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    The Republic of Yemen is a country in western Asia at the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. The Arab country is the second largest country within the peninsula, with a total area of 208,850 square feet. The country is bordered by Oman to the east, the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Aden to the south, the Red Sea to the west and Saudi Arabia to the north. The country also includes more than 200 smaller islands such as Socotra.

    Yemen is currently the poorest country in the Middle East and since 2011 has been going through a serious political crisis, with a number of wars within the country taking place. The effects of this have led to a severe famine with more than 17 million people affected, meaning demand for a cheap courier to Yemen is limited.

    North Yemen does have strong trade ties with the neighbouring country of Saudi Arabia – these are renewed every 20 years. Relationships with the UK for trade are very limited and any contact with the British colonial authorities in Aden and southern Yemen are strained.

    The economy in Yemen is supported by the services sector which accounts for 62% of GDP. The industrial sector accounts for 31% of GDP and includes petroleum production. This would be the main import into the UK from Yemen, although other imports include crude oil and coffee. In 2013, total exports from Yemen were $6.694 billion. The UK does export some products to Yemen, such as machinery and equipment, livestock and chemicals, so there is some use of cheap shipping to Yemen taking place on a regular basis. The European Union is responsible for almost 49% of imports into the country. Although personal parcel deliveries are quite rare between the UK and Yemen, there are strong trade routes which couriers take regularly.

    Nevertheless, there are a number of government officials and soldiers whose family and friends will be looking to send a parcel to. While there are a number of restrictions in place when it comes to cheap parcel delivery to Yemen, the expert couriers that we feature on our site can ensure that you are provided with the very best prices for Yemen parcel delivery.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we aim to make the entire process of arranging to send a parcel to Yemen easier than ever. With professional couriers who are well-versed in navigating the country and ensuring that your parcels arrive at their destination on time, and in one piece, you can be sure that your Yemen parcel delivery is in safe hands, at all time. In addition to this, we always aim to provide our customers with cheap courier services to Yemen, as a result of our long-standing relationships with a huge number of couriers on the market. With only the UK’s best couriers who are specialists in parcel delivery to Yemen from UK, turn to Parcel Delivery today.

    Parcel Delivery To Yemen

    Yemen parcel delivery is most popular in the city of Sana’a, although other common delivery cities and towns include Al Hudaydah, Taiz, Aden, Mukalla, Ibb, Dhamar, Amran, Sayyan and Zabid. If you do have to send your parcel to a more rural location, our couriers at Parcel Delivery will be able to help, but it could take a little longer.

    Understanding the restrictions in place when it comes to arranging cheap courier to Yemen from UK is important. There is a chance that even if your parcel ticks all of the boxes, and you include all of the paperwork required, it may still be stopped and delayed at customs. This is a result of the strained relationship between the UK and Yemen. Nevertheless, our couriers will do everything in their power to ensure that your parcel delivery to Yemen is carried out without a hitch. With Parcel Delivery, arranging to send a parcel to Yemen has never been easier.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Yemen

    Cheap shipping to Yemen starts from around £45.00 for a 1kg parcel on an economy service. It is possible to send a larger parcel, with most couriers accepting up to a weight of 20kg. This would cost in the region of £160.00.

    We only work with couriers who we know are capable of delivering parcels to the most challenging of international countries. We list these couriers on our website because we know they provide a cheap parcel delivery to Yemen, which is also efficient, fast and reliable. We have built great relationships with these couriers and pride ourselves on providing cheap delivery to Yemen. If you do happen to find a cheaper quote online, please let us know – in many cases, we are able to negotiate a better price.

    We try to make the process of arranging to send a parcel to Yemen as simple as possible for you. All you need are the delivery and collection addresses along with the parcel weight and dimensions. It only takes a couple of minutes to enter the details into our website and within a few seconds, you will be provided with a list of couriers to match your needs and that offer cheap courier services to Yemen.

    You will be given the option of choosing a collection address for the parcel. Either your home or work address is ideal. Some of the couriers are also able to collect from a local pick up point such as a Post Office or convenience store. This is great as you do not have to wait around for a courier to collect your parcel. As soon as your parcel is collected, it is scanned into the courier’s tracking system. Both you and the recipient will have access to this at all times, so you will both be able to follow the parcel’s journey. The parcel is scanned both in and out of all processing facilities so there is very little chance of the parcel going astray. If there are any hold-ups with your parcel delivery to Yemen from UK, you will be able to check the tracker and find out what the estimated delivery date is.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Yemen

    Parcel delivery UK to Yemen does involve clearance through international customs. This could add around 4-6 weeks onto the delivery time. The parcel could also be subject to import taxes, and unfortunately, it is impossible to predict what these will be as they are decided upon the parcel’s entry into the country. Our couriers are experts in providing parcel delivery UK to Yemen, and will make things as simple as possible for you by sending the relevant documentation needed to you. You will need to complete the customs declaration form by describing exactly what is in the parcel and what the value is. The more detail you can provide the better, as there will be less chance of any hold-ups in customs. You will also need to include a commercial invoice with the recipient’s details listed, and this is needed even if no monetary transaction has taken place.

    Before arranging your delivery, you should make sure you are not sending an item which is on the prohibited list. There are a number of common restrictions in place such as aerosols, live animals, cigarette, money, drugs, weapons, ammunition, radioactive materials, fish and alcohol. However, there are also a number of prohibited items which may catch you by surprise. These include items which could be deemed as offensive to the Muslim culture; micro film; pork; palm trees and any items which have been produced from palm trees. If you do want to double check, HM Revenue and Customs will be able to provide you with an up-to-date list of the current restrictions for Yemen.

    When packing your parcel, you should purchase a sturdy box which the courier will be able to easily stack. Ensure you wrap the box in strong parcel tape to prevent the parcel from ripping or coming open along the journey. If you are sending a delicate item, you can purchase a box which is preprinted with numerous arrows around the outside and the word ‘FRAGILE’ – this will indicate to the handler that care needs to be taken. It is also advisable to secure any moving parts and wrap the items in plenty of bubble wrap. Lastly, you should attach all the importation documents to the parcel using a document holder. This will ensure they are secure and all arrive at the customs point. Lost documents are the main reason for goods to be refused entry into countries such as Yemen.

    Once your parcel is ready to send, you should write the address clearly, using capital letters for the last two lines, and double check your spelling. It is very easy to make mistakes, especially when writing unfamiliar place names or in a language you are not familiar with. The Universal Postal Union will be able to guide you on how to format and position the address on the parcel if you are unsure. It is very helpful to the delivery driver if you include a telephone number for the recipient. If the address is in a rural area it could be difficult to find, and a quick phone call to the recipient can help speed up the delivery.

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