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    County Londonderry (which is also known in Ireland as County Derry) is one of the six counties, with County Antrim and County Down to name a couple, that make up the North of Ireland and one of 32 of the original counties of Ireland in the province of Ulster. It covers 801 square miles and has a population of roughly 247,132 people. County Londonderry is comprised of cities, urban areas, substantial, medium and smalls towns and various other villages, such as the stunning Limavady.

    County Londonderry is home to many important buildings and landscapes, which includes the city walls of Derry, which have been well-preserved since the 17th-century, and the National Trust-owned Plantation estate at Springhill, which is often purported to be haunted by a ghost. Spectacular views of the Atlantic sea can be seen at Mussenden Temple along with the dykes, noted bird sanctuaries and artificial coastlines on the eastern shores of Lough Foyle. The visitors centre at Bellaghy Bawn is another place of interest, close to the childhood home of one of Northern Ireland’s five Nobel laureates, Seamus Heaney. In the centre of the County Banagher and Ness Woods house beautiful deciduous forests, where the Burntollet River can be found, flowing over the tallest waterfalls in all of Northern Ireland.

    Transport links to County Londonderry are excellent, with connections throughout the North of Ireland as well as across the shared border to Republic of Ireland’s County Donegal to the west. The M2/A2 corridor is the main route connecting Londonderry with the capital city Belfast by road. The City of Derry airport is located within County Londonderry, just 8 miles from the city of Derry’s centre. This helps to ensure that parcel delivery in County Londonderry is simple and efficient at all times.

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    When arranging the cheapest parcel delivery in County Londonderry there are a few things that you should ensure that you keep in mind. It may seem obvious, but you should always double check that the address is 100% correct and printed in the regular postage format:

    • Name
    • Company (if applicable to delivery)
    • Number and street name
    • City or town
    • Postcode

    It is vital to guarantee your parcel is correctly parcelled up to help prevent any damage to the contents in transit. The best protection for your contents will be to stuff the inside with newspaper, bubble wrap or packing foam. This should help prevent any accidental or unexpected damage it may encounter throughout its journey.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Londonderry

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Londonderry

    For parcel delivery in County Londonderry, be wary of using the correct postal codes to make sure your delivery does not get delayed. Post codes are the holy grail of delivery information. There are in excess of 2 million codes used throughout the UK, all of which could serve 1 home or 50; you need to know both the postal code and house number (or name) to guarantee a seamless delivery. It is so essential to make sure the number and street name are clearly printed or written on the label and the completely correct post code too.

    When sending parcels to flats, tower blocks or large houses made into flats with their own flat numbers, this is very relevant. Without exact details of where to deliver the parcel to, your courier may take it back to their company’s base or depot, leaving only a couple of options: they could either attempt to redeliver at another time once the full address has been established or they will leave a note for recipients to organise their own collection, which is usually inconvenient for recipients and may be far away or awkward for them to travel to.

    Just like at customs in the airport, there are some important postal restrictions that should be remembered when booking any County Londonderry parcel delivery, which depends heavily on where you are sending the parcel to and what contents you are sending. There is a longer list of guidelines on all government websites detailing the restrictions, but there are some big rules that must be followed.

    Do not send dangerous items at all when looking to send a parcel to County Londonderry. These are classified as goods or substances that pose any real risk to health, safety, the environment or any property. Dangerous goods (such as explosives and corrosive materials) are strictly prohibited.

    Some other restricted products are lithium batteries and alcohol which can be sent, but volumes or quantities should be declared before you send a parcel to County Londonderry. Packaging restrictions apply to these parcel deliveries (waterproof packages for liquids, for example) and all restricted items must be labelled thoroughly.

    If your parcels contain any valuables, this can come with its own risks. If your parcel contains something that is worth quite a lot of money, is quite fragile or if it contains actual money (cash or cheques), you should make sure that all packaging is discreet and packed extremely securely. Contact your chosen courier today to discuss your options or any concerns you may have with sending valuables.

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