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The Republic of Uzbekistan is a landlocked country found in Central Asia and shares borders with Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan, and Tajikistan, which are considered abundant in natural resources. However, Uzbekistan, in particular, earns significant revenue from these as the fourth largest depository of gold in the world and with high deposits of uranium too. As a landlocked country, it’s often considered difficult sending goods in and out Uzbekistan; however, with the use of reliable and proven courier services, cheap courier to Uzbekistan from UK is possible. Thanks to growing economic relations between the UK and Uzbekistan over the years, parcel delivery has become more prominent. By the end of 2015, there were over 500 companies with British capital operating in a variety of sectors of the Uzbekistan economy, and there is the potential for this to grow further. Below is some further information to help assist you in finding cheap delivery to Uzbekistan from the UK.

Parcel Delivery To Uzbekistan

There are a variety of cheap courier services to Uzbekistan which helps keep the price competitive. When you send a parcel to Uzbekistan, the quickest option comes in at 1-3 days and the slowest option can take up to 5 weeks. There are also many options in between to suit the urgency of your Uzbekistan parcel delivery. Certain factors will affect the overall delivery speed of your parcels such as the transition through customs and the weight of the goods you’re sending via cheap parcel delivery to Uzbekistan. You should note that the smaller the parcel, the quicker it is to send and the lower the cost of your cheap parcel delivery to Uzbekistan, however most courier companies operate a weight limit of 30kg per parcel. If your parcel is going to be heavier than this, you will need to send multiple parcels. When you send a parcel to Uzbekistan, the area in which you are delivering to within Uzbekistan can also affect the delivery speed. It may take longer to reach rural areas as opposed to sending to a capital city for instance. You should also consider that Uzbekistan parcel delivery doesn’t operate on Sundays.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Uzbekistan

Due to the variety of services that offer cheap shipping to Uzbekistan from the UK, delivery prices are competitive, so you will find an option to suit your budget when you use our comparison site.  A cheap courier to Uzbekistan option starts at under £15 for a 2kg parcel with a delivery aim of up to 5 weeks, whereas a more expensive option with a shorter delivery time can cost up to £40. Other factors will also impact the final delivery price, including the size of your parcel, the weight of your parcel and how many parcels you intend on sending. If you want to add on any extra services to your cheap shipping to Uzbekistan such as signed for delivery, tracked delivery or insurance cover for the items within your parcel, then these too will affect the price. Some delivery options will include these options within the final quote, but most will let you add them on for an additional fee. You should double check what your quote includes before you commit to purchasing your parcel delivery to Uzbekistan from UK. This will avoid any disappointment.

Parcel sizes for delivery to Uzbekistan

Usually, specific parcel dimensions are set by your the courier service chosen for you parcel delivery to Uzbekistan from UK. Therefore, it’s important you double check the requirements before you commit to a parcel delivery box and begin packing to send a parcel to Uzbekistan. As a general guide, these are the average sizes for a small and large parcel.

  • Small parcel: 45cm x 35cm x 16cm
  • Large parcel: 1.5 metres in length and up to a combined maximum of 5 metres in girth and length

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan has restrictions on what it will allow you to send to the country via parcel delivery UK to Uzbekistan. It’s your responsibility to ensure you find out whether the items you are sending are legal or require any specific licences or further verification documents. Failure to obtain any required additional information could result in your parcel not making it through customs control and may mean your parcel is undelivered. It’s therefore important you note all items you intend on sending on your customs declaration form which is required because you are sending a parcel outside of the EU. Please remember that if your parcel is not delivered, the courier service will not take responsibility for this. Below is an example of some of the prohibited and restricted items for parcel delivery to Uzbekistan.

Prohibited items for parcel delivery to Uzbekistan

These items are not permitted in the mail under any circumstances:

  • Any materials designed to incite hatred or be politically subversive towards any demographic group
  • Narcotics
  • Medical machines
  • Jewellery comprising precious metals and gemstones
  • Ethanol
  • Explosives
  • Plant materials
  • Arms, ammunition and military equipment, including apparatus and parts thereof; instruments and their equipment
  • Pornography
  • Items containing any form of powder
  • Coins that are legal tender, bank notes, cheques, postage stamps
  • Machine-tools and machines for manufacturing arms, ammunition and flying machines
  • Strong poisons

Restricted items for parcel delivery to Uzbekistan

The following items may require a specific licence or require further verification documents:

  • Arms and military equipment
  • Cinematographic films, audio, and video recordings may be imported with the authorisation of the ‘Ministry of Culture’
  • Precious metals, alloys, and products made out of them
  • Uzbekistan’s plant quarantine service obtains and checks all seeds, even those that have already undergone a quarantine check in the country of origin
  • Chemical products for the protection of plants

Addressing your parcel correctly to Uzbekistan

To ensure your parcel arrives at Uzbekistan at the correct destination, you need to address your parcel to the format of the recipient country. It’s not too complicated for Uzbekistan, but one thing to be aware of when addressing your parcel for delivery to Uzbekistan is that you need to remember that the post code will vary depending on whether or not your parcel is being delivered to Tashkent city.

Packing your parcel for delivery

To ensure your parcel arrives in Uzbekistan in the condition you sent it, you need to ensure you pack your parcel appropriately. When sending fragile items, make sure you wrap them in bubble wrap and ensure your box is secure. If you are sending money to Uzbekistan, remember to show no evidence of this on your parcel and to avoid sending loose coins as these draw unwanted attention to your parcel. If you are sending items of high monetary or sentimental value, we recommend acquiring the appropriate insurance cover in the event that they are damaged, lost or stolen. It is also recommended that you include a UK address on your parcel as well as an extra copy on a separate piece of paper within your parcel. This means if your parcel is undelivered it can be returned to you. You should also include the phone number of the person receiving the parcel to help assist the delivery process.

If you require any further information or help to search for cheap delivery to Uzbekistan, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our brilliant customer service members who will be happy to assist you in finding parcel delivery UK to Uzbekistan to suit you. Just use the comparison tool at Parcel Delivery to start finding cheap courier services to Uzbekistan!