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    ‘The Republic of the Union of Myanmar’ is a country that was previously known as Burma. It’s located in South-east Asia and borders Bangladesh, India, Thailand, China, and Laos with a population of around 52 million. Myanmar has had a rich yet varied and somewhat troubled history. However, with the recent changes in its political situation and a newly elected government, Myanmar is gaining popularity as a tourist destination thanks to its natural beauty, which consequently means the level of goods imported is on the rise, with more and more people than ever looking for cheap parcel delivery to Myanmar. Economic growth in 2014-15 was 8.5%, making Myanmar the fastest growing country in all of South-east Asia, making the improved network for Myanmar parcel delivery ideal for businesses as well as personal deliveries.

    The European Union lifted trade sanctions against Myanmar in April 2013 and since then the British Government, via the UK Trade & Investment department, is increasingly keen to help many businesses trade with the nation via parcel delivery to Myanmar and beyond in a bid to help increase and improve trade links between the two countries. As these trade links increase alongside the demand for easier ability to send a parcel, there is a need for high-quality, cheap courier services to Myanmar. Below is some further information to help you find a cheap courier delivery to Myanmar.

    Parcel Delivery To Myanmar

    There are a variety of courier services that offer cheap shipping to Myanmar from UK and these vary depending on speeds. You can opt for the quickest speed of 1-3 days delivery or a slower speed of up to eight weeks. There are also options of 4-7 days. Generally, the longer it takes to send a parcel to Myanmar, the lower the price, thus making cheap delivery to Myanmar a real possibility. The exact speed of the parcel delivery UK to Myanmar service will depend on a number of factors such as customs regulations at border control and the location within the country you intend on sending your parcel to. For instance, some delivery companies cannot offer a special delivery service to areas outside the capital or main cities. You need to double check this before you complete a purchase to avoid any confusion or disappointment when you come to send a parcel to Myanmar.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Myanmar

    Thanks to the variety of courier companies offering parcel delivery to Myanmar, the price is competitive. Finding a cheap courier to Myanmar will begin at under £15 for a 2kg parcel with a delivery aim of up to 56 days. For the quickest speed, prices can reach as much as £53 and higher but there are a variety of prices in-between for affordable, but cheap delivery to Myanmar. Your final delivery price will, however, depend on the weight of your parcel, how many parcels you intend on sending and the size of your parcel. Even with cheap courier services to Myanmar, the parcel sizes will depend on the courier service itself, but as a general guide, a small parcel is 45cm by 35cm by 16cm and a medium parcel is 61cm by 46cm by 46cm. Adding on additional services such as signed delivery on arrival, tracked delivery and insurance coverage for the items within your parcel will also affect the final price of your parcel delivery to Myanmar from UK.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Myanmar

    Each country has its own limitations on what can and can’t be sent. As you are sending a parcel outside of the European Union, a customs declaration form for each item sent will need to be included in your parcel delivery to Myanmar from the UK. Failure to do so will result in your parcel being undelivered. Below is a list of some of the prohibitions and restrictions of items for Myanmar parcel delivery.

    Prohibited items for parcel delivery to Myanmar

    • Live animals and animal products
    • Any products of animal origin
    • Live plants and trees, including bulbs, roots and cut flowers
    • Any vegetable or animal oils and fats
    • Chemical products
    • Vegetable products including edible vegetables
    • Mineral products
    • Inorganic or organic chemicals
    • Tanning or related dyeing extracts
    • Printed books, newspapers, pictures and other products of the printing industry
    • Any works of art, antiques or collectors’ pieces
    • Natural or cultured pearls
    • Base metals and articles of base metal
    • Tools, implements, cutlery, spoons, and forks, of base metal
    • All forms of arms and ammunition

    Restricted items for parcel delivery UK to Myanmar

    • Articles of stone, plaster, cement, asbestos, mica or similar materials
    • All prepared foodstuffs, spirits, beverages
    • Vehicles, vessels, and associated transport equipment
    • Tobacco and manufactured tobacco substitutes
    • All miscellaneous edible preparations
    • Ceramic products
    • Machinery and mechanical appliances
    • Electrical machinery and similar equipment
    • Aircraft and spacecraft
    • Glass and glassware
    • Ships, boats and floating structures

    There are differing situations on exclusions and tariffs with regards to customs, so we recommend you contact the Government of the Union of Myanmar Ministry of Finance and Revenue Customs Department to clarify the current situation before booking cheap parcel delivery to Myanmar.

    Addressing your parcel to Myanmar

    To ensure your parcel arrives at the correct location and doesn’t experience any major delays, you need to address your parcel to the specific format of the destination country. It’s also useful to include a recipient telephone number clearly marked on the parcel and to include your UK home address on the parcel. This is in the event of loss, delays or if your parcel is unable to cross customs controls. By including your address your parcel can be returned to you, however, be aware that your parcel delivery provider will not compensate you for this return.

    Packaging for your parcel to Myanmar

    Parcels usually experience some level of wear and tear as they transit across countries. To ensure your package arrives how you sent it without any breakages inside, it’s important you package your parcel appropriately. Wrap valuable items well in bubble-wrap and don’t show any indication if you are sending money via parcel. We recommend that you enclose all your important documents such as your custom declaration forms and any restriction verification or form within an enclosed slip that is attached to your parcel so to keep all important documents together in one convenient place. You should also remember to remove any previous labels that could still remain on your chosen parcel delivery box, as this can cause unnecessary confusion at border control and could find your parcel in the wrong destination. If you are sending items of high value, we recommend taking out insurance to cover them in case of emergency as parcel delivery companies cannot be held responsible for damage.

    If you require further information or clarification about cheap shipping to Myanmar from the UK, please do not hesitate to visit our FAQs today. We can help provide you with further assistance to enable you to find the best deal for parcel delivery UK to Myanmar, so use the comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery today to use our innovative comparison tool and find your ideal and cheap courier to Myanmar service.