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    Set to host numerous world-renowned sporting events in upcoming years, Qatar has developed an increasingly high profile. Bordered by Saudi Arabia as well as Bahrain, Qatar is located in Western Asia, on the Qatar Peninsula, and the country plays a significant role in world economies. With one of the largest reserves of oil and natural gas, Qatar is a particularly wealthy country and is home to numerous multinational corporations. As Qatar has a considerable export industry, businesses in the region regularly trade with other global companies, meaning cheap courier services to Qatar from UK is in demand.

    With many UK-based businesses working alongside Qatari companies, they regularly need to transport goods to the country. While many professionals travel to Qatar for work purposes, it isn’t always convenient for them to transport items themselves.

    Instead, it can be far more cost-effective and convenient for them to be sent via parcel delivery UK to Qatar. This ensures that they can be transported efficiently, without the need for individuals to attempt to move parcels themselves.

    Whilst business customers are responsible for much of the demand for shipment services, many individuals book cheap courier services to Qatar from UK too. With over 1.6 million people living in the country, it’s not surprising that people want cheap shipping to Qatar so they can send gifts for loved ones.

    With services suited to both companies and individuals, you should find it easy to book a Qatar parcel delivery, regardless of what type of recipient you’re dispatching your parcel to.

    Parcel Delivery To Qatar

    With significant redevelopment taking place in Qatar in recent years, there is a highly effective infrastructure in the country. Airports, road, rail and ports combine to deliver a range of transportation options when it comes to cheap delivery to Qatar.

    Although using the sea to transport goods can take slightly longer than using air travel, this a cheap delivery to Qatar option. In addition to this, some items cannot be transported safely via aircraft, so using boats to move these goods can be an ideal solution.

    Certain electrical items, such as lithium batteries, can be unstable and potentially dangerous when they’re transported in a pressurised environment, such as on an aeroplane. As a result, you may need to rely on sea-based services in order to deliver these items internationally.

    All courier and delivery firms specify which items are suitable for shipping, so it’s important to take note of the restrictions which are in place. As the vast majority of these regulations are put in place for safety reasons, it’s vital that senders are aware of them and adhere to the relevant guidelines.

    If it’s appropriate for you to send a parcel to Qatar via air travel, this may enable you to use a more efficient parcel delivery to Qatar. With an international airport located in Hamad, parcels can often be sent straight from the UK to Qatar, without the need for them to be transferred to an interim location.

    Ideal for facilitating special delivery shipments, using air travel to transport your parcels means that they can be with the recipient in only one to three days. Despite the distance between the two countries, express services ensure that cheap shipping to Qatar is fast and efficient.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Qatar

    When you need to send a parcel urgently, you can expect to pay a little more than if you’re able to rely on an economy service for Qatar parcel delivery. Many people assume that expedited shipping is very costly, however this simply isn’t true.

    Express parcel delivery to Qatar from the UK starts at just £16.44, so you can transport parcels to the region very cheaply. For just £18.44 you can even obtain express delivery with £50 worth of insurance coverage for the contents of your parcel.

    Although it’s rare for parcels to sustain any damage when they’re being delivered, many people prefer to have the coverage in place. Indeed, when it’s available for less than £2, it can be an extremely cost-effective way to protect your items.

    If you’re sending goods which are valued at higher than £50, you can add extra insurance coverage as well. With cover available up to £5,000, you’ll be sure to find the right level of insurance to suit your needs.

    You should bear in mind, however, that some delivery firms and courier limit the value of the items they’re able to transport. If you’re planning to use a cheap parcel delivery to Qatar in order to transport valuable items, you’ll want to make sure that they don’t exceed the maximum value stated by your chosen firm.

    If you’re keen to use a cheap courier to Qatar, you can obtain an economy shipment for only £15.18. Generally, these types of shipments take a little longer to arrive than express deliveries but they do tend to offer a lower rate.

    Of course, another way to secure cheap parcel delivery to Qatar is to reduce the size of the parcel you’re sending. As the weight and dimensions of your parcel will have an impact on shipping rates, sending small parcels where possible will ensure that you don’t pay more than you need.

    If it’s not viable to reduce the size of your parcel any further to find a cheap courier to Qatar, there’s no need to worry. With competitive rates from reliable delivery providers, you can obtain the service you need at a relatively low and affordable cost anyway.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Qatar

    When you’re sending items overseas, it’s important to take local customs into consideration. Every country has a range of items which has been prohibited. Often, these restrictions protect the local environment and ensure that deliveries can be completed safely.

    Live plants, for example, can’t normally be shipped internationally as they could affect the flora and fauna in the recipient’s country. Similarly, matches or potentially flammable items could cause a safety risk when transported, so these are generally not permitted either.

    In addition to this, many countries prohibit items which may cause offence or are not in keeping with local traditions and customs. Goods, such as clothing which depicts religious names or imagery, for example, has been prohibited in Qatar so this is something you would be unable to send.

    While it may seem obvious that potentially dangerous or offensive items are banned, there are often some surprising items which are prohibited or restricted so it is worth checking the relevant list before you send a parcel to Qatar.

    Radio controlled aircraft toys and games of chance, for example, are not permitted in the country, even though they are aimed at children. While these might be suitable to send as gifts within the UK, they could not be transported via Qatar parcel delivery.

    Fortunately, it’s easy to take a quick look at the list of prohibited items and ensure that your parcel meets the relevant guidelines. As delivery companies are familiar with these restrictions, they’ll be happy to resolve any queries you may have prior to booking your parcel delivery to Qatar from UK.

    Due to the wide range of shipment and courier services available, you should find booking a parcel delivery to Qatar very straightforward. Furthermore, by obtaining various quotes before you arrange a shipment, you’ll be sure to benefit from the fastest services and the lowest shipping rates when you book a parcel delivery UK to Qatar. So, visit Parcel Delivery now to start comparing couriers and begin your smooth delivery journey.