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    County Tyrone is the most Western county in Northern Ireland, the only country in the UK that does not have a land connection with the mainland. It covers over 1,218 square miles and has a population of roughly 177,986 people. County Tyrone is made up of a multitude of cities, large, medium and smalls towns as well as smaller villages and hamlets. County Tyrone is the largest county in Northern Ireland but fourth largest by population due to its largely rural communities, like Dungannon.

    Tyrone is connected by land to Northern counties of County Fermanagh in its southwest, Armagh to its southeast, Londonderry to its north and to the Republic of Irelands counties Donegal to the west and County Monaghan to its south. If you include its eastern water borders on Lough Neagh, it also borders County Antrim as well.

    Transport links to County Tyrone are excellent, with the M1 motorway linking County Tyrone with Belfast in County Antrim. The drive between the largest city in County Tyrone, Omagh, takes around 1 hour and 15 to get to Belfast. Due to two of County Tyrone’s borders neighbouring the Republic of Ireland, this is an important route for trade with the Republic as well as the EU, meaning the demand for parcel delivery in County Tyrone has increased.

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    Although it may seem obvious, you need to always make sure that the recipient’s address is correct and written or printed in full in the usual postage format –


    Company name (if applicable to delivery)

    Number and street name

    City or Town


    It is important that your parcel is safely packaged up to help prevent unexpected damage to the contents when you send a parcel to County Tyrone. Using good packing for protection can ensure the contents of the parcel will sustain less damage in the event of an accident during your County Tyrone parcel delivery journey. Use newspaper, bubble wrap, packing popcorn or foam inside the parcel to protect the contents. This should prevent unexpected or accidental damage while your County Tyrone parcel delivery is in transit.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Tyrone

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    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Tyrone

    For parcel delivery in County Tyrone you must use correct post codes to make sure that your delivery is not delayed, although post codes are not the only known issue when it comes to delivery and address information. With some 2 million post codes used in the UK, all of which can serve one or 50 homes each, knowing the full address, including post code and the house number, is an absolute must. It is really important to make sure that the full address is clearly written on the parcel’s label as well as a correct post code. If you find there is no house number given for your parcel’s destination, there will be another piece of identification information for your destination.

    If you are sending parcels to a flat in a block or a large house made into separate flats with separate unique flat letters or numbers, this is extremely important. Without a precise and clearly written address, details of the parcel’s destination, the delivery person or courier service will not have very many options. A courier will usually take an undelivered parcel back to the company base or an allocated depot which leaves the recipient with a couple of options; they could attempt to redeliver the parcel at a different time once the exact address has been given to them or they can leave instructions for recipients to call to discuss a collection. This can be extremely inconvenient as depots can be quite far away rendering collection simply too awkward an option for recipients due to the travel involved.

    As with customs at an airport, there are some strict postal restrictions that should be considered when booking any County Tyrone parcel delivery. These postal limitations are, to a great extent, dependent on where you are sending your parcel to and what each package you are sending contains. A longer list of guidelines can be found on UK government websites with a longer list of more detailed restrictions details, but as a general rule, the following restrictions should be considered.

    The sending of dangerous items is prohibited in all circumstances. These items are classified as goods or substances that pose any risk to health and safety, the environment or property.

    Other restricted products, such as alcohol or lithium batteries, can be sent, but volumes and quantities must be declared. There are packaging restrictions applied to these parcel deliveries and all restricted items must be thoroughly labelled to ensure the most successful cheap delivery to County Tyrone possible.

    Parcels which contain valuables should be sent in discreet parcels and marked fragile if they contain breakable items. If your parcel contains something that contains money, is worth a lot of money or is quite fragile, you should ensure that packaging is inconspicuous and packed carefully.

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