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    The official name of Jordan is The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The country is located in Western Asia, on the east bank of the Jordan River. Jordan is bordered by Iraq to the north-east, Saudi Arabia to the east and south, Syria to the north, the Red Sea to the south-west and Israel, Palestine and the Dead Sea to the west.

    The country benefits from long-term peace, having avoided the terrorism and instability which affects many of its neighbouring Arab countries. The country has accepted a number of refugees from the surrounding countries since 1948. Jordan has recently accepted over 1.4 million Syrian refugees and is now experiencing significant strain on its natural resources and infrastructure.

    Since the current monarch, Abdullah II came to the throne in 1999, the country has re-affirmed its commitment to the peace treaty with Israel. The country has also expanded its trade links to Europe, Asia and the United States, which does cause friction with some of the neighbouring countries. Jordan has been labelled by the World Bank as the 3rd freest economy in the Arab region and by the Heritage Foundation as the 32nd freest within the whole world, and it also scores relatively low on the ‘countries which suffer from corruption’ rankings.

    Although the country has a small economy, the workforce is highly skilled meaning that many of the population are upper-middle income earners, parcel delivery to Jordan and from Jordan are as important as ever. The country attracts vast foreign investment because of the skilled workforce, from countries such as the UK. Many businesses are expanding in the area and so there is an increasing demand for reliable couriers to offer cheap delivery to Jordan.

    The economy is growing at a rate of around 7% each year and the main exports from the country include clothing, fertilisers and pharmaceuticals. It is just five hours from London by air freight which helps to improve the speed of imports and exports travelling into and out of the country so if you want to send a parcel to Jordan, you’re in luck! If sending by sea, the parcel delivery to Jordan time can take significantly longer as the country is almost landlocked, but you could find fast yet cheap delivery to Jordan by sea freight. However, the majority of the cheap courier services to Jordan are transported air freight.

    Parcel Delivery To Jordan

    Its location places the country at a strategic crossroads between Asia, Africa and Europe, which means that many shipments pass through the area. Most parcel delivery to Jordan is delivered to Amman, the country’s largest city – Although other Jordan parcel delivery companies operate in Zarga, Irbid, Russeifa, Al Quwaysimah, Wadi as-ser, Ajloun and Aqaba.

    The country has a well-developed travel infrastructure, which does vastly reduce delivery times when you send a parcel to Jordan. The roads and airports are well developed and the railways are currently undergoing a system of improvements, so parcel delivery UK to Jordan could improve substantially in the future!

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Jordan

    Cheap shipping to Jordan is possible when searching through our website. All you need to do is enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel into our easy-to-use calculator. The comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery will then search through hundreds of couriers who deliver internationally, to find you cheap courier services to Jordan for the best price with the best services.

    Cheap shipping to Jordan starts at around £15.00 for a small 1kg parcel, but a heavier parcel will cost more. Most couriers are able to take Jordan parcel delivery shipments up to 30kg. An average delivery time when you send a parcel to Jordan is around 7 days. There are faster delivery services which will complete the journey within 4 days although these will cost more. Bear in mind that these estimates do not take into account the time it may take for your parcel delivery to Jordan from UK to pass through customs clearance. This could add 4-6 weeks onto the transit estimate.

    All cheap parcel delivery to Jordan will be fully traceable as soon as the goods are collected from your home, office or local collection point. As the parcel passes through each processing facility on its route, it will be scanned and the tracking system updated. At any point, both you and the recipient will know exactly where the parcel is and what the estimated delivery date is. Tracking greatly reduces the chance of any lost parcels, and if there are any hiccups it is easy to find the parcel’s last known location.

    All of the couriers we work with that offer cheap parcel delivery to Jordan are meticulously tested to ensure they are fast, reliable and have experience in providing bespoke, but cheap courier to Jordan. We only work with couriers which we would trust with our own parcels. Over the years we have built up great relationships with the companies and are able to negotiate excellent discounts and preferable rates. If you do find a cheaper price online let us know and we will try and find a better price for you. We pride ourselves on offering the tools for you to find a cheap courier  to Jordan from UK that’s suitable for you.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Jordan

    Your cheap courier to Jordan from the UK will need to pass through international customs upon entry to the country. This is because the country is not part of the European Union and so there are no free trade agreements between the UK and Jordan’s borders. You will need to include a completed customs import form, which will outline the parcel’s contents and the value. Upon entry into Jordan, the customs office will decide if there are any import taxes to pay and how much. You will also need to include a commercial invoice on the outside of the parcel. The courier will send you all the necessary paperwork and help you with the parcel deliver UK to Jordan process. They send a number of international parcels to Jordan, so know exactly what is needed.

    When sending a parcel internationally there are always a number of restricted items in a country, the most common of which are aerosols, cigarettes, weapons, ammunition and alcohol. There are a number of additional items which are restricted in Jordan, including Israeli currency, counterfeit currency or products, pornographic material, fresh fruit, vegetables and plants, meat and animal products. If you do have any queries, HM Revenue and Customs are an excellent point of contact and will be able to advise you on an up-to-date restriction list.

    When addressing the parcel, make sure the address is written in the bottom right-hand corner and keep it right-aligned. The country uses a postcode coding method of 5 digits which determines the region, department, zone, sector and district or village. It can also be helpful to include a telephone number on the outside of the package, as this will enable the courier to contact the recipient should there be any issues with finding an address.

    Your parcel will be travelling a vast distance so it is important to ensure it is packed securely and is able to travel well. You will need a stackable sturdy box and very strong parcel tape. A document holder can be useful to securely attach the documents to the outside of the package. Lost documents are one of the main reasons for parcels going astray during international transit. If you are sending a fragile item, ensure you use lots of bubble wrap to cushion the contents and also use a box with arrows or draw them on the outside to indicate which way the box should face. If the contents of your parcel are liquid or moist, silica gel packets can stop the contents from drying out on its journey.

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