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    County Armagh is situated to the south east territories of Northern Ireland. Named after the town Armagh, it covers just over 500 miles squared and has a population of over 174,792 people. It is known as “Orchard County” due to its abundance of apple orchards. Country Armagh is famous not just for its apples, but also for the world’s most famous saint, St Patrick, who legend has it, banished the snakes from Ireland and drove them into the sea.

    County Armagh is comprised of a multitude of large and medium towns as well some intermediate settlements, smaller villages and hamlets. The most notable and highly populated of these towns are Newry, Craigavon, Lurgan and Portadown. Armagh, which has city status, is still classified a medium-sized town. Many of these towns and villages share part of their land with neighbouring County Down.

    County Armagh has excellent transport options both north and south of the Irish border. The M1 motorway, which links the capital city of Belfast to Dungannon in County Tyrone, crosses through the North of County Armagh at Lurgan, giving excellent passage to all of the six northern counties. The A1/N1, which links both the Northern and Republican capitals of Belfast and Dublin, connects at the northern border to the Republic of Ireland at Jonesborough. This gives excellent opportunity to transport goods and parcels across the border with the British Isles’ only direct EU country border, meaning the demand for a cheap courier to County Armagh is easily met.

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    You should always ensure the address is correct and printed in the following format:

    • Mr/Mrs Recipient Name
    • Their Company Name (if necessary)
    • Street Name and Number
    • City/Town
    • Postcode

    It is important to ensure the parcel is packaged safely to help prevent damage to its contents. Adequate protection can be achieved by using newspaper, bubble wrap or packaging popcorn inside parcels and around its contents. While it may not help if there is a significant accident, this will definitely help prevent any unexpected or accidental damage it could encounter.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Armagh

    Obviously, when you are comparing cheap delivery to County Armagh options, some elements and variables will alter the prices and be a factor as to which delivery service or company is right for you. The speed of delivery, weight of the parcel, not to mention size and shape can all alter quotes. If you only need a general quote, you can still enter in any details you wish to check and we can guarantee there will be a great service to fit your needs.

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Armagh

    For cheap shipping to County Armagh be careful of using the correct postal codes to make sure your delivery does not get delayed. Relying on post codes alone, however, is not a 100% foolproof method of ensuring your delivery in County Armagh will reach its final destination as there can be 1 or 100 different houses assigned to any one post code. With more than 2 million codes used in the UK currently, it is the combination of codes and house numbers or names that will ensure a perfect delivery. It is so essential not only to make sure the post code is completely correct, but also to ensure the number and street name are clearly printed or written on your label. In the unlikely event that there isn’t a house number for your delivery destination, there will be a house name or some other unique identification instead.

    In the case of sending parcels to flat blocks or big houses that have been separated into flats with their own numbers, this is especially relevant. Without knowing exactly where to deliver your parcel to, the courier will not have many options when it comes to County Armagh parcel delivery. In these cases, a courier will usually take it back to their company depot. This leaves only a few options; they could either attempt to redeliver to the address at another time once the full address is established or recipients will organise collection from the depot, which is usually inconvenient and could be far away for them to travel to retrieve it.

    There are a few restrictions you should consider when thinking about whether to send a parcel to County Armagh. Restrictions depend heavily on where you have arranged to send the parcel to and the contents you are planning to send. There is a larger list of government guidelines regarding these restrictions but a good rule of thumb to abide by are:

    Dangerous products cannot be sent at all via a County Armagh parcel delivery. These items are goods or substances that can pose a real risk to health and safety, environment or property. All of these dangerous goods (like explosives and corrosive materials) are strictly prohibited.

    Other restricted products, especially items such as lithium batteries and alcohol, can be sent but only if volumes or quantities are declared. Packaging restrictions apply to these parcel deliveries and must be labelled accordingly.

    Sending valuables comes with its own risks. We suggest if you must send something that is expensive, extremely fragile or you are sending money, you make sure that your packaging is discreet and packed as securely as possible. If you have any worries or concerns with sending valuables, please get in touch with us today to discuss all the options open to you.

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