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    Located on the Arabian Peninsula, Oman sits close to the Persian Gulf and the United Arab Emirates within Asia. Also sharing borders with Saudi Arabia and Yemen, Oman is a key region in the Middle East.

    As most of central Oman is covered by gravel deserts, the largest towns and cities are located in the north and south of the country. Muscat, Sohar, Sur and Salalah are well-populated areas, with many people keen to be close to local amenities.

    When people arrange a cheap shipping to Oman, their items are normally shipped to the mainland. However, Oman also has two enclaves. The first, Madha, is situated on UAE territory, while the second, Musandam, is separated from the country by the UAE. If you’re planning on sending a parcel via cheap shipping to Oman, it’s important to state if your recipient is located in either of these areas so that your shipment can be directed appropriately.

    Although the tourism industry in Oman has grown in recent years, the country is also supported by its oil and gas reserves. Producing a significant amount of resources, Oman trades with countries all over the world, including the UK making it simple to arrange a cheap parcel delivery to Oman.

    With businesses in both countries entering commercial relations, there is often the need for Oman parcel delivery services between the areas. Fortunately, it’s easy to arrange international shipments and a cheap delivery to Oman can be arranged in a matter of minutes.

    Parcel Delivery To Oman

    With a well-known port and two international airports in Oman, you shouldn’t have any problems if you need to transport items to a recipient in the country. If you’re sending a large shipment, you may want to use shipping services which involve transportation via boat as these can be cheaper. Similarly, if you’re sending items which can’t be transported by air safely, choosing an Oman parcel delivery service which relies on sea travel will be more appropriate.

    Air travel does facilitate a significant number of deliveries to Oman, however. With various services available, sending your goods via a cheap parcel delivery service to Oman is easier than ever. In addition to this, transporting your items via air means that they should arrive very quickly.

    In fact, you could take advantage of express shipping services if you want your parcel to arrive as quickly as possible. Generally, expedited services can have your parcel with the recipient in just one to three days, so it’s an extremely efficient way to send items internationally.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Oman

    When you’re booking a parcel delivery UK to Oman, you’ll be able to access low shipping rates, regardless of what you need to send. Although the overall weight of your parcel does affect shipping prices, there are low-cost options for shipments of any size.

    Starting from just £19-£20, an economy shipment service means that you can transport items to a recipient in Oman without spending too much. In fact, many people rely on these low-cost services to send numerous parcels to Oman each year.

    With special delivery services currently available at around the same price, you needn’t spend much more for your parcel delivery UK to Oman in order to have your items delivered urgently. In fact, you can book a parcel delivery to Oman from UK, safe in the knowledge that your recipient will be taking receipt of the delivery very soon.

    If you need to send a parcel via our cheap courier services to Oman, you may want to opt for a signed for courier service. Rather than simply delivering your parcel, this means that a courier will obtain a signature before your parcel is left with the recipient.

    In addition to this, your delivery firm will ensure that a copy of the signature, date and time of delivery is available to you when you send a parcel to via one of the many cheap courier services to Oman. As a copy is often uploaded to a secure web portal, you may even be able to access this type of delivery confirmation within minutes of the parcel being delivered.

    Although many delivery companies offer online parcel tracking as standard, a signed for service gives you added security when you book a parcel delivery to Oman. As it doesn’t cost much to add this to your delivery, it can be cost-effective to choose a signed for delivery in the long run.

    Similarly, when you send a parcel to Oman you may want to protect your shipment by adding extra insurance when you make a booking. Although many courier firms offer some form of insurance as standard, this can range from £0-£50. If you’re sending items which are worth more than this, it makes sense to opt for extra coverage.

    Although it’s unlikely that your parcel will sustain any damage whilst it’s en route to Oman, it’s always possible that something can go wrong. By choosing the appropriate level of cover, you can access a cheap way to insure the contents of your parcel.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel Delivery To Oman

    Even when you’re using  cheap delivery to Oman, it’s important to be aware of which items are banned from entering the country via standard parcel delivery. As in most regions, Oman prohibits and restricts certain items so you need to be sure that nothing in your shipment contravenes the regulations.

    Unsurprisingly, you won’t be permitted to send anything alcoholic via parcel delivery to Oman. As most delivery firms don’t transport alcohol via standard deliveries, this rule doesn’t differ from most other regions.

    In Oman, however, you can’t send any items which depict alcoholic beverages either. T-shirts bearing the brand name of alcohol companies or promotional merchandise, for example, cannot be sent via an Oman parcel delivery.

    In addition to this, clothes depicting famous people or flags of other countries cannot be sent to the country either. You’re also unable to send printed matter, books, DVDs or CDs to recipients in the country so you’ll need to bear this in mind when you’re booking a cheap parcel delivery to Oman.

    As in many countries, Oman bans the importation of anything which is deemed to be offensive or contradicts local beliefs and customs. It’s essential, therefore, that you only send appropriate items when you arrange cheap courier to Oman.

    Whilst many people find the guidelines regarding potentially offensive materials to be somewhat vague, it’s easy to determine whether your items will be permitted. Most delivery firms are happy to assist you if you’re unsure whether specific items are permitted and your intended recipient may also be able to give you an idea of whether certain items can be sent.

    In addition to this, there are governmental websites which provide comprehensive information regarding the most up-to-date list of prohibitions. By taking a look at this before you dispatch your items for parcel delivery to Oman from UK, you can be sure that you aren’t breaching any of the country’s laws or regulations.

    Before you book your parcel delivery to Oman from UK, it’s useful to compare the services which are on offer. Although you may keen to send your shipment with a well-known and reliable company, this doesn’t mean that you need to pay expensive fees in order to do so. With a variety of quotes from reputable delivery firms available in a matter of seconds, you can easily find a reliable and low-cost firm which provides the cheap courier to Oman by using the comparison tool at Parcel Delivery today.