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    Situated near China, North Korea and the Philippines, Japan is an island nation. In many ways, not too dissimilar to the UK. It’s often noted that the people of Japan are reserved yet friendly in the same manner that UK citizens are. The difference is Japan is twice the size of the UK. Both in landmass and its population size. Located in Asia, every year thousands of British tourists flock to Japan. Taking in the remarkable sights and culture, thousands of Japanese visit London as their destination of choice. It’s hard to miss Japan’s growing presence commercially on the world stage. As a nation, they’re responsible for countless classic products that we have used for decades. Nintendo, Atari, and Capcom have become staples of British gaming culture. In many ways, they’ve defined an entire generation. Trade between the UK and Japan to this day continues to be strong. More than 15,000 British ex-pats now call Japan their home.

    With numerous British citizens, coupled with the fact Japan is the fourth largest global importer, cheap delivery to Japan has become demanding. Commercially, businesses in Japan and the UK have strong interests in both country’s commodities. After the announcement of Brexit, Japan issued a 15-page memorandum. This encouraged Europe to maintain the UK’s position in the European common market. On a personal basis, a cheap courier to Japan is in demand for people looking to send a parcel to relatives there. Even Japanese tourists wishing to send home souvenirs from their visit to the UK. No matter the reasons, international couriers are experts in parcel delivery to Japan from the UK. They have watched the growing demand keenly. There is now a lot of competition to send a parcel to Japan cheaply.

    Parcel Delivery To Japan

    Due to high demand, sifting through the couriers available can be time-consuming. Finding the best deal based on your parcel delivery Japan needs is not easy. It’s definitely possible to send all manner of parcels abroad to Japan. It’s not so simple finding the cheapest courier to Japan supplying what you need and keeps within your budget. This is where we can help you send a cheap parcel to Japan. With years of industry expertise, we have built working relationships with global couriers shipping to Japan. We have a useful tool where you can input your exact requirements. This will provide a list of all the couriers who offer a cheap courier to Japan. Not only does this aim to save you time, it also saves you lots of money. This is achieved by finding the cheapest courier to Japan that’s available for you.

    We ensure the entire process of arranging to send a parcel to Japan is as simple as possible. We know how daunting arranging cheap parcel delivery to Japan can be for the first time. If you’re a business looking to arrange parcel delivery to Japan regularly, or an individual looking for cheap delivery to Japan as a one-off. We can provide you with a solution to all your requirements. You can send a parcel to Japan through us today.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Japan from the UK

    The cost of sending a parcel to Japan from the UK is far from expensive. It will depend on a number of different factors. Firstly, the size and weight of your parcel will affect how much the couriers will need to charge. You can find out more about how they classify different parcel sizes below. Couriers have come to offer many add-ons to your Japan parcel delivery. This includes recorded or special delivery, for example. This will affect how much you pay. Same day delivery to Japan is a tough ask from the UK due to the distance. Japan is a large nation. Though extremely developed, it still has some rural towns and villages which may require additional fees to post to.

    Parcel sizes

    The parcel size is the most immediate thing that will influence the price of your parcel delivery to Japan. Be aware these may vary slightly depending on which service you choose. It can be used as a rough guideline to help you out when arranging a cheap courier to Japan on the market.

    • Small parcel: Dimensions of up to 45 cm x 35 cm x 16 cm and no more than 2 kg in weight
    • Medium parcel: Dimensions of up to 61 cm x 46 cm x 46 cm and no more than 20 kg in weight
    • Large parcel: Length of up to 2.5 m and combined width and height of up to 5 m; more than 20 kg in weight

    With so much available, a courier is able to send almost any size of parcel. This includes less regular shaped parcels, such as tubes. When packing your parcel prior to arranging the cheapest parcel delivery to Japan, you should package it well. Use cushioned materials like newspaper or bubble wrap to protect the contents. If this packaging causes the parcel to enter the next size range up, this is often worthwhile. This is because it will better protect the valuable contents inside.

    Useful Information on How to Send a Parcel to Japan

    Beyond this, there are some more points you should consider before wrapping your parcel and purchasing your service. Answers to common and important questions are below.

    Dealing with customs when sending a parcel to Japan

    With parcel delivery to Japan from the UK, you need to be sure you have filled out the correct customs declarations. Such forms can be supplied by your courier, but you should check as well to make sure you have the correct paperwork. Failing to supply proper information may lead to severe delays with your parcel. Alternatively it could cause it to never arrive at all.

    What can’t be sent to Japan

    All cheap courier services to Japan and other international destinations have restrictions in place. This determines what they will allow you to ship to Japan. This list can be lengthy, but you can find the information by visiting your courier’s website. The list will contain items that you would naturally consider unlawful or unsafe to send. This includes drugs, weapons, ammunition or hazardous chemicals. On top of this, Japan has its own set of restricted and prohibited items. These will never be allowed across its border. This list includes, among other items, explosives, copyright materials and pornography.

    How to address your parcel delivery UK to Japan

    With cheap shipping to Japan from the UK the system used for addressing parcels is similar to the UK. The only major difference is the use of a seven-digit system as opposed to a six-digit postcode.

    Delivery times for Japan

    Cheap parcel delivery to Japan takes anywhere from three days upwards. To accommodate those businesses and people who need faster delivery, you can order express delivery. This will allow it to arrive within one to three working days. Delivery time will be subject to correctly addressing the parcel. Also, attaching any relevant information that customs will need to pass the shipment.

    To find out more about cheap parcel delivery to Japan, use our comparison tool. At Parcel Delivery you can send a parcel to Japan today. If you require further help beyond the information here, or have any problems with our comparison tool, get in contact. Our customer service team are on hand to assist you in any way they can.