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    County Antrim is one of six counties that make up Northern Ireland. County Antrim covers 1176 square miles and has a population of over 618,108 people. County Antrim houses the capital city, Belfast as well as other cities and large and small towns such as Ballycastle, as well as many villages.

    Known globally for Bushmills Whiskey distillery, the stunning Glens of Antrim and Giant’s Causeway, the County has gained more notable fame in recent years with the filming of Game of Thrones taking place in Belfast and around the Glens of Antrim.

    Not only does County Antrim have great transportation links by road and rail, via the capital Belfast, it also is where the main airport for Northern Ireland is found. The two main ports for ferries between Northern Ireland and mainland UK via Scotland can be found in Larne and Belfast. The Port of Belfast, Northern Ireland’s main port, makes around two-thirds of Northern Ireland’s seaborne trades as well as 25% of the island of Ireland.

    Many of these towns and villages share part of their land with neighbouring counties County Londonderry and County Down.

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    if you are looking to send a parcel to County Antrim it is largely a very simple process, depending on the size of parcel, what the parcel you are sending contains and whereabouts in the world it is being sent to.

    Firstly, you should ensure the address is written or printed in the correct format –

    • Recipient Name
    • Company Name (if applicable)
    • Street Name
    • Town
    • Postcode

    Secondly, make sure your parcel is safely packaged to prevent damage to its contents. Using bubble wrap, foam packaging or newspaper inside parcels will help to provide adequate protection from any unexpected damage a parcel may encounter.

    Lastly, using our handy comparison tool, you can find the best service for your parcel’s needs. Make sure to weigh your parcel correctly and accurately to guarantee your quote is as precise as possible and to ensure delivery is fast and efficient.

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    Parcel Delivery to County Antrim

    Obviously, there are many factors in deciding on a  cheap courier to County Antrim services is right for your specific needs. The weight, size and shape of the parcel will all contribute to different price scales, as will the speed of delivery you require.

    To use our service, simply weigh your parcel, measure its length, width and height and choose how fast you wish your delivery to be made. Enter all your details into our handy search engine and we do the rest. Prices to send parcels can cost as little as a few pounds and in some cases maybe cheaper than Royal Mail!

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    We can compare the price for any type of delivery and courier service on any size or shape of parcel delivery in County Antrim, making your life easier and saving you precious time for the more important things in life.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel to County Antrim

    Remember that all postcodes within Northern Ireland begin with “BT” unlike the rest of the UK. For cheap parcel delivery to County Antrim, different codes and mnemonics are usually used for each new town and city followed by a number, eg DD for an address in Dundee followed by a number to indicate the area within this postal code.

    This will differ again if you are looking for  cheap courier services to County Antrim to London. The post code will then begin with a directional post code, eg SW for the south west of the city, then followed by a number to pinpoint the area in question. It is good practice to always add the exact delivery destination as well as “London” for these types of parcel delivery to make sure your parcel is delivered safely.

    Post codes are not always a failsafe piece of information for delivery; there can be upwards of 100 houses for any one given post code. Given that there are over 2 million post codes being used currently, there can be a large margin of error if details on your delivery address are incorrect or badly written. Therefore it is essential not only to get the post code correct, but also to ensure the number and street name are clearly marked. If there is no number for your delivery destination, there will perhaps be a house name instead.

    This is especially relevant when sending parcels to blocks of flats or houses with separate flat numbers. Without knowing which flat your parcel delivery must be made to, the delivery driver will have no option but to take it back to their depot. This leaves only two options; they could attempt redelivery at another, more suitable date or recipients of the parcel would have to organise a collection from the depot, which could be quite far away and inconvenient.

    County Antrim has an abundance of delivery and courier companies to choose from and to ensure you always get the best possible deal for all of your parcel delivery needs, we recommend shopping around and comparing all of the prices to guarantee cheap delivery to County Antrim at the high standard possible.

    There are notable restrictions in place when considering using cheap shipping to County Antrim, depending on where you are sending your parcel to and the contents you are wanting to send. There is a full list of government guidelines but the hard and fast rules are:

    No dangerous goods can be sent. These are articles or substances that can pose a risk to health, safety, environment or property. All dangerous goods (such as explosives or corrosive materials) are prohibited to be sent by post.

    Restricted items, especially lithium batteries and alcohol can be sent but volumes, quantities, products and packaging restrictions apply and must be declared and labelled accordingly.

    We would also advise that if you have to send valuable items that they are packaged as securely and discreetly as possible. If you are in any doubt about your options regarding delivery of valuables, please get in touch with your chosen courier to discuss your options.

    So if you are looking for a fast, reliable and efficient parcel delivery service to send a parcel to County Antrim, enter your details now at Parcel Delivery to compare all of your options in no time at all. It couldn’t be simpler!