (with an extra 132km due by 2019), freight carriers have a range of options that they can use to transport items into Macedonia, making cheap shipping to Macedonia from UK quick and easy.

    Since gaining independence from the former Yugoslavia in 1993, the Republic of Macedonia has gone through substantial economic changes, with trade accounting for more than 90% of its GDP in recent years. Tourism also accounts for a great deal of the economy in the Republic of Macedonia, as the country’s vast number of attractions, both natural and cultural, attract almost three-quarters of a million tourists annually. So, whether you need to send a gift or other personal items, have urgent business parcels to send, or simply need to send an item you’ve sold online via a website such as eBay or Etsy, we can help you to arrange cheap delivery to Macedonia. We have all the information you may need to assist you with your queries regarding Macedonia parcel delivery times, regulations, customs restrictions and prices over at Parcel Delivery.

    Parcel Delivery To Macedonia

    This website will help you to find a cheap courier to Macedonia and also discover the essential information regarding regulations.

    How long will it take my parcel to be delivered from the UK to Macedonia?

    There are several cheap courier services to Macedonia that will offer competitive quotes for parcel delivery to Macedonia. The fastest couriers can take as little as one working day to deliver your parcel from the UK to Macedonia. Cheaper couriers could take up to eight working days to deliver your parcel, however, we are confident that you will find a suitable delivery time and price to fit your needs and budget when it comes to arranging parcel delivery to Macedonia from UK.

    Please bear in mind that these Macedonia parcel delivery times are an estimate and due to border controls, customs processing, public holidays in the UK and/or the Republic of Macedonia (which vary from those that occur in the UK and include such days as Revolution Day on 11th October and Independence Day on 8th September, when Macedonians celebrate their independence from Yugoslavia), the delivery time for cheap shipping to Macedonia may be longer.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Macedonia

    How much will parcel delivery UK to Macedonia cost?

    Parcel delivery UK to Macedonia can be very cheap depending on the size, weight, and value of your parcel. Our Macedonia parcel delivery comparison engine will also take into account how quickly you want your parcel to be delivered to Macedonia to find the cheapest price to meet your needs.

    The cost of sending a parcel from the UK to Macedonia can start from as little as £29 and range up to around £500 depending on the size, weight, and value of the item as well as the speed in which you would like the parcel to be delivered. Arranging to send a parcel to Macedonia is simple and easy, and we will provide you with all of the information that you need to ensure that your cheap parcel delivery to Macedonia gets to where it needs to be, on time and in one piece.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Macedonia

    You should not attempt to send any items to the Republic of Macedonia that are illegal or prohibited when arranging parcel delivery to Macedonia. These include perishable food, human remains, and infectious substances. Please note that items that are not illegal or prohibited in the UK may not be allowed in Macedonia, so please check the list carefully prior to arranging parcel delivery to Macedonia from UK. There are also items that are restricted and may require a customs declaration to be completed, even with the cheapest parcel delivery to Macedonia. These include desktop computers, cosmetics and glass items including lamps and mirrors. Again, please check the Macedonian customs website for further information on restricted items.

    All of our carriers will have expert knowledge of the customs requirements regarding the contents of the parcel you wish to send from the UK to Macedonia, so you can be rest assured that your parcel will reach its destination with the minimum of fuss and the maximum of expertise.

    Proper addressing of your parcel is vital for its quick, successful delivery to Macedonia. The address on the parcel must be legible and clear, and it must contain all the necessary information and in the right order, so make sure that you keep this in mind when arranging cheap parcel delivery to Macedonia.

    • First row: Name and surname of the recipient
    • Second row: Street and house number
    • Third row: If necessary, the flat or floor number
    • Fourth row: The village, town or city.
    • Fifth row: The postal code and destination postal unit (if the parcel is being sent to Skopje, please see below for information on postal units).

    Postal codes in the Republic of Macedonia are 4 digits in length. They are divided according to post offices at particular regional centres. For the central area of Skopje, delivery is organised through six post offices and one of the following postal codes and the name of the postal unit should be in the fifth row of the address:

    • 1000 Skopje (Municipality of Aerodrom, Center, Kisela Voda)
    • 1010 Skopje Chair (municipality of Chair and Butel)
    • 1020 Skopje Karposh (municipality of Karposh)
    • 1040 Skopje Madzari (municipality of Gazi Baba)
    • 1050 Skopje Drachevo (municipality of Kisela Voda (settlement Drachevo)
    • 1060 Skopje Gjorche Petrov (municipality Gjorce Petrov and Saraj)