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    Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, bordered by the Caspian Sea to the west, Iran to the south, Afghanistan to the south-east, Uzbekistan to the north and Kazakhstan to the north-west. Its location makes it an important crossroads within Asia. Historically it was a part of the Silk Road, this was a route used for European trade with China for hundreds of years. The country became a constituent republic of the Soviet Union in 1925, however, upon dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991 it became independent. It has had a long history of repression and economic difficulties but in recent years the country has begun to change.

    The country contains the fourth largest reserves of natural gas in the world and this is the largest export for Turkmenistan. Other notable commodities from the country include oil and cotton. Trade with Europe has increased since the country’s declaration of permanent neutrality was recognised by the United Nations in 1995. The country now has diplomatic relations with 132 countries around the world. This increase in trade deals is leading to new couriers establishing routes for parcel delivery to Turkmenistan and prices are gradually decreasing for both commercial and personal parcels. With all of the best, cheap courier services to Turkmenistan.

    Parcel Delivery To Turkmenistan

    Cheap courier services to Turkmenistan is most common in the city of Mary, however, other popular delivery locations include Turkmenabat, Da Oguz, Balkanabat, Anau and Ashgabat. The couriers we advertise will be able help you send a parcel to Turkmenistan and to deliver to any address!

    Since Baimukhamet Kelov was removed from office, there has been a significant improvement in the country’s road networks, which only makes parcel delivery to Turkmenistan easier. The largest airport in the country is the Ashgabat Airport although Turkmenbashi Airport also has a number of international commercial flights. In 2011, renovations began on the port of Turkmenbashi to enable courier shipments by sea to be more efficient. Trains are one of the main modes of transport in the country and have been used for deliveries since 1876.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Turkmenistan

    We pride ourselves on helping our customers find cheap parcel delivery to Turkmenistan and other international countries from the UK. We have built great relationships with the best international couriers the UK has to offer, to ensure that you can send your parcels affordably. We only work with couriers who we would trust our own parcels with and all are known for their pricing, reliability and speed.

    A cheap courier to Turkmenistan starts from around £22.00 and this price would be for a small 1kg parcel. It is always possible to send a parcel to Turkmenistan that is larger or heavier and, as a rough guide, a parcel of 20kg would cost in the region of £60.00. This would be for an economy service taking roughly five days to reach the Turkmenistan parcel delivery customs checkpoint.

    At Parcel Delivery, our comparison tool is designed to be simple; all you need to do is enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel along with your desired collection and delivery addresses and we’ll find the right cheap parcel delivery to Turkmenistan quote for you. The couriers offer great service and for your convenience will collect a parcel from your home, work or even a convenient pickup point within your local Post Office or convenience store.

    As soon as your Turkmenistan parcel delivery is collected, the driver will scan the parcel’s barcode on to the courier’s tracking system. This process will continue as the parcel travels through each stretch of its parcel delivery to Turkmenistan from UK journey. As the parcel arrives and leaves a processing facility, it is scanned into the tracking system. This will allow both you and the recipient to follow the parcel’s progress. Occasionally, unavoidable hold-ups do happen. If this is the case, you will be able to quickly check on your cheap shipping to Turkmenistan, and find out where the parcel is and also the estimated delivery date.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Turkmenistan

    Cheap shipping to Turkmenistan from UK does involve customs clearance, as the country is not part of the European Union. There is a trade agreement in place to allow goods to travel between countries within the European Union with no customs checkpoints or duties. If your parcel does have to clear customs, this could add four to six weeks onto the delivery time and there could be extra taxes to pay, even with a cheap courier to Turkmenistan. Unfortunately, it is not possible to predict the time it could take or the exact import tax, as this will be determined on arrival into Turkmenistan.

    This process may sound complicated; however, our couriers make customs clearance simple. They will send you a customs declaration form which you will need to complete for your parcel delivery UK to Turkmenistan. If you need help they will be happy to guide you. The form will ask you to list the contents of the parcel, try to be as specific as possible and give as much detail as you can. This will reduce any holdups when you send a parcel to Turkmenistan and also the likelihood of any issues. You will also be required to include a commercial invoice. This is required even if no monetary transaction has taken place and the parcel is intended as a gift.

    When you are packing your parcel delivery to Turkmenistan, you should invest in a specifically designed document holder. This will ensure all of the customs documents are securely attached, with no chance of being accidentally removed on route. Lost importation paperwork is the number one reason for a parcel not reaching its destination. For your cheap delivery to Turkmenistan you should use a sturdy box which the courier can easily stack to make processing and travel simple. The box should be wrapped with strong parcel tape to ensure it is secure, with no chances of ripping or opening. If your item is delicate, you can buy boxes with the word ‘FRAGILE’ printed on the outside, they also have arrows around the sides to indicate which way the box should be held. This will encourage manual handlers to take care when moving your parcel around. Any moving parts should be secured to prevent breakages and the items should be securely wrapped with bubble wrap to protect against any knocks along the journey.

    When writing the address for your parcel delivery to Turkmenistan from UK, you should take care with the spelling, especially if you are writing in a language you are not familiar with. If you need help, the Universal Postal Union will be able to guide you in terms of exact spelling and formatting of an address. If you are sending to a particularly rural location, many senders choose to include co-ordinates so the delivery driver can pinpoint the exact location. It can also help to include a telephone number for the recipient wherever possible. If there are any holdups along the way, this will be quickly resolved with a simple phone call.

    There are a number of prohibited items which are banned for import into the country. There are many items which you would expect such as aerosols, cigarettes, money, drugs, weapons, ammunition, live animals, fish, alcohol and anything radioactive. However, there are also a number of items which do catch people by surprise, these include; anything which could be considered offensive under Islamic law, counterfeit items, henna, cultural artefacts, palm trees and any products made from palm trees. Before picking items to send and paying for delivery it is worth taking the time to check with HM Revenue and Customs. They will be able to provide you with an updated list of prohibited products in Turkmenistan.

    If you’re looking for cheap delivery to Turkmenistan, don’t hesitate to take a look at our comparison tool today. Get in touch with us if you have any questions, or visit our FAQ for more.