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Back in 1986, Royal Mail decided to create a separate parcel section of their group and Parcelforce was born. Then, at the turn of the decade in 1990, a rebrand of the company coincided with Royal Mail Group investing huge amounts of money in Parcelforce, with IT and infrastructure going through an overhaul. Over the past fifteen years has seen Parcel Force parcel delivery service go through another rebrand, and it’s now called Parcelforce Worldwide, to emphasise the fact you can send parcels anywhere in the world through the service.

More investment and a shift into the express parcels market has seen Parcel Force couriers able to compete with some of the biggest parcel delivery companies in the world. Parcel Force parcel delivery now has technology in place that allows it to offer continually excellent levels of service, and Parcelforce have also enhanced their network with twelve new depots, meaning they are better positioned than ever to handle parcels with speed. With rapid growth expected to push up the demand for fast parcel delivery even further, Parcelforce have made all the preparations necessary to ensure they are a key player in the parcel delivery industry for many years to come.

In order to use the Parcel Force parcel delivery service, all you have to do is head to the Parcelforce website to receive a quote to send a parcel. There are several options available to you before you receive your quote, so it’s advised that you make your selection based on how quickly you require the parcel to arrive at its destination. For international parcel shipments, Parcelforce offer a range of services including their fastest service ‘global express’. If you select global express, the service will get your parcel to its intended destination by the end of the next working day, as long as the destination is either in the USA, Canada or Europe. For all other destinations around the world, the same service is available, but it takes two working days.

If you don’t require your parcel to arrive at the destination as quickly as one or two working days, there are plenty of other options available, from ‘global priority’, which combines speed and value, to ‘global value’, which is the most economically friendly service Parcelforce offer. With both the global express and global priority options, you can have the parcel picked up from your address, but if you opt for one of the cheaper delivery services, you will have to take the parcel to a post office or a Parcelforce depot.

How Parcelforce Parcel Delivery Works

When it comes to Parcel Force parcel delivery, how it works will depend on what option you choose. In order to get your parcel to its destination in the quickest possible manner, it’s advisable that you choose the global express option. With that option, your parcel will arrive within a maximum of two working days, meaning if you’re up against a deadline, global express is probably what you’re going to need.

All you have to do is select it from the Parcel Force website before filling out some details such as the destination address as well as the weight and measurements of the parcel itself. Once you have done that Parcelforce will supply you with a quote that has been calculated specifically for your parcel and its destination.

For global express parcels, there is a maximum weight limit of 30kg. So if you’re looking to send particularly bulky or heavy parcels, you may have to consider another service. There is also a limit on the dimensions of your parcel. The parcel cannot exceed 1.5 meters in length, although there are slight variances involved depending on which country you plan on sending the parcel to. For a full list of all the maximum dimensions for each country, you can consult the Parcel force parcel delivery service website.

After you have accepted the quote, all you have to do is wait for the Parcel Force couriers to pick the parcel up from your door. If you have ordered the service in the morning, the couriers can even pick your parcel up the same day. Alternatively you can arrange a time for Parcel Force couriers to pick your parcel up that’s convenient for you. There is an additional option, which is to take the parcel to your local Post Office and drop it off. If you have already paid for the service, then you simply have to drop your parcel off and the Post Office staff will take it from there. If you do plan on taking the parcel to the Post Office, it’s worth checking the last acceptance times for global express parcels on your local post office website. If you drop your parcel off after the last acceptance time, it could lead to delivery of your parcel taking an extra day.

The delivery will be made within two working days, or sooner if you are sending a parcel to Europe, Canada or the USA. As part of the service, Parcel Force couriers guarantee to deliver your parcel by a stated time. If they fail to do so, you will be entitled to a full refund on the cost of delivering the parcel. For complete peace of mind, Parcelforce offer free tracking on the global express parcels, meaning you’ll be able to see exactly where your parcel is at any given time. They will also send you confirmation of the delivery if you are sending it to a European country or any other major destination in the world.

Why Choose Parcelforce Parcel Delivery?

Choosing Parcelforce to deliver your parcel for you will ensure your goods get to their destination on time. With over 30 years’ worth of experience, as well as the ability to handle 58,500 parcels every hour, you can be sure that when you hand your parcel over to a Parcelforce courier, that it’s being placed in highly capable hands. With Parcel Force parcels, you also get the chance to take your parcel to the post office, meaning if you don’t want to wait in for a courier, you don’t have to. All you have to do is purchase the delivery service you require online, print off the appropriate forms and labels before taking your parcel to the post office.

Parcelforce Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

The delivery times vary with Parcelforce depending on which option you choose for your Parcel Force parcels. The Global Express service is the quickest option Parcelforce offers and can have your Parcel Force parcels at the door of the destination address within just one working day.

The cheapest prices for the service are available on parcels that weigh 0.5kg or less. For parcels weighing between 0.5-1kg, Parcelforce will charge a little more. The prices then go up in increments depending on the weight, all the way up to parcels weighing between 25-30kg. Parcel force parcel delivery have published a list of weights along with their current set of prices, so we recommend consulting the full list if you require a price for shipping your parcel.

If you have a little more time, then you may wish to choose the global priority option which is available for less, but your Parcel Force parcels will not arrive as quickly. As with all the Parcelforce services, the cost increases the heavier your parcel is. The cheapest international service Parcelforce offer is global value. Parcels can be sent with this option for relatively little, however your parcel won’t arrive at its destination in less than four working days. So, to find out more about the services on offer by Parcelforce, click through to Parcel Delivery today to begin your amazing parcel delivery experience.