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    Sending parcels to and from Northern Ireland for the rest of the UK and the world is easier than ever. Northern Ireland is famous for many things, including its Celtic monuments, golf courses, rich culture and plenty of history. It is a member of the United Kingdom along with Scotland, England and Wales, with well-known counties such as County Fermanagh and County Down. The capital city, Belfast, is the second-largest city on the island of Ireland. Relations between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK are strong thanks to an economy that is deeply tied. As part of the UK, Northern Ireland has the same postage regulations and requirements as the rest of the UK. This results in a cheap courier service to Northern Ireland being both easy, efficient and reliable. Good value is offered due to lots of competition between couriers to Northern Ireland.

    We aim to make the process of finding and using a cheap courier service to Northern Ireland easy. There are a number of different cheap courier services from the UK to Northern Ireland on the market. Finding which one to suit your needs can be incredibly difficult. A Northern Ireland parcel delivery should be quick and efficient. This is due to the increasing demand for it amongst residents, tourists and businesses. The improved infrastructure also plays a hand in this. We can provide cheap delivery to Northern Ireland, with numerous UK to Northern Ireland couriers available. They provide you with services that match your requirements. Find out more about how to arrange cheap parcel delivery to Northern Ireland right here.

    Parcel Delivery To Northern Ireland

    Thanks to top courier services like TNT, DPD and Parcelforce, there’s a wide range of choices. All allow for rapid, cheap shipping to Northern Ireland. Sending a parcel to Northern Ireland including Enniskillen, Carryduff or Newcastle? You can view our full list of couriers to Northern Ireland from the UK online with us, no matter the area.

    Parcel Force

    Parcel Force offers a wide range of courier services across the UK, Northern Ireland and Worldwide. You can send a courier from the UK to Northern Ireland and its every address, as well as 99.6% of the world’s population. They offer a range of flexible and convenient Northern Ireland parcel delivery options, including pick-up services. They are able to deliver to over 11,000 Post Office branches throughout Northern Ireland and the UK. This means if you can’t be home to wait in for your parcel, then it’s not a problem. The post office can hold it for you until you’re ready to collect.

    Example prices of Parcel Force Delivery within Northern Ireland are as follows:

    A small Parcel weighing up to 2 kg starts at £8.99 including VAT, for 48-hour express £11.24, and for 24-hour express.

    A medium Parcel weighing up to 20 kg starts at £25.31 including VAT for 48-hour express, and £30.01 for 24-hour express.

    Parcelforce offers a variety of parcel delivery to Northern Ireland options, including:

    • express9– next morning delivery by 9 am
    • express10– next morning delivery by 10 am
    • expressAM– next morning delivery by 12 pm
    • express24– next day parcel delivery
    • express48– delivery within two working days
    • express48large– large parcel delivery to Northern Ireland within two working days

    Parcelforce parcel delivery to Northern Ireland services are fully tracked and signed for. This offers peace of mind when sending items of value or sentiment.

    Royal Mail

    Royal Mail operates all over Northern Ireland, with over 480 branches throughout the country. These make parcel delivery to Northern Ireland both accessible and of good value.

    Parcel Sizes are standardised as follows:

    • Small Parcel
      • Maximum weight: 2 kg
      • Length: 45 cm
      • Width: 35 cm
      • Thickness: 16 cm
    • Medium Parcel
      • Maximum weight: 20 kg
      • Length: 61 cm
      • Width: 46 cm
      • Thickness: 46 cm

    For any items higher or larger than this, then you will need to work in conjunction with Parcelforce. They offer a variety of services for cheap parcel delivery to Northern Ireland, including:

    • Royal Mail 1st class- 1-day delivery

    Prices begin at £5.45 for a small parcel.

    • Royal Mail 2nd class- 3 days delivery

    Prices begin at £2.90 for a small parcel.

    • Royal Mail Signed For 1st class- 1-day delivery

    Prices begin at £6.50 for a small parcel.

    • Royal Mail Signed For 2nd class- 3 days delivery

    Prices begin at £3.90 for a small parcel.

    Prices begin at £11.00 for a small parcel.

    • Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 9 am- Guaranteed by 9 am next day

    Prices begin at £26.94 for a small parcel.

    To help you choose your parcel size, here are some example contents:

    Small Parcel – Ladies boots, portable speakers, coat, lamps etc

    Medium Parcel – Gifts, shoes, heavy or bulky items etc

    They’ll also offer options for tracking, proof of delivery and optional contents insurance cover. You can choose to add these on as additional services. However, these generally include a further fee on top of standard delivery prices.

    NI Parcels

    NI Parcels offer fast, reliable and low-cost parcel delivery. They are able to serve all towns, counties, cities and villages within Northern Ireland.

    They work with a variety of top couriers such as Parcel Force, DPD and Captain Courier. This ensures you’ll get the best service and best price for parcel delivery to Northern Ireland. NI Parcels allow you to ensure not have to wait at the post office and customers will receive no NI surcharge. Prices are based on a pay as you go system. This means they hold no price lists, as all the parcels are priced individually. They are also based on size and weight requirements, ensuring you have the best value for money. They quote prices starting at just £5.99. Make sure you take advantage of a great deal on parcel delivery to Northern Ireland.

    Top features with NI Parcels include the following:

    • A quick and easy online booking system
    • Full online tracking
    • Door to door collection and delivery
    • £50 free compensation per item delivered and
    • Customer support via email, phone or live chat

    They offer international delivery to over 200 countries when you need to send your parcel abroad. Arranging the cheapest couriers to Northern Ireland is simple. Through us, you’ll get the best rates and deals possible.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Northern Ireland

    What Items Can I Not Send in a Parcel to Northern Ireland?

    Cheap delivery to Northern Ireland is under the same constrictions as the whole of the United Kingdom. There are some items that are restricted to send within Northern Ireland and the UK due to health and safety regulations. It’s your responsibility to check your items before you send, as failure to do so and being caught could result in prosecution. A list of items restricted or prohibited include:

    • Aerosols that are not for personal grooming use
    • Alcoholic beverages
    • Ammunition
    • Asbestos
    • Batteries
    • Controlled drugs and narcotics
    • Clinical and medical waste
    • Corrosive substances
    • Counterfeit currency, banknotes and postage stamps
    • Electronic items which contain any batteries exceeding 100Wh
    • Dry Ice
    • Explosives
    • Goods made in foreign prisons
    • Environmental waste
    • Flammable liquids
    • Flammable solids
    • Magnetised material
    • Gases
    • Human remains
    • Infectious substances
    • Lighters and refills containing flammable liquid or gas
    • Living creatures, animals and reptiles
    • Non-UK lottery tickets
    • Frozen water, including ice cubes
    • Matches
    • Obscene publications and unlawful indecent images
    • Pesticides
    • Poisonous, toxic liquids, solids or gases
    • Radioactive materials
    • Solvent-based paints, wood varnishes and enamels
    • Oxidising materials and organic peroxides
    • Waste, dirt, filth or refuse
    • Tickets and related advertisements for illegal lotteries
    • Weapons

    There are specific restrictions on these items that can be found on the Royal Mail website.

    How Should I Send Valuable Items for Parcel Delivery to Northern Ireland?

    If you need to send anything of value, such as jewellery or money, then make sure you choose a delivery option that includes tracking, insurance cover for the value of your items and signed delivery. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it will also allow you to claim compensation in the unlikely event that your item does get lost or is damaged.

    When sending money, to ensure your money is secure it’s best to check it’s not visible from the outside. Do not indicate that your package contains money and do not send items such as coins. Ensure your money is hidden and secure. If you can avoid sending money in the post this is recommended, and you should look at alternative options such as a secure bank transfer.

    To find out more information on finding a cheap courier to Northern Ireland, use our online Northern Ireland parcel delivery comparison tool today. Use the services here at Parcel Delivery today to find the best Northern Ireland parcel delivery courier for you.