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    With China having the second biggest economy in the world, it should come as no surprise that the demand to send parcels into the country in East Asia is at an all-time high. China also shares borders with countries such as North Korea, Russia and Mongolia. Although China is mainly known as the world’s biggest exporter, it’s also worth noting that the country has overtaken America to become the second biggest importer in the world. The fact is that more business than ever is being done in China, and with everyone from large corporations to individuals looking to send parcels to the country, there is no shortage of delivery and courier firms who offer cheap prices as well as cheap courier to China to benefit the process of parcel delivery.

    Whilst having plenty of options is a good thing, it can create confusion for the customer, especially if they haven’t sent a parcel to China before. With the number of China parcel delivery options available to them, how can they know whether or not they are getting the best possible price or if they’re dealing with a reputable firm? As a China parcel delivery comparison site, we are in a unique position when it comes to being able to help. Not only are we able to compare quotes for delivering your parcel to China, but we can also ensure your parcel gets there quickly, thanks to the efficient nature of our service. To ship parcel to China then please get in touch.

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    Parcel Delivery To China

    Arranging parcel delivery to China from UK can prove to be unnecessarily stressful if you end up using a less than reputable company. Due to the distance involved between the two countries, the delivery of your parcel may take longer than you expect, especially if you opt for a delivery service that doesn’t have a lot of experience when it comes to parcel delivery UK to China. With us, however, we can take all the stresses you may usually associate with sending a parcel internationally away. With our vast range of cheap courier services to China, you can expect your parcel to be picked up and delivered to its intended address without a hitch. There are no unnecessary hold ups and no hidden costs. That means that instead of worrying over whether or not your parcel will arrive on time, you can sit back and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’re in capable hands. When you need to send parcel to China cheap have a look through what we can offer.

    Arranging to send a parcel to China with us really couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is fill in a few details, including the weight of your parcel, and we can take care of everything else for you. Use our online comparison tool today to arrange cheap parcel delivery to China that you can rely on. Delivery from China to UK is easy with our service, we offer a courier service China from the UK. For the cheapest courier service to China please do get in touch. China Parcel service is here when you read it.

    Due to the large economy and huge amount of imports and exports being sent in and out of China, cheap shipping to China is widely popular. This is beneficial because it allows businesses and individuals to ship parcels to China at a very minimal cost. With a large number of companies now offering cheap shipping to China it can be difficult to find the right price for you but our price comparison site is here to help! Just simply put in the total weight and the dimensions of your parcel and we will handle the rest, ensuring you get the best deals on cheap delivery to China possible.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To China

    One of the major benefits of using our services is that they are highly reliable, and generally we can provide you with the cheapest parcel delivery to China rates on the market. Thanks to our good relationships with established and trusted couriers and delivery services, we’re also able to provide you with high levels of reliability at a cost-effective price for the best cheap delivery to China for you! Prices for our parcel delivery UK to China services start from relatively little, and because we compare prices from a number of different providers, you can be confident that you’ll be getting the best possible price for your individual needs to ship parcel to China.

    As with all parcels, the exact price of parcel delivery UK to China will depend on the weight. Sending heavier and bulkier items will cost more than sending smaller parcels. With every parcel, however, irrespective of its size, we will work to find you the cheapest price. We know just how time-consuming it can be searching the net and ringing up delivery services looking for the cheapest parcel delivery to China method and cheap courier services to China, and that’s why we do the hard work for you. We take the prices provided to us by our trusted partners and present you with the best options for sending your parcel. So, if you’d like to get started and receive your cheap parcel delivery to China quotes, all you have to do is enter a few simple details and we’ll get to work on finding you a highly competitive price from a reliable delivery service. For post parcel to China from UK cost please get in touch.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To China

    It’s always recommended that you thoroughly check the destination address before arranging to send a parcel to China from UK. We want to make absolutely sure your parcel arrives in the right place, and the one way to ensure that happens is by thoroughly checking the address. There are a number of useful resources online if you’re at all unsure when it comes to the address format used in cheap parcel to China. The country uses a six digit postcode which is placed to the left of the region (e.g. Beijing); the first four digits of the postcode determine the county, and the last two determine the region. To send a parcel to China cheap please get in touch for the best courier to China. our UK to China parcel delivery service is here for your assistance.

    It’s also a good idea to make sure your parcel is properly secured before sending it with a cheap parcel delivery to China provider. Place any fragile items or valuables in protective wrapping such as bubble wrap, and make sure your box is of an appropriate size, to prevent any items moving around in the box during transit. For a parcel to China price, please get in touch.

    When using parcel delivery to China from UK services, you should be aware that there are a number of restrictions in place over what you can send into the country. The Chinese customs department publish a list of all their restrictions and prohibitions, but this list changes quite regularly, so it’s always best practice for you to check the Chinese customs page before you go ahead and send your parcel. If you send an item that China restricts or prohibits, your parcel could be subject to a delivery delay, and you may have to pay additional charges. In some cases, your parcel could be seized by Chinese customs and destroyed so you need to be careful when looking for the cheapest courier service China.

    Restricted items include everything from wood items to electronics. There are also a number of restrictions surrounding what foods will be allowed into China, so it’s well worth doing your research even if you’re confident your item won’t be restricted. Prohibited items include anything that voices a political opinion that the Chinese government do not support, as well items such as drugs, medications, weapons and ivory. This needs to be considered when sending a cheap parcel to China.

    All goods that pass through Chinese customs will be subject to duty as well as tax, unless the goods contain paperwork. Fees are usually between 20-30% of the value of the goods you are shipping. If, however, you are sending a parcel that has a value of under 500 Yuan, you can expect your parcel to be exempt from any duties and tax charges. When arranging to send a parcel to China, it’s always worth using a trusted and established delivery service such as ours, so to get your quote today, start entering your details and we can take care of the rest. Get the cheapest parcel delivery to China prices on the market with us, today!