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    County Fermanagh is one of six counties in Northern Ireland, with an area covering 653 square miles and a population of around 61,805. Enniskillen is the main county town which is the largest in both size and population. Because of this and County Fermanagh’s relatively small area and largely rural communities, it’s important that all postal codes for the county serve Enniskillen as well as the smaller towns and villages surrounding it.

    County Fermanagh is world famous for its stunning lake lands, waterways and cave systems which are used extensively as attractive tourist spots, boating holidays and also, more recently, in the filming for HBO’s hit TV series Game of Thrones. County Fermanagh is mostly situated within the basin of Lough Erne, which is made up of two connecting lakes, the Upper Erne and Lower Erne. Almost 30% of the county is made up of water.

    Made up of only one medium sized town called Enniskillen and some smaller sized villages and hamlets, such as Lisnaskea, postal codes for this region are very important due in part to its largely rural communities. Finding certain houses or farms in more rural areas can become extremely difficult if the postal code is incorrect on packages, so when booking the cheapest parcel delivery in County Fermanagh, be sure the post code is 100% correct.

    County Fermanagh shares county borders with the Republic of Ireland on four sides; to the south-east is County Monaghan, to the south-west is County Cavan, in the north-west it borders County Donegal and finally County Leitrim is to the west.

    Transport in County Fermanagh is mostly made up of rural roads and one main route, the A4, which is a major road passing through three northern counties of Northern Ireland. It travels through County Tyrone, County Armagh, and into County Fermanagh, continuing into the Republic of Ireland through Sligo as the N16. It is an important route for trade on the west coast of Ireland, and makes parcel delivery in County Fermanagh easier than you’d think.

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    First and foremost, you should make sure the address format is printed on the box correctly when you send a parcel to County Fermanagh:

    • Name of recipient
    • Company or building name
    • Street Address
    • Town/City
    • Postcode

    Next, you should make sure the parcel is packaged correctly and safely to prevent damage to its contents when using a cheap shipping to County Fermanagh or another other transportation offers. Always be cautious and use foam packaging, bubble wrap or newspaper inside parcels if posting valuables or breakables. This will help by providing extra protection and padding, even with the most careful and trustworthy, yet cheapest parcel delivery in County Fermanagh.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Fermanagh

    There are a few factors that will help decide what type of delivery service is right for your parcel. The size and weight of the parcel, as well as speed of delivery required, will all affect the price quotations from different companies.

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Fermanagh

    Postal codes are extremely important for parcel delivery in County Fermanagh. While Northern Ireland has only one lettered post code for the entire country, BT, other place in the UK use different codes for each city, town and sometimes villages. For example, using ‘S’ will indicate an address in Sheffield, followed by a number which will pinpoint the exact area.

    Sending a parcel from County Fermanagh to Inner London will be similar to the above example, but the post code are not mnemonic. Instead, they are based on compass points to show where an area was in relation to central London, for example ‘N’ for the north of London, followed by a number which will pinpoint the exact area. Always add the name of the district you are sending to, as well as ‘London’ for inner London deliveries.

    Do not rely solely on post codes to make sure your parcel is delivered to the correct place; there are usually multiple houses assigned to one postal code and with over two million codes currently in use, having a house number or name is essential. Ensure the house name or number is very clearly displayed. If you are unsure of either, you should investigate fully before arranging delivery.

    This is extremely important when sending parcels to blocks of flats or large houses which have separate flat numbers as well as their own house name or number. If the flat name or number is not clearly marked on your parcel, delivery may not be made and the courier or driver may have no option but to take it back to the courier depot or risk leaving it on a doorstep.

    This leaves only three options: if they risk leaving it on a doorstep it could be stolen or damaged. If they take it back to the depot they may attempt redelivery once the information has been given to them. Or the receiver of the parcel would collect the parcel at the courier depot. None of these are ideal situations and can be easily avoided.

    There are some UK wide restrictions in place when choosing a County Fermanagh parcel delivery. To see a full list of these restrictions, they can be found on the website. Some fixed rules to remember are:

    – All dangerous goods (for example, explosives), meaning any items or substances that can pose a risk to health, safety, environment or property, are prohibited from being sent.

    – Some restricted items, which includes alcohol and lithium batteries, must be declared and labelled accordingly with accurate quantities, products descriptions and suitable packaging (for example, leak-proof wrapping for liquids)

    If you must send valuables, please ensure they are packaged as securely as possible. Our comparison site deals with only professional couriers who are more than qualified to handle valuable goods; however, if you would like more information, you can call to discuss your cheap delivery to County Fermanagh options.

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