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Over the last two decades South Korea or the “The Republic of South Korea”, land bordered only by North Korea, has become an economic power with market leads in robotics and aerospace research. Thanks to global hit ‘Gangnam Style’, South Korea was put on the musical map, drawing the world’s eyes to Seoul, now the world’s second largest city which just loses out to Tokyo.

This economic and cultural expansion has led to a democratic boom within many cities, including Incheon, Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon, Ulsan, and Suwon, all of which are growing rapidly and are now home to more than a million people. Thanks to a large number of native South Koreans in the UK there is a good number of people looking for cheap shipping to South Korea, including presents and gifts which means cheap delivery to South Korea from UK is a necessity. It’s also a good time for UK-South Korea trade relations, which are moving through a brilliant new era. Currently, bilateral trade is at a record level and South Korea is the UK’s 11th largest trading partner and its third largest in the whole of Asia, making South Korea parcel delivery more important than ever. Britain exported £4.5bn of goods to South Korea in 2015, which was an increase from the previous year, and this continues to grow. Therefore, parcel delivery UK to South Korea needs to be efficient and carried out by top courier services. Below is some further information to help you find cheap shipping to South Korea.

Parcel Delivery To South Korea

There are a variety of courier services that offer cheap parcel delivery to South Korea. Each of them varies in their prices and time scales for delivery. Even cheap courier services to South Korea can come with fast delivery speeds, and the quickest delivery speed on offer starts at 1-3 day delivery with the slowest speed is up to twelve weeks. There are many delivery speeds in between these two numbers so you will be able to find something to suit the urgency of your parcel. You will usually find that the slower the parcel, the lower the price, which makes cheap parcel delivery to South Korea available to everyone.

Delivery speeds will vary when you send a parcel to South Korea depending on a variety of factors including any issues at customs and the exact location you are sending to. This is because certain courier services can only fulfil particular delivery speeds to specific areas. You usually find that the more rural the address, the slower the delivery time. If you have an exact postcode at hand whilst obtaining a quotation, this will ensure you receive accurate information. The weight of your parcel will also affect the speed of your South Korea parcel delivery. In general, the lower the weight, the quicker the delivery. Keep this in mind when choosing your service. Please be aware that parcel delivery to South Korea is not conducted on a Sunday, which may affect your delivery time.

Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To South Korea

Thanks to the variety of courier services that do offer South Korea parcel delivery, prices are competitive. A cheap courier to South Korea begins at under £15 for a 2kg small parcel, and the more expensive options can rise to over £80. Of course, there are a number of other factors that will affect the delivery speed of your parcel to South Korea, including the size of your parcel, the weight of your parcel and how many parcels you want to send. Remember that the size requirements of your parcel are set by the delivery company you have chosen, so you need to double check with them before you commit to a box and begin packing. You should also note that most delivery companies have a weight limit of 30kg for the highest amount you can send in one parcel. If your parcel is heavier than this, you will be required to send multiple parcels. Another factor which can affect the delivery price of parcel delivery to South Korea from UK is whether you decide to add on additional options such as tracked delivery, signed-for delivery or insurance cover for the items within your parcel. These extras are sometimes included in the original quotation, but often you can add them on for an extra fee. Double check what your price includes before you commit to a service to avoid disappointment or confusion.

Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To South Korea

As with all countries, when you send a parcel to South Korea you should consider the limitations on what you are allowed to send to their country. It is entirely your responsibility to ensure you check whether the items you are sending are legal or require any further licences or verification documents for customs. Failure to do this could result in your parcel being undelivered and the delivery company will bear no responsibility for this, nor compensate you. As a guide, here is a brief list of some of the items that are prohibited and restricted for parcel delivery UK to South Korea.

Prohibited items for delivery to South Korea

These items are not allowed for delivery under any circumstances

  • Soil
  • Weapons (including toys and replicas)
  • Stamps or seals that can be used on any banking documents or material
  • Pornography
  • Print materials
  • Narcotics
  • Cheques and currency
  • Products of wildlife protected under the Washington Convention, for example, reptile skin and tortoise shell

Restricted items for parcel delivery to South Korea

The following items require licences or verification documents

  • Live animals and animal products
  • Edible vegetables and fruits
  • Cereals
  • Sugars and sugar confectionery
  • Organic chemicals
  • Dairy produce
  • Textiles and textile articles
  • Machinery and mechanical appliances
  • Electrical machinery and similar equipment
  • Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products

How to address your parcel correctly

It’s advised that you need to add “SEOUL” before the postcode on packages for parcel delivery to South Korea. This is because you’ll need to address the package to the country’s official title “THE REPUBLIC OF KOREA”, and without the addition of Seoul as an added city name, there is a smaller chance that your parcel could be sent to North Korea instead.

Packing your parcel correctly

Even with the most reliable cheap delivery to South Korea, you need to ensure your parcel is correctly packaged to  ensure your parcel arrives exactly as you sent it. Wrap your items securely and if you are sending any valuables then we recommend obtaining insurance cover for those products in the event of damage, loss or theft. You should make a note of the recipient phone number to help with the delivery process. We also recommend you place a copy of your home UK address on the parcel delivery box and another copy within the parcel itself. This means that even with a cheap courier to South Korea, in the event your parcel can’t be delivered, it can be returned to you in the UK. Use a waterproof cover on your parcel to place your customs declaration form which is required when sending items outside of the European Union.

If you require any further help or assistance in searching for cheap courier services to South Korea, then feel free to visit our FAQs. Start searching for the top deals for parcel delivery to South Korea from UK with Parcel Delivery today!