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    Hungary shares its borders with no fewer than seven other nations. This includes Slovakia and Croatia and it is in the heart of Europe. The country has become a vital hub for pan-continental transport. Since 2004, it’s been a gateway to the European Union.

    Its location and EU membership has seen Hungary’s economy boom. Multi-national companies benefit from lower wages and prices. Hungary ranks amongst the 50 most wealthy countries in the world.

    Hungary is home to a burgeoning tourism sector. It has as many as 10 million visitors every year. The country’s population is a similar size. It shows just how popular it is as a destination. As well as Budapest, there’s the dramatic countryside of Lake Balaton. Other rural areas are a popular draw for tourists.

    There is an increase in people wanting to send a parcel to Hungary. This includes commercial deliveries to remote facilities. These are located on the outskirts of cities. This includes Budapest and Debrecen. Clothing companies, for example, will want to send a parcel to Hungary. Containing labels and tags for their garments produced there. They will need a courier Hungary service.

    There is a growing Hungarian ex-pat community in Hungary. They will look to arrange parcel delivery from the UK to Hungary. Containing gifts for loved ones or important letters to relatives. This service ensures their gifts will reach them in time and securely.

    Send a Parcel to Hungary from the UK

    A courier Hungary service is quick and efficient. Especially when using our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery. You can compare prices on many cheap parcel to Hungary services. This is for wherever you need your parcel to go.

    With its central European location, most couriers can offer a cheap courier to Hungary service. They can, if necessary, ensure delivery is complete within 48 hours. This will ensure that your parcel arrives quickly.

    All the major couriers operate their own reliable and robust delivery networks within Europe. Shipments to Hungary will take place by air for smaller items. Multiple flights per day leave the UK for the continent. They carry a wide variety of parcels and packages along with regular mail.

    Large or heavier deliveries, including palletized, are possible. They utilize the country’s excellent road links across Europe. Regular pallet shipments take place across this European network. This means no matter what you’re sending, our cheap shipping to Hungary can help.

    You may have large parcels where you require items to be sent in bulk. Send a parcel from the UK to Hungary using the Channel Tunnel. This offers reliable, cost-effective delivery for large parcels. The experts here can help with cheap parcel delivery to Hungary. No matter the size of your parcel or pallet.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Hungary

    Sending a small parcel to Hungary using cheap delivery to Hungary from UK should be low cost. Prices for larger shipments increase with the size and weight of the items you wish to send.

    Premium services are available with many couriers. These aren’t cheap parcel delivery to Hungary options. They will offer something extra. Especially for time-sensitive deliveries. These include special delivery options. They enable pallet shipments in 48 hours. Couriers offer full tracking and delivery confirmation services. They offer delivery and pickup within specific time slots as well. You’ll find many additional services. This is part of cheap parcel delivery to Hungary services offered.

    You may have large shipments, such as palletized or container goods. You should arrange delivery in advance if so. Enabling better prices with a delivery company. They may be able to offer cheap shipping to Hungary. They can include your delivery into an existing logistics chain.

    You may want to send valuable or fragile items. Many companies will offer bespoke services for this. This includes hand courier services, for an extra fee. Be sure to discuss any particular requirements you have with your cheap courier to Hungary. Do this with plenty of time. This is so you’re obtaining the right service at the right price.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Hungary

    You should take the time to ensure you have everything you need. Doing so will mean easy arrangement for cheap parcel delivery to Hungary.

    Hungary voted to join the EU in 2003. They then acceded to the Union the following year. At present, Hungary and the UK are both members of the Single Market. The European Customs Union makes cheap courier to Hungary from the UK easy. Hungary parcel delivery from the UK isn’t subject to taxes. Nor is it subject to tariffs, duties, or charges. They won’t be checked by customs officers as they cross borders within the EU.

    Following Brexit, there is uncertainty over customs and border plans. It could involve the UK incurring extra costs. The paperwork for parcel delivery to Hungary from the UK may change. Please ensure you check your delivery company on a regular basis. This will help you stay up to date. Knowing the current requirements before you send a parcel to Hungary.

    What Needs to be on the Label for a Parcel to Hungary?

    As is the case with many countries, addresses in Hungary include a mandatory four-digit code. You must ensure you include this on your parcel. Local couriers refuse to deliver parcels where this code is missing. Or where the postal region and routing area are missing. If you are in any doubt, check with the intended recipient. This ensures you have the correct address before your parcel delivery.

    You should ensure your address is on the parcel. The contact telephone numbers in Hungary and the UK as well. This is in case of any difficulties with delivery. Arranging parcel delivery UK to Hungary is a simple process.

    What About Customs with a Courier Hungary Service?

    There are no customs checks on parcels within the European Union. Most parcel delivery to Hungary travels from the UK by air. Subject to security checks on what you can include in your parcel.

    There are general rules about what you can include in your parcel. A couple of extra things need to be considered. Some items aren’t permitted by the Hungarian authorities. Including national monetary instruments not limited to:

    • Stocks and shares,
    • Treasury bills,
    • Bank drafts and similar items,
    • Copied CD’s or DVD’s (originals are okay).

    Sending printed materials, such as books or newspapers? You should consider a few things first. Do not include items which incite hatred towards any demographic. This is a criminal offense in Hungary. Cheap parcel delivery to Hungary ensures your parcel has the right checks. Ensuring there is no attempt to enter this material into the country. Check with the Hungarian Post Office before you send a parcel from the UK to Hungary.

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