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    Family, friendship and business links between Britain and Pakistan are deep – and date back for many decades, which is why there is such a huge amount of goods passing between the two nations, every single day with a cheap courier to Pakistan.

    The demand for couriers to send a parcel to Pakistan is constantly growing. Gifts, mementos, paperwork and personal effects all need to be sent from the UK to people in the cities and villages of Pakistan. And items made in Britain are in demand in the country’s shops and industries.

    However, for some individuals and companies, the most obvious choice of Pakistan parcel delivery service can actually be costing them far more than they need pay.

    Therefore, this is why we have compiled this guide to finding a cheap courier to Pakistan. Further down, you will also find helpful information on how to send a parcel to Pakistan.

    Whatever you are sending to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan – large or small – finding a courier company with the systems and experience to offer high standards of customer service is easier than ever. We will find you a courier to suit your needs with cheap delivery to Pakistan!

    That way,  cheap courier services to Pakistan don’t compromise on getting your item to its destination quickly and carefully.

    Researching all the potential courier companies and their different services independently would take a long time and may well lead to confusion.

    Fortunately for parcel delivery to Pakistan, that is not necessary.

    You simply use our online comparison site to describe your parcel and where it is going. Then instantly, you have a match to the level of service you need, and all at a price that makes it highly affordable to send goods or private items to this part of South Asia via cheap courier services to Pakistan!

    Some of the courier services will offer you the chance to drop your item off at a convenient point near where you live or work in the UK, ready for cheap shipping to Pakistan. This can sometimes make it even cheaper.

    Many, though, include in their competitive price the option for door to door delivery. Which means they will come to any address in the UK – residential or business – to collect your parcel in person.

    This provides quick, easy, cheap shipping to Pakistan  process, and a way of getting goods from Birmingham to Bahawalpur, delivering a birthday gift from Manchester to Multan, or sending paperwork from London to Lahore.

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the UK, your cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan can be arranged in minutes, and the item can often be picked up ready to start its journey today.

    Parcel Delivery To Pakistan

    One of the ways prices can be kept low by the couriers we quote is that they handle thousands of parcels on their way through Parcel delivery UK to Pakistan.

    They have the business systems needed to make cheap parcel delivery to Pakistan seamless and speedy. This includes technology to track your item or items every step of the way. You may even be able to track your own parcel online.

    The carefully selected couriers are those with partners or their own trained staff in Asia, who know every corner of Pakistan and other countries such as Afghanistan and Iran, and so can make sure delivery is carried out efficiently.

    Every delivery is treated with care and reverence too, from the smallest gift on the way to a grandmother in Quetta to a valuable consignment of goods going to a factory in Hyderabad.

    This means your chosen courier will be able to assist with the paperwork and pricing of customs arrangements too, including providing guidance on potential export restrictions when you send a parcel to Pakistan.

    All of this, even with cheap delivery to Pakistan!

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Pakistan

    The price of parcel delivery to Pakistan from UK will be affected by how quickly you need your parcel to arrive, how much it weighs and how big it is.

    Putting this information into our easy-to-use online system means you can find the best price and courier in seconds.

    Do you want a price for sending regular deliveries to Pakistan? You can use our technology and connections to find preferential terms for multiple parcels sent to South Asia.

    You can also add on other services too if you want to. This could include, for example, additional insurance cover for high-value parcel contents.

    Or, you may want a traceable signature when your Pakistan parcel delivery arrives at its destination. This helps you to prove the time it was handed over and who accepted the delivery.

    If you do decide to opt for a signature receipt, let your family member, friend or business contact know that the parcel has been sent off and roughly when it will arrive. This is just one of the ways you can help to make sure that your parcel delivery to Pakistan from UK is seamless or swift.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Pakistan

    There are other ways you need to be involved, to ensure that our couriers keep up their excellent reputations. Namely, you need to be certain that they have accurate address details, and that your parcel is well prepared for the journey.

    It is surprising how many people – in their haste to get gifts or goods shipped off to Pakistan – miss out some of the crucial steps.

    Is the address you are using complete and correct? Does it include the numerical postal code used to identify different districts within the large and diverse country of Pakistan?

    For example, both Islamabad and Lahore have streets called Rasheed Road. A slip when addressing your parcel – and not using the postcode – could cause unnecessary delivery delay.

    How to package items in a parcel for safe delivery to Pakistan depends on what you are sending.

    Clothes and other soft items could travel by Pakistan parcel delivery services sealed tightly in several layers of strong plastic.

    Most items need the protection of cardboard, though – such as boxes or tubes.

    To save money, don’t be tempted to squeeze your item or items into a box, leaving the seams vulnerable to coming apart during the journey.

    Find a box for parcel delivery UK to Pakistan that gives just enough room for your items to fit, with a layer of lightweight packaging material around them. This could be shredded newspaper, or you could purchase bubble wrap or special foam shapes like beads and “peanuts”.

    Add extra padding to parts of your item that are particularly exposed – such as points that stick out or edges that could be accidentally knocked. And, add filler between each item and down the sides of the box. A full box will be stronger and will be less prone to being dented.

    Seal your box well with good tape, ready when you find a cheap courierto Pakistan that suits your needs. And make sure the address is added in a way that can’t easily be damaged during the journey.

    It makes good sense to put your item or items in a box that has already been used to make a delivery. Make sure though, that you cover or take off anything that could confuse the courier as your parcel starts its journey to Pakistan.

    With your parcel secure and clearly addressed, you can arrange a convenient slot for it to be collected. Possibly even the same day you book.

    When you send a parcel to Pakistan, the courier you find with our service will ensure that your parcel is in safe hands throughout. By using the courier comparison tool at Parcel Delivery, it really is that easy.