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There's no better option than to send your parcel to Malaysia with the help of Parcel Delivery.


    Malaysia is located near Thailand in Southeast Asia. It’s a tropical country with a strong economic record and, due to a surge in British expats retiring there, cheap courier services to Malaysia has been on the increase. Malaysia maintains political neutrality in foreign relations and is focused strongly on its relations with its immediate Asian neighbours such as Indonesia and Thailand; however, relations with Britain to continue to remain strong.

    With a strong economic force, it’s no surprise that Malaysia ranks third in the immediate region in overall GDP value. Manufacturing plays a large and important role in the economy and there is a strong and steady production of rubber, palm oil, petroleum-related products and tin. Malaysia also has a strong financial sector, but does, however, rely heavily on the tourism trade. It was once a British colony and remains attractive to holiday goers who wish to visit somewhere a little off the beaten track.

    With lots of expats and thousands of tourists visiting each year, it makes sense that cheap delivery to Malaysia from the UK is a service in high demand. Below is some further information to assist you in finding cheap courier services to Malaysia.

    Parcel Delivery To Malaysia

    When it comes to cheap shipping to Malaysia from the UK, you have plenty of courier options which helps keep the price low and the service competitive for the cheapest parcel delivery to Malaysia. The quickest of these options comes in at one to three days for a special delivery style parcel delivery to Malaysia service and the slowest coming in at up to 12 weeks. Due to a significantly slower service, however, you will find that the price is lower, meaning cheap parcel delivery to Malaysia is entirely possible.

    cheap courier to Malaysia delivery times will be subject to various factors, such as customs regulations, and can be affected by the exact area you are sending to within Malaysia. This is because, when you send a parcel to Malaysia, you may not be able to receive an express option to a more remote area of Malaysia. Entering a valid postcode for your parcel delivery to Malaysia into our price comparison site should be able to verify what services are available to you.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Malaysia

    Due to the range of cheap delivery to Malaysia, you will be greeted with a vast range of prices which will help you find cheap shipping to Malaysia. The final price will depend, however, on a variety of factors, such as the weight and size of your parcel and the number of parcels you would like to send, along with the speed with which you would like it to arrive in Malaysia.

    A cheap courier to Malaysia comes in at under £15 for a 2kg parcel and more expensive options reach up to £30 or more. Extra add-ons such as tracked delivery, signed delivery on arrival and insurance cover for your items will also affect the final delivery price, but it is still possible to get cheap parcel delivery to Malaysia.

    Parcel sizes for delivery

    When you send a parcel to Malaysia, your parcel dimensions are usually specific to the courier that you are sending with; however, as a general guideline, these dimensions from the Post Office are a good place to start. For a small parcel, usually up to 2kg, the dimensions are not to exceed a height, width and depth no greater than 90cm, with no single side longer than 60cm, and, for a large parcel over 5kg, must not exceed up to a maximum of 5m in girth and length combined and 2.5m in length.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Malaysia

    Each country has its own rules and regulations when it comes to deliveries, and Malaysia parcel delivery is no different. For guidance, we’ve listed some of the restrictions and prohibitions on items when you send a parcel to Malaysia. However, this list is not complete and it’s up to you to ensure you check whether your item is legal and whether you require any additional paper work or licenses. Failure to do so could result in your parcel being undelivered and you will not be compensated for this by your delivery company, so it’s better to be prepared than disappointed when it comes to your parcel delivery UK to Malaysia.

    Sample of prohibited items

    The following items are not allowed to be sent via parcel delivery to Malaysia under any circumstances:

    • Unprocessed coral
    • Specific crops from the Philippines and Indonesia
    • Obscene items
    • Daggers
    • Turtle eggs
    • Some alcohol products
    • Fabric that is imprinted with text from the Qur’an
    • Narcotics and illegal drugs
    • Pornographic materials
    • Counterfeit money and goods
    • Explosive materials

    Sample of restricted items

    These products may require a licence or verification for parcel delivery to Malaysia from UK:

    • A variety of animal products
    • Coral
    • Plants
    • Pests
    • Drugs
    • Sugar
    • Soil
    • Hazardous waste
    • Rice products
    • Pesticides
    • Some household appliances
    • Body armour
    • Toy weapons
    • Sarongs
    • Products made in Israel
    • A variety of electronics

    Remember, your specific courier provider will also have a list of restrictions in place with regard to items you are able to post to Malaysia; it’s therefore important you also check this list. These can be found on the corresponding websites.

    Malaysia has strong connections with many other Asian nations and a large majority of Malaysia’s trade group partners are in specific organisations which are Asian; this naturally provides favouritism to Asian trading partners. However, despite this, British partners are given fair treatment. If there are any problems or differences arising when shipping to Malaysia, it’s also good to note that it belongs to the World Trade Organisation, which is always available to settle issues.

    Further information on customs duties and taxes

    There are some strict regulations on labelling parcels which needs to be considered carefully. Goods of Israeli origin are not permitted under any circumstances, since local manufacturing is encouraged and imports that are considered non-essential are, therefore, more strictly controlled. A number of goods do require import licenses, especially those with an origin in Indonesia. You will find that there’s also a quote system in place. Do note that with regard to alcohol, whiskey needs to be accompanied by a Customs certificate of age with a minimum three years.

    Addressing your parcel correctly

    Thankfully, addressing to Malaysia is similar to the addressing system in the UK, which helps keep things straightforward. You should remember to include the city name and postcode on the same line. The state should be on the next line.

    Packing your parcel correctly

    To ensure your parcel is delivered safely and in the condition that you sent it, you need to appropriately package your parcel to suit the requirements of what is inside. Choose packing materials that can handle the natural wear and tear that’s associated with the transit of parcels. Remember to include a recipient telephone number that is clearly marked on the parcel to help with delivery, and it’s always a good idea to include your UK home address on the parcel itself and on a separate piece of paper within the parcel, in the case that your parcel cannot be delivered. If this does happen, then your parcel can be returned to you, but remember you won’t be given compensation for this by your parcel delivery company.

    Do not hesitate to contact one of our brilliant customer service team members, who will be happy to provide you with any help and assistance you may need with regard to your parcel delivery UK to Malaysia. Use the comparison tool here at  Parcel Delivery now to find out more about our Malaysian couriers and to find the right cheap parcel delivery to Malaysia service for you.