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    Palestine is usually referred to as the Palestine region, an area known historically and geographically as the State of Palestine. The region of Palestine is located at a strategic point between Asia, Europe and Africa, giving it neighbours such as Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. The region is considered to be the birthplace of Christianity and Judaism and has a long, tumultuous history involving its culture, politics and religions.

    The UK has strong ties with the area going back as far as Britain’s intervention in 1840, when it returned the control to the Ottomans from Egypt. The League of Nations awarded the UK a mandate over Palestine in 1922. However, many of the Arab population revolted against the rule and in 1948, the British administration ended.

    While under Britain’s mandate, the economy grew at a rate of 13.2%. The infrastructure improved dramatically with the development of many factories, roads and rail networks across the country. Many of these roads are still used by couriers today, which help improve the number of cheap courier services to Palestine – The road network is more than 12,000 miles long in Israel alone! There are also a variety of large international airports which support courier shipments into the area including the Ben Gurion International Airport and the Ovda Airport, making cheap shipping to Palestine from UK easier than ever.

    The UK has a good commercial relationship with the Palestinian Territories and there is a trade agreement in place between the EU and Palestine for industrial products. There are also reduced levels of import duties to pay on UK agricultural exports to the area – good news for those looking to send a parcel to Palestine. The Palestinian territories have a long entrepreneurial tradition and much of the population speaks English. This provides vast opportunities for businesses to establish themselves in the area and also for people in the UK to resettle there, further opening new opportunities for cheap parcel delivery to Palestine.

    Parcel Delivery To Palestine

    Cheap shipping to Palestine is increasing dramatically as the UK begins to carry out more business with the region. In addition, many UK residents are choosing to emigrate to the Middle East. The most popular exports from the UK to Palestine are machinery, consumer products, industrial oil, cars and construction materials. The Palestinian economy is still heavily reliant on foreign aid, and this is encouraging the setup of many UK companies involved in donor aid programmes such as wastewater treatment, healthcare and humanitarian assistance. This is leading to a number of couriers offering quick and cheap delivery to Palestine options esepcially for documents and business related packages.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Palestine

    Cheap parcel delivery to Palestine is easy to find when using our website. We update our prices daily to ensure our website is accurate and work with a large number of courier companies. All you need are the pick-up and delivery addresses, along with the parcel’s weight and dimensions and we’ll give you cheap courier to Palestine quotes to match your needs. Simply enter the details into our website and in just a few seconds you will be presented with some excellent rates to choose from.

    Cheap courier services to Palestine starts at around £22.00 for a 3-day service. This would be for a 1kg parcel. If you are planning to send a parcel to Palestine that is much larger and heavier, you could pay in the region of £120.00 for a 20kg parcel, although this does not include clearance through customs. If your parcel is stopped at the customs point, it could add around 4-6 weeks onto the delivery timescale. If you are choosing something to send as a gift, it is worth bearing in mind the weight when picking something to send, as you could save significantly on your Palestine parcel delivery.

    Our couriers provide an excellent service. We only work with the best, so you can be sure of the best service when choosing your parcel delivery to Palestine from UK. All of the couriers can collect from either your home or work address and many can collect from a designated local pick up point. They strive to make the parcel delivery to Palestine process simple and quick for you. Once the parcel has been collected, it will be scanned onto the tracking system. You and the recipient will both be able to follow the journey the parcel takes from the UK to Palestine. If there are any hold ups along the way, you will be able to keep track of the progress, giving you both peace of mind.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Palestine

    Parcel delivery UK to Palestine does involve clearance through customs, as the area is not part of the European Union. Any countries which are part of the EU are able to send items freely across each other’s borders with no customs clearance. This also means that your Palestine parcel delivery may involve the payment of import taxes at the point of arrival into the country. The courier will send you some paperwork to complete which will need to be attached securely to the parcel in a document holder. This includes a customs declaration form in which you will be asked for the parcel’s contents and value. Try to be as specific as possible, as this will help speed up the parcel delivery UK to Palestine process. You will also need to include a commercial invoice, even if the parcel is intended for the recipient as a gift and no commercial transaction has taken place.

    As a general rule, when sending a parcel through customs, if the value is less than $75 it will not be subject to import taxes. If you are sending a commercial parcel the threshold is lower at $50.

    When packing your goods for your cheap delivery to Palestine, bear in mind the long journey it will have to go through. The parcel should be securely packed in a sturdy stackable box and wrapped in very strong parcel tape. If the contents are fragile, boxes are available with the word ‘FRAGILE’ and a series of arrows printed on the sides. This will help to indicate which way the box should be held and also encourage the processing facilities to take extra care. If there are any moving parts, securing these and packing the box with bubble wrap can provide protection against knocks. When you send a parcel to Palestine, ensure the document holder is attached to the parcel so there is no chance of it being ripped off. Lost documents are the main reason for parcels being refused entry into a country.

    There is a long list of restricted items which you are prohibited from sending via parcel delivery to Palestine. This includes all of the usual items you would expect, such as offensive material, currency and weapons. However, there are a number of items which do catch our customers by surprise, including beekeeping equipment, milk, dairy products, gambling items, cordless telephones, pornographic material and anything previously used for packing plants. If you would like more information and an up-to-date list of restrictions, both HM Revenue and Customs and the central Customs House in Israel will be able to provide assistance.

    Even with a cheap courier to Palestine, the addressing of the parcel is quite straightforward, but it’s worth double checking. If your parcel delivery UK to Palestine is heading for the Gaza Strip of the West Bank, you will need to indicate that the parcel should travel ‘via Israel’. There are postcodes in use in some areas which are comprised of 7 digits, and in rural areas, one postcode may cover a large area. It is advisable to include a telephone number for the recipient where possible. If the courier has difficulties with tracking down the address or the recipient is not home, it will be easy for them to arrange a delivery.

    If you’d like to find the best courier with for your parcel delivery to Palestine from UK, use our comparison tool online here at Parcel Delivery today.