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DHL is one of the world’s biggest parcel delivery companies, which means that if DHL parcel delivery is in the list of options on our Parcel Delivery price comparison system, you can click through with great confidence. It’s a name you possibly already know, as its vehicles can be seen on motorways throughout the UK. But who are DHL? And what makes them such a trusted name? Why should you choose DHL parcel delivery service?

This is a company that has grown steadily over some years and DHL now delivers countless amounts of parcels across the world in over 220, every day. This is possible because the company employs over 350,000 people.

Clearly, a company handling parcels on this scale must have the business systems and infrastructure to offer economies of scale. Your commercial goods, gifts and personal items can travel to their destination in the hands of a company which has forged an unparalleled network of contacts and routes.

They also have the technology to make booking a parcel delivery seamless, and make tracking your items as easy as it comes.

But DHL parcel delivery is not just about vehicles, software and well-oiled operating systems. The company prides itself on being “the logistics company for the world”. It connects businesses and people worldwide, using a customer service team who are committed to care and flexibility. This includes acting quickly for last minute or urgent parcel deliveries, and offering low-cost shipping and DHL couriers for less time-critical deliveries.

How DHL Parcel Delivery Works

If DHL appears in your list of options – after using our intuitive and versatile parcel delivery comparison tool – what happens next?

You would simply click through to the DHL website and book your DHL parcel delivery.

DHL offers a door to door service for a highly competitive price. This means you would book a time slot for your parcel to be collected from wherever you are in the UK. Whether you are a business in the Borders, a shop in Shropshire or an individual in Ireland, DHL will pick up your pallet, parcel or package.

The same high standards of responsive customer service would apply for large or small parcels or even freight services for substantial shipments of goods.

Your parcel would then be taken to a DHL depot or hub for onward transport by road or air, depending on its destination and the price you choose to pay.

DHL couriers can deliver to over 220 countries, so if you are looking for competitively priced international parcel delivery, they are certainly worth considering.

This is particularly true if you export commercial goods on a regular basis, as DHL can make contracts cost-effective and help with customs paperwork and procedures within receiving countries.

With a DHL account, they provide you with expert guidance on how to package your goods or personal items the best way, to ensure they arrive in perfect condition. This can make a DHL parcel delivery service even more attractive, not least as it is extra reassurance that your package, parcel or freight delivery will be protected well and handled with care throughout.

Why Choose DHL Parcel Delivery?

Having the backing of such a large and experienced company means your parcel delivery or freight services are taken care of by seamless and stress-free systems.

Every DHL parcel delivery service also uses the most advanced technology available, making it possible for you to manage individual or regular parcel deliveries easily.

The DHL parcel delivery service offer the opportunity for you to not only book and pay online, but also carefully control your shipping arrangements, such as choosing your own delivery time slot to dovetail with your budget or the urgency of your package or parcel.

Once your parcel is in the hands of DHL couriers, or your commercial goods are being managed by DHL freight services, this control and confidence continues – you can track your delivery in real time. By going online, you can see where your delivery is up to at any point. This is handy for if you need to arrange a DHL delivery to your business or home in the UK. You will be able to see where your item is to be sure that someone is available to take delivery within the delivery timescale.

This versatile and high-tech tracking offered by DHL parcel services includes offering you proof of postage for product returns, eBay sale items or anything else that needs verification.

At the other end of the journey, DHL parcels can provide you with electronic proof of delivery, allowing you to obtain delivery details as well as an image of the receivers signature. Thanks to DHL, there is no need to contact customer service and go through the hassle of proving your delivery, as you can view, download, print or even email your proof of delivery within an hour of delivery, making your life ten times easier.

One last but important advantage of using DHL parcels is the expert help they offer for specific industry sectors. This means you can contact the company for insights from customer services teams who deal with Automotive, High-Tech, Healthcare, Industrial or Lifestyle goods and deliveries.

DHL Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

Registration on the DHL parcel delivery website for yourself or your business takes minutes and gives you access to the exclusive online deals that appear on our site. Prices to send a parcel with DHL – booked online by clicking through from our comparison system – start from £7.95.

The DHL parcels options offered by the company include an Express Service for same day parcel delivery to some destinations. There are deadlines for this, as they can only hit the target if they get your parcel in time. DHL also offers a next day parcel service, which is still a reliable way of getting items to their destination if they are time-sensitive. Options include before 9am, before noon and by the end of the next possible day.

DHL Economy Express services get your parcel safely to its addressee when it is not so time critical. This can include individual parcels or heavier shipments, and offers considerable cost savings.

DHL Economy Express delivery is possible for parcels of up to 1000kg which will be transported safely to major European cities and worldwide by the end of a clearly specified working day.