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    Close to Lithuania, Estonia and Belarus, Latvia makes up the Baltic Region. Part of Europe, the country has a rich history and a thriving tourist industry. In addition to being home to approximately 2 million residents, Latvia caters for thousands of visitors each year as well, meaning the demand for cheap courier services to Latvia is on the rise.

    Indeed, the relative proximity of Latvia to the UK means that it’s easy to transport goods and parcels to the region. With various companies offering cheap courier to Latvia, UK residents can send parcels to the country within a day or two, should they need to, and can also benefit from cheap delivery to Latvia to suit their budget.

    With 4 National Parks, 9 protected landscapes and hundreds of nature parks, there is plenty for residents and tourists to do in the country. The vast amounts of countryside in the country does mean, however, that there a significant number of rural locations in Latvia.

    Whilst many people live in larger cities, such as Riga and Daugavpils, there may be parcel recipients based in more remote areas too. If you need to send a parcel to Latvia to a recipient who lives in a more rural region of the country, there’s no need to worry. With road and railways facilitating this type of parcel delivery, you should find it easy to send your parcels to any part of the country.

    Although many people in the UK are keen to travel to Latvia and the surrounding areas, this isn’t always possible. When goods or items need to be sent to the area, they tend to rely on shipment services. By booking a fast and cheap courier to Latvia, senders can easily get items to their recipient.

    Parcel Delivery To Latvia

    As Latvia is part of the European Union, getting parcels to the country is very easy to do. Whilst there are strict regulations to ensure that nothing potentially dangerous is brought to the area, standard parcels, commercial goods and personal items can easily be shipped from one location to another.

    Despite the widespread availability of cheap shipping to Latvia from the UK, many people assume that you need to be near a large town or city in order to arrange an international parcel delivery to Latvia from the UK. In fact, this isn’t true at all.

    You can book cheap courier services to Latvia from almost anywhere in the UK. With drop off points located all over the country, it’s highly likely that you’ll be able to dispatch your parcel from a drop off point close to you.

    Alternatively, you may prefer to have your parcel collected from you when arranging cheap shipping to Latvia. Many senders find that this is a more convenient option and it’s not at all expensive to dispatch your parcel in this way. In fact, many courier firms include collection in their overall price.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Latvia

    With large ports in Riga, Ventspils and Liepája, there is plenty of scope for delivering parcels to the Latvian border. This, in addition to the Riga International Airports, means that delivery services are easy to obtain and, therefore, are accessible at a low cost.

    With a cheap delivery to Latvia from UK starting at only £12.94 inc. VAT, you needn’t spend a lot on fees when you send items to the country. If you’re an individual sending items to friends or family, for example, you may want to opt for an economy service and obtain the cheapest parcel delivery to Latvia.

    Alternatively, if you need to book a parcel delivery to Latvia from UK for business reasons, you may want to opt for a faster transit time.

    When commercial businesses in the UK provide services to European citizens, they often want to offer a range of delivery options. By enabling customers to choose what type of delivery they would like when they arrange to send a parcel to Latvia, businesses can keep costs low and still cater for urgent requests.

    With urgent delivery services facilitating a parcel delivery UK to Latvia in as little as 1-3 days, your recipient won’t have to wait long for their parcel to arrive. In addition to this, you could have your parcel collected within a number of hours when you book your Latvia parcel delivery, so you won’t have to wait long to dispatch your items either.

    When you choose a cheap parcel delivery to Latvia, you may want to ensure that the carrier offers parcel tracking. By using this service, you can access up-to-date information about the delivery and get an idea of exactly when it will be with the recipient when you send a parcel to Latvia. Often available at no extra cost, tracking services can help to reassure you that your parcel will get to its location on time.

    Furthermore, businesses which are sending goods to customers via cheap parcel delivery to Latvia can pass tracking information on to the customer so that they’re able to keep updated. Often, customers are keen to use this type of service as it enables them to arrange their day so that they can accept the parcel in person.

    With these extra features available for little or no extra cost, it’s not surprising that so many people use parcel delivery services from the UK to Latvia. In addition to sending your parcel quickly and efficiently, you can also use the cheapest parcel delivery to Latvia to ensure that you save money as well.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Latvia

    Although Latvia has a fairly standard list of prohibited items, it’s always worth checking this before you send your parcel. As in most jurisdictions, you’re not permitted to send certain plants, seeds or bulbs to Latvia.

    Whilst flowers and plants may seem like an appropriate gift to send to a loved one, this cannot be transported via a parcel delivery UK to Latvia. When these types of items are sent to an international location, they could potentially interact or damage the local ecological system. As a result, most countries prohibit these items from being sent by parcel delivery and the rules are strictly enforced.

    By checking Latvia’s prohibited items list and looking at your delivery firm’s list of restricted items before you make a booking, you can be sure that the contents of your parcel can be safely transported to the country. Similarly, if your shipment requires any additional documentation to be supplied, you’ll have time to ensure this is done before you arrange to drop off your parcel or have it collected.

    Although the address formats used in Latvia are fairly similar to those used in the UK, it’s always worth double-checking the recipient’s contact details when you arrange a parcel delivery to Latvia. After stating the recipient’s name, street and premises, you simply need to add their province. Following this, you’ll need to add ‘LV’ as the country code and a 4 digit number to identify the relevant zone and Post Office.

    While this is straightforward, leaving any information out can cause a delay in your parcel being delivered, so it’s vital that you provide the appropriate details. Once you’re sure of the recipient’s address and contact details, you’ll be able to arrange a parcel delivery to Latvia whenever you need to.

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