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    When you need to organise reliable and cheap parcel delivery to Maldives, it is always worth taking time to compare the various services available to make sure you can get the right service that will offer exactly what you need. Whether you are sending gifts to friends or family, or you need to, send a parcel for business reasons, we can help make sure you find a service that will ensure your parcel arrives at its destination safely and quickly.

    Parcel Delivery To Maldives

    Did you know that although the Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, it’s also one of the world’s most geographically dispersed countries? It’s an archipelago made up of an incredible 1192 coral islands and it has more than 400,000 inhabitants living across just 185 islands, with the rest of these beautiful islands being used mostly for tourism and agriculture. Furthermore, the Maldives have bordering countries such as India and Sri Lanka.

    This means that when you are organising a cheap courier to Maldives, you need a courier that can successfully navigate this diverse and challenging geography. Of course, making sure you find cheap courier services to Maldives is probably at the top of your list, but you also need to choose a service that you can trust.

    When choosing your delivery service make sure it offers insurance protection for your parcel. This means that if something goes wrong while your parcel is being delivered you will be covered for any loss or damages. This is especially important to keep in mind if your parcel contains breakable or valuable items. Your chosen delivery service will have processes in place to make sure your items arrive at their destination safely but, unfortunately, occasionally things can go wrong. Making sure your parcel is securely packaged is also an important part of the delivery process, especially when you send a parcel to Maldives due to the sheer distance the parcel will travel, so make sure you wrap it well as this will help ensure it stays safe in transit.

    Thanks to modern technology, today’s parcel delivery UK to Maldives services are able to offer extra options so that you can be reassured that your parcel has been delivered successfully. Many cheap courier services to Maldives provide delivery tracking so that you can check if it has arrived at its destination or whether it is still on the way. These Maldives parcel delivery services can also supply you with proof of delivery, such as a signature from whoever has received it. This information can usually be easily accessed online using a tracking number which will be provided when you arrange your cheap delivery to Maldives from UK or you can sign up for notification emails and SMS text alerts so that you are fully able to keep track of the progress of your parcel delivery UK to Maldives as it travels across the world. You can even share these details with the recipient so that they can also log on and see where their parcel is.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Maldives

    Whether you send a parcel to Maldives to one of the larger towns or cities, such as Malé or Addu City, or your parcel needs to reach a more remote destination, finding cheap delivery to Maldives locations will depend on the weight of your item and how quickly you need the parcel to be delivered. The Maldives are more than 5,500 miles away from the UK, so any cheap shipping to Maldives services from UK addresses can take up to a week.

    It’s likely that a cheap courier to Maldives, will take at least three days, but you will usually be looking at around four to six days for your parcel to reach its destination – and it likely wont be the cheapest parcel delivery to Maldives either. Obviously, a slower delivery service will usually be a cheaper option if you are looking save money, so if your parcel is not urgent it is always good to check the different cheap parcel delivery to Maldives options available to you.

    When you send a parcel to Maldives and come to arranging your delivery timescale please bear in mind that as with any international delivery service, cheap shipping to Maldives locations are affected by local government laws and restrictions, such as taxes or international import regulations. Your parcel will be processed by your chosen delivery service on arrival in the Maldives and this can mean a delay in it reaching its final destination. It is usually at this stage that any extra international shipping or handling costs or taxes will need to be paid  for your parcel delivery to Maldives, and this can hold up delivery, especially if any duties are still outstanding.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Maldives

    Maldives, which is officially called The Republic of Maldives, is a South Asian country located in the Indian Ocean, southwest of India and Sri Lanka. It’s not known for sure where the name has come from, but it could be a translation of Necklace Islands or Garland of Islands, which represents the shape and layout of the country. It’s the world’s lowest country with even its highest natural point being the lowest in the world at 2.4 metres and this means, unfortunately, it is at risk of rising sea levels. The country has its own language, Dhivehi, but English is also widely spoken by Maldivian locals.

    Tourism is a huge industry in the Maldives, creating employment and boosting the economy. Most visitors arrive at Malé International Airport on the island of Hulhulé having transferred there from destinations such as India, Dubai, Singapore and Europe including the UK. In fact, more than one million tourists visit the Maldives every year, and this is continuing to increase annually.

    The increasing numbers of tourists visiting Maldives locations mean that it’s not unusual for there to be Maldives parcel delivery needs connected with this, such as sending forgotten items to holiday goers, personal mail being sent to expats living in Maldives, and imports arriving in the country.

    If you are arranging a cheap parcel delivery to Maldives, remember that when your parcel arrives in the Maldives it will be scanned so that officials can identify the nature of the contents. They will look at quantities, assess its value and will be on the lookout for any prohibited or restricted items. If there is a reason to suspect that the contents of your parcel include these items, then it will be opened by postal officers alongside customs officers to inspect further.

    Items that are currently completely banned from being imported via parcel delivery to Maldives from UK are narcotics and psychotropic substances, pornographic material including books, magazines, films, DVDs, toys and software, any religious materials offensive to Islam (because Maldives is an Islamic country) and idols for worship. Interestingly, live pigs are also banned, but, of course, you are unlikely to be sending these in a parcel.

    Restricted items that are allowed to be imported but require a specific permit include liquor and alcoholic products, pork and its by-products, some chemicals, acids, poisons and toxic substances and firearms, explosives, weapons and ammunition. Any live plants need to have been inspected and approved by the Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture, and medicine needs to have a valid medical prescription. Any tobacco products must carry a health warning label. These restrictions are all about keeping the country, its people and its visitors safe and well, by making sure you are aware of these restrictions you can avoid unnecessary delays or your items being seized and your parcel not being delivered.

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