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    Portugal is located on the Iberian Peninsula, bordered by Spain. The country is a beautiful place to live and work. It has a Mediterranean climate and numerous sandy beaches on the coastline. Many tourists choose to holiday in Portugal because of this. It’s a popular location for ex-pats as well. Many people who choose to move abroad relocate to this part of the world.

    Over 10 million people residing in the country. Over 2 million live in Lisbon alone. There are several suburbs and urban areas too. Divided into 18 districts and over 300 municipalities, local residents are well-catered for. They have access to a wide range of facilities.

    With many people living there, it’s unsurprising many arrange cheap parcel to Portugal from UK delivery. If family members move to the country, you may want to send gifts or personal items regularly.

    If you’re from Portugal and living in the UK, you may want to send parcels to family and friends. Businesses in the UK regularly send goods to people located in Europe. They often use cheap courier services to Portugal to do so.

    We have cheap parcel delivery UK to Portugal rates. Using a cheap courier to Portugal is set to increase. Indeed, with prices starting from just £9.95, it’s easy to see why courier UK to Portugal services are so popular.

    Parcel Delivery To Portugal

    Do you want to send items to a family member or friend? Or you’re a business customer who is shipping goods for commercial purposes. You can use a cheap parcel UK to Portugal delivery service. If you operate in the retail sector, you may have customers from all over the world. Receiving an order from a customer in Portugal? A courier to Portugal from UK is a secure choice. It will help ensure they receive their goods quickly.

    B2B companies have traded worldwide for decades. The internet has made this possible for B2C enterprises as well. If your company needs to send items to another business based in Portugal, it’s certainly possible.

    UK-based retail sectors can offer their global customers a wide range of delivery options. The various services available here ensure you can access the exact type of delivery you need.

    If you want to get your items to the recipient quickly, urgent delivery services are available. Many expect these types of shipments to be expensive, but they aren’t at all. You can obtain a special delivery to Portugal for as little as £21.04, including VAT. Your parcel can arrive in just 1 to 3 days. You can trust the recipient won’t have to wait long for a cheap parcel to Portugal to arrive.

    Another option to send a parcel from UK to Portugal is to have the package collected. People use local drop off points to dispatch a parcel as well. These are conveniently located in most towns and cities. It’s easy to find an appropriate dispatch point close to where you’re based.

    In some instances, it may be easier for you to have the parcel collected by a courier. You may be short on time or unable to visit a local drop off point. A collection could ensure its dispatched quickly and efficiently.

    If you need to send large or heavy parcels, collection ensures you don’t have to get them to a drop off point yourself. This is beneficial for people who cannot drive. Also, for those who don’t have access to a vehicle. Transporting large parcels via public transport can be difficult.

    You have the option to have your parcel collected or dropped off. This can be done at a local dispatch point. You can book the type of delivery which is easiest for you here online.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Portugal

    Accessing cheap delivery to Portugal is easy when you know where to look. Instead of making a booking with the first delivery company you find, you should compare services and prices. You’ll be surprised at just how cost-effective parcel delivery to Portugal can be!

    It may sound time-consuming or complicated. There’s no need to worry with arranging parcel delivery to Portugal from UK. You can access quotes for a parcel delivery from UK to Portugal. All in a matter of seconds. You can see the type of courier services you can use to send your items. This helps find the best delivery rate to find cheap courier to Portugal options.

    Most people want to get the lowest rate with a cheap courier to Portugal. To do this, there are some steps you can take. They will reduce the cost of a parcel delivery to Portugal.

    The weight and size of your parcel will impact the fee when sending a worldwide delivery. You’ll want to reduce these as much as possible to enjoy cheap courier services to Portugal. Using appropriate packaging can be an easy way to avoid having to pay needless extra charges.

    It can be cost-effective to send your parcel in advance if you’re able to do so. Although express delivery’s available at a low rate, economy services are often cheaper. Your goods may take longer to arrive though. This type of delivery ensures you can benefit from cheap delivery to Portugal.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Portugal

    Arranging parcel delivery to Portugal from UK? It’s important to consider if your items can be transported safely and legally. Countries do specify which items they have prohibited from sending. It’s worthwhile taking a look through this list. Before dispatching for parcel delivery UK to Portugal is best.

    When sending items to Portugal, precious metals or stones will only send if they’re insured. If you’re planning on sending jewellery to someone in the country, you’ll need to insure your items. You’ll need this if you want to send them via Portugal parcel delivery.

    Most Portugal parcel delivery firms enforce their own restrictions. This is to ensure that parcels can be delivered to your recipient safely. You may need to use certain shipping methods. This is to ensure any hazardous goods don’t present a danger to anyone. Other situations may need you to complete additional paperwork for delivery.

    With various options, it’s easy to find cheap parcel delivery to Portugal. Regardless of the country you’re sending a parcel to, or what type of items you need to send. You’ll be able to find a courier firm who provides the service you require. You can obtain a range of quotes and service options right here for parcel delivery UK to Portugal.

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