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If you're looking for a cost-effective parcel delivery service from one of the UK's largest parcel delivery companies, then get a quote from myHermes today.

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While the world of online shopping opens up entirely new marketplaces and provides us with the opportunity to find fantastic products at discounted prices, it can be incredibly frustrating when an item arrives only for you to realise that it’s not quite right. Thankfully, it’s incredibly easy to return these items for a refund or exchange via My Hermes parcel delivery service.

Like all couriers, there are a number of terms and conditions you should be aware of before returning your parcel to a retailer.

My Hermes will not accept prohibited items, and it is your obligation to ensure that your parcel meets the criteria as set out by the company. This includes making sure that the weight and dimensions of the package are in line with the My Hermes criteria, and that you agree to pay the appropriate amount to return the parcel to the retailer.

Packages should be correctly packed and labelled in accordance with the retailer’s instructions – for example, if the retailer specifies that returns need to be sent to a particular depot, postcode or PO Box number, you should mark the package as such in order to avoid any potential confusion which could delay the processing of your refund.

If your parcel does not meet these criteria, My Hermes parcels may not accept liability for late delivery, damage or loss incurred.

How My Hermes Parcel Delivery Works

If you have received a parcel and have decided that you do not like the item and would like to return it, or if the item is damaged, then turn to My Hermes parcel delivery service. The good news is that My Hermes returns are quick, easy and affordable, as My Hermes couriers are the logistics experts you need to ensure a seamless experience.

My Hermes parcel delivery service currently operates over 4,500 “parcel shops” in the UK – these are designated places where you can deposit a parcel to be returned to the retailer.

Many high street stores act as My Hermes parcels shop. To find your nearest acting returns operator, simply visit the My Hermes parcel delivery service website and navigate to the Parcel Shop page, where you will be presented with a map which pinpoints the precise locations of the nearest participating businesses which offer a My Hermes parcels service.

The Parcel Shop option is perfect for those in built-up urban areas or city centres, as finding a location to safely and securely drop off your items takes mere seconds.

For customers in more remote locations – or those simply wanting the ultimate in convenience – My Hermes parcel delivery also operates a collection service direct to your door. This allows you to arrange for your item to be picked up from your home or office at a time and date that suits you. Upon arranging for your parcel to be collected, all you need to do is print out the barcode provided to you, affix it to the package and allow the My Hermes couriers to do the rest. My Hermes couriers are experts in their field, so you can be sure your parcels are in the safest of hands. You’ll typically be given a one-hour time window in which you can expect your courier to turn up, collect your parcel and deliver to wherever you need.

Before presenting your designated My Hermes driver with the parcel you wish to send, please remember to print the assigned barcode which you will receive after placing your order. This unique barcode allows My Hermes couriers and logistics experts to scan and book-in deliveries – it’s this unique ID which allows you to pinpoint precisely where your parcel is in the delivery chain.

Why Choose My Hermes Parcel Delivery

As a logistics company, My Hermes is unique in that it employs the services of some 10,000 local couriers in order to provide a quick, convenient, easy-to-use and above all affordable parcel delivery and collections service.

My Hermes couriers are recruited from the area in which they live, on the basis that delivery drivers who are familiar with their local area are more likely to make deliveries on time, and are much less likely to make mistakes or get lost en route. The company is committed to delivering parcels entrusted to them within three working days, which means never having to wait excessively for your packages to reach their destination.

Furthermore, My Hermes parcel delivery prides itself on offering complete flexibility within its courier services. While other drivers operate with rigidity, My Hermes couriers are chosen based on their ability to adapt to ever-changing circumstances in order to provide the best-possible service. For example, let’s imagine you’re intending on returning a parcel, and unexpectedly get called into work, which is situated two miles from your workplace. My Hermes drivers are willing to make the detour in order to ensure that the customer’s order is fulfilled, and will make last minute changes to their itinerary in order to accommodate your requirements.

Should you be unable to present the parcel to your designated delivery driver in person, the good news is that you can nominate a “safe place” for your package to be picked up without any human interaction. This means that you can, for example, leave your returning package in your porch, garage or shed and instruct the driver to pick it up from the nominated area via the easy-to-use My Hermes website.

My Hermes Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

My Hermes parcels understands that sometimes returns can be urgent, particularly if cut-off dates are approaching, which is why the company provides a next-day collection option on orders placed before 10pm. Furthermore, My Hermes can send small parcels for as little as £2.79 if they weigh less than 2kg, making My Hermes an extremely affordable courier to choose, which is why we trust them at Parcel Delivery.

As the sender of a parcel, tracking your order to ensure it arrives with the recipient on time and in perfect condition couldn’t be simpler via the My Hermes website.

Firstly, you need to sign into your account. Once logged in, simply click on the ‘My Parcels’ button which is located in the top-right of the screen. At this point you will be provided with a number of options – simply select ‘Active shipments’, followed by ‘Actions’ and then ‘View’ in order to be taken directly to your up-to-date parcel tracking information.

Alternatively, you can open the email you received after arranging the return and click the ‘Track’ link in order to get the latest information on where your parcel currently is alongside an estimate of how long it will take to arrive at its destination.

If you are the recipient of a parcel and want to track your order, it’s just as easy. When your parcel is on its way, you should receive an email containing a unique parcel tracking number. If you have not received an automated email featuring a tracking number, you should consider contacting the sender of the parcel who should be able to provide you with this information.

Once you have located your tracking ID, simply navigate to the My Hermes website and enter your tracking number in the barcode/receipt bar in the top-right corner of the screen, and click the magnifying glass, which is situated in a green box. You will now be presented with up-to-date information on where your parcel is, where it has been and when it is scheduled to arrive at the chosen location.

Alternatively, you can use the tracking service provided by our website which is capable of keeping tabs on parcels currently being shipped by our entire network of suppliers and couriers.