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    Not as well-known as its neighbours Switzerland and Austria, Liechtenstein is one of Europe’s smallest countries. Despite being small in size, Lichtenstein has the third highest GDP in the world and business is booming. They even boast the largest number of registered companies in the world. It is no wonder then that there is a high demand for parcel delivery to Liechtenstein.

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    We’ve also compiled some helpful information in relation to addressing your parcel, getting insurance for your parcel and restrictions and prohibitions which you should be aware of when arranging a cheap courier to Liechtenstein.

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    Parcel Delivery To Liechtenstein

    Once you are happy with the quotes that have been provided, you can select one of our many cheap courier services to Liechtenstein that best suits your requirements. Some may be better suited for business or personal packages which may help you decide. On the site you can review the courier’s details to give you peace of mind that they are the right courier for the job when arranging parcel delivery to Liechtenstein from UK.

    The next step is to arrange for the parcel to be collected by the courier (this may be at an additional cost) or you can take the parcel to a pre-arranged drop off point, for example at a local shop. From there the courier will arrange for the Liechtenstein parcel delivery to arrive at the relevant destination.

    When arranging cheap shipping to Liechtenstein, you may be concerned about your parcel getting lost or even damaged. All of our couriers are experts in their field and understand that you have placed your trust in them to not only deliver the parcel in time to the correct address, but also to ensure that the parcel is delivered in one piece. Our Liechtenstein parcel delivery services will help to ensure that your parcel gets to where it needs to be, when it needs to be there.

    To give you extra piece of mind, why not use the courier’s tracking tool (if provided) so that you can see each step your parcel takes along the way when arranging parcel delivery UK to Lichtenstein?

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Liechtenstein

    With some 900 miles and an expanse of sea between the UK and Liechtenstein, you would be forgiven for thinking that sending a parcel would be expensive, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Arranging a cost-effective parcel delivery to Liechtenstein from UK is simple, with our help.

    If you’re looking for the cheapest parcel delivery to Liechtenstein you can easily filter the quotes you receive by price. This will help you to choose the delivery service which you think offers the best value for money, allowing you to benefit from cheap parcel delivery to Liechtenstein.

    The total cost of parcel delivery to Liechtenstein will vary depending on a number of different factors. The size and weight of the item will have an impact – as you might expect, the bigger or heavier the item the more it will cost. So, make sure you have already weighed and measured your parcel so that you can get the most accurate quote for cheap courier services to Liechtenstein.

    It’s also important to consider how you package and protect your parcel. Bubble wrap or shredded newspaper are great ways to protect your items, while ensuring that the parcel remains as light as possible.

    How quickly you want the item to be delivered will also have an impact, with express delivery options such as special delivery or next day delivery coming at a premium when you send a parcel to Liechtenstein.

    Whichever courier you decide to use when arranging parcel delivery to Liechtenstein from UK, whether cheap or expensive, you will not be disappointed with the service you receive.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Liechtenstein

    Addressing your parcel

    When arranging parcel delivery UK to Liechtenstein, the address for your parcel should be written clearly and in capital letters. It should also be on the bottom right of the address label and left aligned.

    The following address format can be used as a handy guide:

    • Name of addressee
    • Street name and number
    • P.O. Box and number (if applicable)
    • Postcode and name of town and post office number

    As with any parcel, you must always include the name of the destination country (in this case, Liechtenstein) clearly on the last line of address.


    You may want to double check whether or not the courier provides insurance for your parcel and if so, up to what value. If insurance is not provided in the courier’s price (or the value of the cover is lower than the value of your parcel’s contents) you should arrange your own insurance separately.

    Customs and prohibited items

    Luckily, as Liechtenstein is a member of the European Free Trade Association, you will not need to worry about customs declarations when posting a parcel to Liechtenstein from the UK.

    However, as Liechtenstein is such a small country, the post is controlled by neighbouring Switzerland and many of the rules and regulations that apply to sending parcels there apply to sending parcels to Liechtenstein.

    For example, certain items and products are prohibited or restricted (meaning you are only able to import them if you have the correct license). They are as follows:

    • Certain live animals and animal products;
    • Animal carcasses or parts of animal carcasses;
    • Other animal by-products such as skins, furs, shells, feathers etc.;
    • Animal sperm and fertilised eggs;
    • Meat and butter;
    • Plant matter (e.g. vegetables, live trees, bulbs, potatoes plants etc.);
    • Fungi, viruses, bacteria etc.;
    • Beverages including alcohol (spirits) and vinegar;
    • Natural products such as salt, sulphur, earth, stone, lime and cement;
    • Natural products such as pearls, precious or semi-precious stones, precious metals and any items incorporating those natural products;
    • Chemicals (including organic or inorganic compounds);
    • Radioactive materials;
    • Drugs and pharmaceutical products;
    • Printed publications such as books, manuscripts or newspapers and including any other products relating to the printing industry;
    • Public coats of arms;
    • Factory trademarks;
    • Arms and ammunition (including parts of arms or ammunition);
    • Gas masks or mouth breathing apparatus.

    If in any doubt you should check with your courier before posting. If a license is required, make sure you have this to present to the courier along with any other documentation required.

    Ignoring these prohibitions and restrictions could result in your package being lost, returned or (perhaps even worse) destroyed.

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