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    When scouring the market for the very best deal on courier comparison, many people often ask themselves “what’s the best option for my parcel delivery?”. When you turn to Parcel Delivery, you can benefit from a huge range of couriers and services to suit your every need, while maintaining low costs of up to 79% cheaper than the Post Office. What are you waiting for? As a cost-effective and trustworthy alternative to MyParcelDelivery, you can be certain that your parcel delivery is in the safest of hands. Find out more about why you should choose Parcel Delivery for your courier needs, below!

    Why Choose Parcel Delivery?

    There are a huge number of reasons as to why you should choose Parcel Delivery to help you arrange a fast and efficient courier service, but the main feature which appeals to the majority of our users is the low costs you can benefit from. Not only can we provide you with the best prices on the market, we are also significantly cheaper than our competitors. While other courier comparison sites such as MyParcelDelivery offer reduced costs also, their cost savings are around 75% lower than the Post Office, whereas we offer up to 79% off. When you see the amount that 3% can save you, you’re certain to be surprised!

    My Parcel Delivery vs. Parcel Delivery

    There are a broad range of parcel delivery services available on the market, including MyParcelDelivery and Parcel Delivery. As a My Parcel Delivery alternative, you can benefit from the cheapest rates on the market, access to even more couriers than ever before, and enjoy reliable and trustworthy services across the globe. Here, we’re taking a look at the major differences between MyParcelDelivery and the services offered here at Parcel Delivery.

    Courier Options

    MyParcelDelivery offers plenty of choice, with up to 14 different couriers to choose from to ship your parcels to where they need to go, however here at Parcel Delivery, we offer up to 30! We believe that our customers should enjoy as much choice as possible, in order to guarantee that they are obtaining the best prices on the market, for the services they require. Not only do we have businesses place their bulk orders through our site, we also enjoy the business of individuals looking for an affordable and fast solution to send their family and friends an occasional parcel. The couriers provided by My Parcel Delivery include CitySprint, Parcel Force, DX and UPS alongside others. At Parcel Delivery however, we like to offer our customers with even more, with the inclusion of Pallet Force, TNT, myHermes, DHL and many others available for use.

    International Reach

    At Parcel Delivery, we pride ourselves on providing you with the option to reach every single corner, every remote island, and even some of the most restricted countries in the world. While we cannot always guarantee that your parcel will be delivered by the next day when you’re looking to send your parcel to the furthest point in the world, we will ensure that your parcel arrives safely, when you need it to. There are always going to be some kind of restrictions and delays when it comes to war-torn countries, or those where political limitations impact what can be sent to and from a particular country. With our expert knowledge and access to some of the world’s most trustworthy and reliable couriers, your parcel is certain to reach its final destination, safely and securely. With both Parcel Delivery and My Parcel Delivery, you can access all 195 countries in the world.

    Tools & Other Features

    MyParcelDelivery offers a number of exciting tools including its Marketplace Tool, ideal for eBay sellers, and a parcel tracking tool to enjoy. At Parcel Delivery, on the other hand, you can enjoy the likes of a Volume Calculator, alongside our Tracking Tool and Postcode Finder. The majority of couriers charge their services in relation to the weight and size of the parcel you are sending, meaning it is imperative you input the right weight and size into our calculator tool. All of our tools will help to ensure that your price is as accurate as possible.

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