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    Syria, officially known as the Syrian Arab Republic, is a country in the Middle East, Asia bordered by Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Israel. The largest city in the country is its capital, Damascus. The state of Syria, as it stands today, was established following the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and gained independence in 1945 when it became a founding member of the United Nations. For the past several years Syria has been involved in armed conflict with a number of countries in the region, leading to political upheaval, displacement of civilians, and many deaths.

    The troubles in Syria have been well-documented, and there are few people in the world who are unaware of what a tumultuous situation the country finds itself in. Nonetheless, many people remain in the country, and the need for cheap courier services to Syria has never been greater. Whether you’re sending personal items to family and loved ones, or trading with the businesses still in operation in the country, it is important to find a delivery service you can rely upon.

    Postal service providers across the UK offer a fast and efficient service to send a parcel to Syria within a couple of working days. Cheap courier to Syria from UK, of course, will take a little longer than that, but there is a host of Syria parcel delivery services available that will be suitable for you and your budget, which you can view at Parcel Delivery.

    Parcel Delivery To Syria

    Despite the ongoing troubles in the country, finding cheap courier services to Syria has never been easier, or quicker. There are dozens of postal service providers who deliver parcels to Syria within a couple of working days. Syria is in Zone 12 of the Worldwide Postal Directory. Traditionally, it costs more to send parcels to this zone, so it is important to search for cheap delivery to Syria.

    It is worthwhile taking extra care with how you package the contents of your parcel to Syria. Wrapping each item in the box individually in bubble-wrap, or other padded material, will offer better protection to them while en their Syria parcel delivery journey. Use heavy-duty boxes (corrugated cardboard is ideal for the job) and strong packing tape to seal them. It may add to the weight and therefore incur a slightly higher cost for your pacel delivery to Syria from UK, but it ensures your parcel will be better protected during transit.

    It is vital that the recipient’s address on your parcel delivery to Syria cannot be easily damaged or smudged. Plastic windows are commercially available which can be used to easily attach an address label to your parcel. These can also be used to protect and secure any customs documentation. Covering the address label with clear adhesive tape is another option.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Syria

    Depending on the company you use, the service you require, and the weight and size of the item, cheap shipping to Syria can start from as little as £30.00. Of course, it will take longer to deliver your parcel using a cheap courier to Syria, but it’s useful to know such services exist. There are premium delivery options, which tend to incur a higher cost, but which are much faster (delivery can take place within a couple of working days).

    There is regular trade between Syria and the UK, particularly among people with family in the country. Commercial trade is almost non-existent and is likely to remain so while the war continues in the area. Some small business entrepreneurs, however, are establishing connections in the country with a view to promoting trade between the two countries, albeit on a minute scale.

    We can help you find the best postal service for your parcel delivery from UK to Syria, whatever your requirements in terms of budget or timescale.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Syria

    Addressing your parcel

    Cheap shipping to Syria is quick and efficient, so long as the parcel is addressed correctly.

    Syria does not use a postcode system, though one is currently being developed for the country. Therefore, it is important to follow the correct address format for any parcel delivery to Syria. There is a six-line system, formatted as follows:

    1. the recipient’s name;
    2. the floor, apartment, and building;
    3. the street name and number;
    4. the district name and number;
    5. the city; and
    6. Syrian Arab Republic.

    If you keep this format in mind, you should have no problem addressing your cheap parcel delivery to Syria correctly.

    Prohibited and restricted items

    It is important to be aware of any restricted or prohibited items that you may not send through the post before preparing your parcel delivery to Syria from UK.

    It should come as no surprise given the current climate in the region that when you send a parcel to Syria, you’ll find that a large number of goods are currently prohibited. These are extensive and include the following items:

    • Animal products and live animals
    • Vegetable products – including live plants and trees, bulbs and roots, ornamental foliage and cut flowers, malt, cereals, wheat gluten, starches, fruit, seeds, and grain
    • Vegetable or animal oils, waxes, and fats
    • Arms and ammunition
    • Prepared foodstuffs – including spirits, beverages, and vinegar
    • Electrical equipment and machinery
    • Tobacco and tobacco substitutes
    • Mechanical appliances and machinery
    • Baking preparations of milk, flour, cereals, or starch
    • Precious or semi-precious stones, natural or cultured pearls, precious metals, coins, imitation jewellery, items plated with metal
    • Mineral products – including sulphur, salt, stones, earths, plastering materials, stones, cements, and lime
    • Glass and glassware
    • Chemical products – including organic surface-active agents, soap, washing preparations, artificial waxes, lubricating preparations, polishing or scouring preparations, prepared waxes, modelling pastes, candles, dental preparations with a plaster base, and dental waxes
    • Explosives, pyrophoric alloys, and other combustible preparations, including matches
    • Stone, cement, plaster, mica, asbestos, or similar materials
    • Cinematographic or photographic products
    • Footwear
    • Rubber and plastics
    • Articles of crocheted or knitted apparel
    • Paperboard and paper
    • Printed newspapers, books, pictures and other printing industry products, including manuscripts, plans and typescripts
    • Cotton

    If you are unsure if your parcel delivery to Syria contains items that fall into any of these categories, you are recommended to contact the Syrian Postal Service in the first instance.

    There are other items that you are prohibited from sending through the post under any circumstances. There is a list at the website of the Universal Postal Union, which contains up-to-date restrictions and prohibitions so you can be sure that when you send a parcel to Syria, you are following the correct rules and regulations.


    Any parcel delivery to Syria from UK must pass through customs. From your end, all that is required is the filling in of a customs declaration form, which is a very simple and standard piece of paperwork. It confirms the weight, size and value of the parcel, and includes a declaration that you are not sending any restricted or prohibited goods in your cheap parcel delivery to Syria.

    In addition, some postal service providers will require you to fill in a letter of indemnity, confirming that their couriers will not be held responsible for any goods you send to Syria that are prohibited.

    If you’re looking for cheap delivery to Syria, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Parcel Delivery today for more information.