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    There are over 7,100 islands in the Philippines, neighbouring Malaysia and Vietnam, and this exotic archipelago has been a huge draw for UK holidaymakers for many years. There are also strong business and family ties between the UK and the Philippines. This means that every day, thousands of parcels need to be directed to this fascinating country.

    But how do you arrange cheap couriers to Philippines from UK, with the assurance that the cost is a fair one, and that your item or items are in the safest of hands?

    That’s what this guide is all about. It even includes valuable insights on the best ways to prepare a parcel to send to the Philippines in Asia.

    Cheap delivery to Philippines should still include high standards of customer service and flexibility. After all, someone sending commercial goods to Manila may need different timescales and costs than a UK relative sending a birthday gift to a grandparent in Bohol.

    So how can you find a level of service that suits you, and a price that fits when finding cheap courier services to Phillipines?

    Parcel delivery to Philippines from UK starts with our easy-to-use online quoting system. To avoid you having to spend hours untangling different rates and options – or having to pay high charges from the most obvious parcel couriers – we have created a quick comparison tool for cheap delivery to Philippines.

    Key in the description of your parcel and its destination and you will instantly have the best possible choices. You can then select the right option, click through and book collection of your parcel.

    To reduce the cost of cheap shipping to Philippines, some couriers offer you the option of dropping your parcel off at a location near where you live or work in the UK. However, many experts in cheap parcel delivery to Philippines include door to door service in their highly affordable prices.

    Collection can be for any size or type of parcel, from any address, whether it’s an apartment in Aberdeen, a house in Huddersfield, an office in Oswaldtwistle or a factory in Falmouth.

    In other words, you can enjoy fast and efficient door to door parcel delivery UK to the Philippines, whether it is a consignment of toys on their way to a shop in Cebu or a Christmas gift for a nephew in Davao.

    Parcel Delivery To Philippines

    You are going to want to know that cheap parcel delivery to Philippines includes getting your item or items to their destination on time – and intact.

    The couriers we work with are leaders in their field. They handle many parcels, year round, which is one of the reasons they can keep prices low. These are couriers with the business systems, trained staff and technology to find the quickest route to any Philippines address. They track your parcel every step of the way. Some offer you the chance to go online for updates on where your parcel is up to.

    To support parcel delivery UK to Philippines, they have local partners or offices, with the same high standards as their UK counterparts. They apply their local knowledge about this highly diverse and geographically challenging environment. This means taking personal responsibility when you come to send a parcel to Philippines, right up to the minute they hand it to a business contact in Basilan, a family member in Vigan, or even a friend in the small village of Mindoro.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Philippines

    It’s typically cost-effective to send a parcel to Philippines from the UK, with prices starting low for a basic, standard service, including cover for your parcel contents.

    One of the advantages of our online comparison technology is that you can adjust the details to suit your cheap shipping to Philippines to get an accurate, up-to-the-minute quote.

    The cost will depend on the size and weight of your parcel, and how quickly you need it to arrive, as different travel methods (sea or air) offer different price options. You may want to add extra insurance cover if the contents of your parcel are particularly valuable. Some people booking cheap courier services to Philippines find it reassuring to have a traceable signature on receipt.

    Of course, if you want a price for regular parcel delivery to the Philippines from UK, that too is easy to access using the services of our carefully selected couriers.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Philippines

    Though only the most responsible and versatile couriers offering the cheap courier to Philippines appear on our online comparison tool, they still rely on you to both address and prepare the parcel correctly.

    In order to underpin their strong track record for quick parcel delivery to Philippines, a few steps are needed to make the whole process more streamlined. This includes, for example, warning your recipient the parcel is on its way if it needs a signature on receipt.

    Also, double check the address you are using for Philippines parcel delivery. This may sound like common sense, but in the haste to get goods, gifts and personal items to the Philippines swiftly, it is surprising how many individuals and companies cut corners.

    Particularly, check complex spellings and always use the four-digit number that is used as a postcode in the Philippines. The islands are split into three regions – Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao – and without this code, serious delays could occur. Make sure the address on your parcel delivery to Philippines is clear, and can’t be rubbed or ripped off easily.

    The parcel itself should be created carefully. Even in the safest of hands, it will be travelling a long distance and will be handled at various smooth transfer points.

    If you are sending unbreakable items, such as clothes, you can wrap them tightly in several layers of plastic – but not thin carrier bags that could tear.

    Most items for parcel delivery UK to Philippines need to be encased in good quality cardboard. You may want to reuse a box, carton, cylindrical tube or packet that has previously been used for a delivery. That is commendable, but always takes off identifying features that could confuse the new delivery arrangements.

    It is highly recommended by Philippines parcel delivery that you don’t try to cut costs by squashing items into a box that is too small. Expansion and movement in transit could split the parcel at the seams. Find a cardboard container that fits well, and leaves enough space to add lightweight filling materials down the sides. A full box is a stronger box – better able to withstand external pressure. Using filler also stops your parcel contents moving about, or crashing into each other. For particularly fragile or oddly shaped items, take time to place extra protection along edges and protruding points.

    What is the best filler to use for Philippines parcel deliveries? You could fill your box with shredded newspaper (not screwed up as this is not as effective). Or you can buy bubble wrap, and various foam shapes such as beads and peanuts.

    With your commercial goods, gifts or personal effects carefully protected, seal your parcel delivery to Philippines from UK with good quality tape.

    Now, you are ready to hand it to your trusted and reliable courier, safe in the knowledge you have a cheap courier to Philippines all boxed up. So, to send a parcel to Philippines with a delivery process as stress-free as any, use the comparison tool at Parcel Delivery in order to start comparing couriers for the Philippines.