Send a Parcel to Sri Lanka

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Located to the south east of India and north east of the Maldives, Sri Lanka is an island nation with a population of approximately 21 million. With a warm climate and numerous scenic attractions, Sri Lanka is also a popular place for tourists to visit. Considered a biodiversity hotspot, there are over 20 wildlife reserves in the country and numerous endangered animals reside in the country.

With many people travelling to the island each year, there is a constant demand for shipping services to the region. Many people arrange cheap delivery to Sri Lanka, Asia in order to deliver goods to people who are travelling through the area.

If a loved one is on a gap year or is taking an extended break, for example, you may want to arrange a cheap parcel delivery to Sri Lanka so that you can send them personal items.

Alternatively, people often use cheap shipping to Sri Lanka from UK if they have loved ones living in the country. If your family and friends are located in Sri Lanka, for example, you may want to send them regular gifts or presents and a parcel delivery is an ideal way to do this.

Of course, it isn’t just individuals who make use of these shipment services. Businesses in the UK often send a parcel to Sri Lanka when they trade with companies based on the island. By providing a cheap and efficient form of transport, parcel deliveries ensure that a wide range of goods can be delivered easily.

Parcel Delivery To Sri Lanka

With 3 international airports and 14 domestic airports in Sri Lanka, it’s easy to facilitate parcel deliveries. Whilst shipments can be brought to the country via air, they can also be transported to different regions by domestic flights.

The country also has in excess of 20 waterdromes, and these are regularly used by seaplanes and other types of crafts. Often used to facilitate parcel deliveries to areas close to water, these provide an ideal way for fast delivery services to be carried out.

With numerous ports and harbours situated around the island, parcels can also be transported to the area via boat. Often, this type of parcel delivery to Sri Lanka is extremely low-cost so it’s a popular way to send items.

As some items cannot be transported via aircraft, using a boat to transport goods ensures that you can still obtain cheap courier to Sri Lanka. Some items can become dangerous when they’re in a pressurised environment and, as a result, they shouldn’t be moved via air travel.

In order to facilitate shipments of these items, delivery companies also use boats to complete international shipment services. If you’re worried that your parcel shouldn’t be sent to Sri Lanka via air because of safety concerns, you should find it easy to find an alternative form of Sri Lanka parcel delivery.

As delivery companies make it clear which items are restricted or require specific forms of transport, you’ll be able to confirm whether or not your items can be transported safely before you send a parcel to Sri Lanka.

In addition to this, Sri Lanka has an extensive road system and it’s possible to access the vast majority of areas via car or lorry. Due to this, courier firms are able to deliver goods easily and you should be able to send parcels to recipients in all areas of the country.

By using a range of transport methods, delivery firms can provide efficient and reliable services to the region. With regular shipments going to Sri Lanka, you’ll be able to book your parcel delivery and dispatch your items as quickly as you need to.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Sri Lanka

When you are preparing your items to be shipped, there is a lot to consider. As the parcel itself can affect the cost of delivery, you’ll want to ensure that you pack your items appropriately. Don’t increase the weight of your parcel unnecessarily, for example, as this will increase the cost of carriage.

The size and dimensions of your parcel also have an impact on the rates available so it’s important to use appropriately sized packaging. Whilst you may be tempted to reuse a box you have at home when you book a cheap courier to Sri Lanka, this may not be cost effective.

If the box is too big for your needs, you could end up spending more when you book cheap courier services to Sri Lanka from UK. By obtaining suitably sized packaging and using light packing materials, you can reduce the cost as much as possible and benefit from cheap delivery to Sri Lanka.

Another factor which can affect the overall price of cheap courier services to Sri Lanka is the efficiency of the service you choose. Whilst all Sri Lanka parcel delivery services aim to get your parcel to the recipient as quickly as possible, economy services do tend to take longer to arrive than express services.

When you book a special delivery service, your parcel will be delivered within 1-3 days. Although this type of parcel delivery to Sri Lanka from UK isn’t costly, it is more expensive than the standard economy services.

If you don’t need your parcel to arrive in the next few days, an economy service could help you to reduce costs and you’ll still benefit from a reliable service. If you need to have your items delivered urgently, however, you can rely on express delivery services to ship your items quickly.

With numerous options available, you can choose the right method of delivery depending on the goods you’re sending and the timeframe in which you need to send them. Rest assured – whichever option you go for, you’ll have access to reduced rates, reliable and cheap shipping to Sri Lanka.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Sri Lanka

All countries have items which are prohibited and many of these are due to safety issues. Illegal items, such as weapons, for example, cannot be transported via a parcel delivery to any location. In addition to this, however, countries also specify which items they’ve chosen to prohibit for additional reasons.

Due to this, it’s important to check whether your items are permitted before you send them via a cheap parcel delivery to Sri Lanka. Cosmetics, films and CDs, for example, can’t be sent via parcel delivery UK to Sri Lanka.

In addition to this, mobile phones, telecommunications equipment and radios are also prohibited from being sent via courier or parcel delivery. As these regulations are strictly enforced all over the world, it’s important to check Sri Lanka’s list of prohibited items when you’re arranging a parcel delivery UK to Sri Lanka.

Whilst you may have successfully used a Sri Lanka parcel delivery before, the list can be modified or updated at any time so it’s always worth having a quick look to see if any changes have been made since the last time you dispatched a parcel to the country.

By taking a few seconds to ensure that your parcel meets the relevant regulations, you can ensure that when you send a parcel to Sri Lanka, it will be transported and processed efficiently. Similarly, providing accurate information when you book a parcel delivery to Sri Lanka will reduce the likelihood of your parcel being delayed and will ensure that it reaches your recipient as quickly as possible. So, use our comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery today to find your perfect courier match.