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    County Down is one of just six counties that make up Northern Ireland. It covers over 945 square miles and has a population of roughly 531,665 people. County Down is made up of a multitude of cities, large, medium and small towns, as well as smaller villages and hamlets.

    The largest town in County Down is Bangor, which is on the northeastern coast. County Down has three large towns and cities at its various borders: Newry, which is on the western border beside County Armagh, and both Lisburn and Belfast which lie on the north border beside County Antrim. County Down contains both Cranfield Point, the southernmost point of Northern Ireland and Burr Point, the easternmost point of Ireland.

    Transport links to County Down are excellent, which makes cheap shipping to County Down cost effective and swift. Extensive road networks connect the county’s main town, Downpatrick, with the region’s other major centres of Belfast, Bangor, Banbridge, Newry and Newtownards. Both the cities of Belfast and Newry are major hubs for both business and commerce within the county, which mean both are well serviced by courier companies, making it easier to provide cheap parcel delivery to County Down. County Down is also located near to the A1 route between Belfast and Dublin.

    County Down also houses George Best Belfast City Airport which is a major airport in the City of Belfast. It is also in a great position to get to The Port of Belfast, the main port of Northern Ireland. As well as the Port of Belfast, County Down also houses the Port of Warrenpoint, which is just seven miles from Newry. It handles very important freight links with both British and European ports, which is essential for companies sending business post or exports via a cheap courier to County Down.

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    It may seem completely obvious, but you need to always double check that the recipient’s address is completely correct and written or printed in the usual postage format:

    Their name

    The company name (if applicable to delivery)

    Number and street name

    City or town


    Ensuring your parcel is packaged up safely to help prevent any damage to the contents is also important. Using the best protection can ensure the contents of the parcel will be well protected. Use newspaper, bubble wrap or packing popcorn or foam inside the parcel to protect the contents. This should prevent unexpected or accidental damage in transit.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Down

    Some factors can change the price of delivery which, in turn, could obviously affect which delivery service you choose. The delivery time and the weight of your parcel and size can all change your quotes. Services range from economy to Parcel Delivery, depending on the urgency of your parcel, with tracking and insurance options also available at an additional cost.

    Prices will also vary depending on whether you are looking to send a parcel to County Down, another address within the UK or internationally. If you would like a more general quote, you can still type in the details you would like to compare.

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Down

    For parcel delivery in County Down, you must use correct postal codes to ensure your delivery is not delayed. Post codes are not the only issue when it comes to delivery information. With 2 million postal codes used in the UK, all of which serve many homes each, it is essential to know the complete and correct delivery address to guarantee a delivery. Be sure that the street name and number are very clearly written on its label, in addition to a correct post code. If the delivery destination does not have a house number supplied, there will usually be a name or particular piece of information to pinpoint your destination.

    When sending a parcel to a flat in a tower block or high-rise building that uses specific flat numbers and names, this is especially notable.

    If precise address details are not supplied or are hard for your courier to read, there is a chance your chosen delivery driver will be unable to complete delivery. Undeliverable parcels will most likely to be returned to an allocated depot or the company’s parcel storage department if it cannot be left in a pre-organised safe place at the recipient’s address. This may be worth discussing with the intended recipient before delivery has been arranged. Failing this, a recipient may organise re-delivery of the parcel at a different time once they have confirmed their exact address, or perhaps attempt to collect it from the courier company directly if this option is offered.

    As with customs at an airport, there are some strict postal restrictions that should be considered when booking any County Down parcel delivery. All restrictions depend on what your packages contain and where in the world you are sending your parcel to.

    The sending of dangerous items are prohibited in all circumstances. These items are classified as goods or substances that pose any risk to health and safety, the environment or property.

    Other restricted products, such as alcohol or lithium batteries, can be sent but volumes and quantities must be declared.

    If your parcels contain any valuables, is fragile, or is worth a lot of money, packaging should be discreet and securely parcelled. Contact your chosen courier to discuss your options or any concerns you may have with sending valuables or to find cheap courier services to County Down to send them.

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