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    The Lebanese Republic is more commonly known as Lebanon and is a sovereign state in Western Asia. It is bordered by Cyprus to the west across the Mediterranean Sea, Israel to the south and Syria to the north and east. The country is very diverse in terms of its ethnicity and religion, because of its location at the centre of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arabian hinterland. The country is the smallest country in mainland Asia.

    Between 1516 and 1918, the country was ruled by the Ottoman Empire but collapsed after World War I. Modern Lebanon has five provinces that came under the French Mandate of Lebanon, but it gained its independence in 1943. The country was relatively calm and prosperous; however, growth was slowed due to the Lebanese Civil War between 1975 and 1990. Since the war ended there has been vast investment to improve infrastructure and boost the economy. The country has the highest GDP per capita in the Arab world, excluding the oil-rich economies within the Persian Gulf. During the worldwide recession in 2008, Lebanon was one of the only countries to experience growth in its economy.

    In 2002, Lebanon began an association agreement with the European Union and is now included in the European Union’s European Neighbourhood Policy. The aim is to encourage bilateral trade agreements between Lebanon and countries within the European Union. The country is currently working towards membership within the World Trade Organisation. This is providing more opportunities for British companies to expand into the country and establish trade agreements – and therefore improve the number of cheap courier services to Lebanon and back.

    Lebanon has the largest skilled labour force of the Arab states; however, many of the potential workforce emigrate. It is estimated that the Lebanese who live abroad contribute to one fifth of the country’s economy. All this traffic to Lebanon means more couriers are springing up, offering competitive prices and making cheap delivery to Lebanon much quicker and easier.

    The exports from the country include apples, peaches, oranges, lemons, gold coins and most recently oil. The Syrian crisis has significantly impacted the economy, as many people work in the banking sector. The country is largely dependent on peace politically and financially for its growth. There is also increasing pressure on resources and infrastructure as a large number of Syrian refugees are moving into Lebanon.

    Parcel Delivery To Lebanon

    Cheap courier to Lebanon is very simple when using the services of our couriers. Each courier offers affordable, cheap delivery to Lebanon and will be able to collect the parcel from your home or work address, some will even collect from a local pick up point such as a post office or corner shop. This means no more waiting in for a parcel collection. As soon as the goods meant for cheap shipping to Lebanon from UK are collected, they will be fully traceable on the courier’s website. As the parcel moves through each leg of its journey it will be scanned into the tracking system. This provides great peace of mind for you when you send a parcel to Lebanon and ensures if the parcel does go astray it is more easily found. The recipient is also able to view the tracking information for their Lebanon parcel delivery, which gives them an accurate delivery date so they know when to be available.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Lebanon

    Cheap shipping to Lebanon starts at around £15.00 for a small non-urgent parcel weighing less than 1kg. If you need to send a larger, heavier parcel, then prices will be higher, although we do our best to find cheap courier services to Lebanon so it can be affordable. All you need to do is enter the weight and dimensions of the parcel into our easy-to-use comparison tool, then we will give you a quick quote from the best courier available for parcel delivery UK to Lebanon. Most delivery times start at around 5 days for an air freight delivery; there are services which are much slower, and while these are often the cheapest parcel delivery to Lebanon services, many of our customers choose air freight when they send a parcel to Lebanon due to the convenience and lack of waiting time.

    We only work with highly experienced international couriers, which we trust to complete your parcel delivery to Lebanon from UK on time with no damage. We have been in this business a long time and have built our reputation on only working with the best. Because we have such great relationships with the couriers we advertise, they provide us with very competitive rates. If you do find a cheap courier to Lebanon that beats our prices, please let us know. It is likely that we will be able to negotiate a preferential rate for you. We update our prices daily to ensure they are accurate and always pass any potential savings straight onto our customers so they can be sure they’re always getting the best cheap parcel delivery to Lebanon we can find!

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Lebanon

    Cheap parcel delivery to Lebanon is likely to involve customs clearance. As Lebanon is not part of the European Union we are not able to send parcels freely across its borders. This means there are some paperwork requirements, which will need to be attached to the parcel you send via parcel delivery UK to Lebanon. You will need to include a customs declaration form which should detail the parcel’s contents and the value, along with a commercial invoice. This may sound complicated but is actually very straightforward! The couriers we work with all have vast experience in parcel delivery to Lebanon from the UK, including sending goods through customs and will send you all the necessary paperwork you need to attach. They will also be able to advise you on how to complete the forms. When you come to send a parcel to Lebanon, it is worth attaching a document holder to your parcel, so there is no chance of the documents going astray. This is the number-one reason for international parcels not reaching their destination.

    The postcodes in Lebanon use eight digits, one of the longest in the world. Although rural areas do only use four digits. Writing the postcodes can also confuse people as they are written in both Latin and Arabic characters. If you need advice on how to write the address accurately, the Universal Postal Union will be able to guide you and ensure your delivery address is error free. It is advisable to include a contact number for the recipient, especially if the address could be hard to find.

    As your parcel delivery UK to Lebanon is travelling a long distance it needs to be able to withstand the journey. You should use a very strong box reinforced with proper parcel tape. Boxes are available with arrows on the side which help indicate the correct way to hold the box, this is perfect for breakable items. For further protection, you should stop any moving parts from being able to move by wrapping the contents in bubble wrap. If you are sending a liquid or a moist item, silica gel packets can stop the parcel from drying out over its long journey.

    There are a number of restricted items which are not permitted in the country. Many are similar to those found on prohibited lists across the country such as aerosols, cigarettes, money, drugs, weapons and ammunition. The country does have some unusual restricted items, which could catch you out. These include herbal tea, Levi jeans, anything offensive to the Muslim culture, batteries and minerals. If you do have any queries, it is worth checking with HM Revenue and Customs who will be able to provide an accurate and up-to-date list, which will avoid any parcels being returned to you. To learn more about couriers who offer their services to Lebanon, use our comparison tool at Parcel Delivery today.