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The perfect option for palletised freight shipping across the UK and Europe. Get a reliable, cost-effective service from Pallet Force today.

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    If the Palletforce parcel delivery service name appears on your quick quote list, it could well be because your specific delivery needs are substantial and you require a part or whole pallet to get your goods to their destination.

    If you do find Palletforce parcel delivery among your options, then you have been matched with one of the UK’s fastest growing commercial goods distribution companies.

    You can click through from our Palletforce parcel delivery comparison system, safe in the knowledge that you are putting your consignments of commercial goods in the hands of a highly experienced player.

    But who are Palletforce?

    This guide gives you insights about this company, their services and the benefits they can offer to your business.

    Palletforce parcel delivery handles thousands of pallets in the UK, each and every day. Much of the logistics firm’s business operations revolve around its ‘super hub’ where it processes orders and orchestrates collection and delivery.

    Palletforce parcels and goods consignments – if whole or partial pallets – can be seamlessly and successfully delivered to destinations throughout the UK. The company also offers a highly acclaimed European-wide pallet distribution service.

    Palletforce parcel delivery service became part of the Hong Kong based financial investment company EmergeVest in 2015. Since then, it has invested over £65 million in ways of improving its infrastructure, technology and staff numbers.

    The logistics firm also has a track record for forging new alliances and acquisitions, to constantly reinforce and build its UK network. For example, this includes adding DNA Express Couriers and NGC Logistics to its team in 2017, to strengthen its service in the South of England.

    All of this investment activity is building the Palletforce parcel delivery service business model and its capacity to handle both large and small consignments of commercial goods.

    Palletforce couriers are growing their team constantly, bringing in staff dedicated to reaching the company’s aim of being the first choice for express pallet services. By summer 2017, Palletforce couriers consisted of a 200-strong team at its central hub and over 4,500 people within its extended Europe-wide network.

    How Palletforce Parcel Delivery Works

    In the summer of 2017, Palletforce launched its new £50m 620,000 sq ft hub in Burton-on-Trent. Palletforce sees this as pivotal in gaining ground as the leading choice for express pallet delivery services.

    This hub is believed to be Europe’s largest drive-through distribution centre and it provides Palletforce with even more growth potential.

    The new Palletforce super hub has spaces for 450 trucks. It also has the equipment and systems needed to unload and load trucks in a speedy manner. The super hub has the capacity to handle an incredible 30,000 pallets every night; received, processed and distributed.

    From this central base, Palletforce works with carefully selected, high-performance independent transport companies. These partners can go out to addresses throughout the UK – from a manufacturer in Aberdeen, to a farm in Abersoch and to a warehouse in Dover.

    Each of these transport partners is supported by Palletforce’s innovative IT solutions and membership benefits. As well as the world-class facilities of the super hub of course.

    The whole system is built to be as swift, versatile and responsive as possible, to meet the individual pallet delivery needs of every customer and the localised services of transport partners.

    This means that your commercial goods will be collected at a time that suits you, for transport by associated Palletforce couriers to a local depot. These local depots – members of the Palletforce parcels network – are scattered around the UK to streamline and smooth out their delivery service.

    From there, your palletised products will be transferred to the Palletforce super hub. Then, they can be sent onwards to destinations throughout the UK and beyond to European countries served by Palletforce’s growing network.

    This includes carefully selected European partners who know their own countries in depth. They can deliver via the fastest routes while remaining flexible to local obstacles and transport conditions.

    Palletforce courier partners have long established working relationships with the logistics giant, carefully negotiated to offer customers cost-effective ways of getting goods to 14 different European countries.

    Palletforce parcels is also a member of Allnet, the Alliance of Pallet Networks. It works alongside and in support of Europe’s leading pallet networks, which also helps the firm to create a highly joined up and hassle-free pallet delivery service across the continent.

    The whole operation is carefully controlled by the advanced technology used for Palletforce parcel delivery services, which means as a customer, you have the ability to manage and track your pallets during every stage of their journey.

    Why Choose Palletforce Parcel Delivery?

    The fluidity and flexibility of their palletised goods distribution services are part of the Palletforce aim to support the individual business needs of their customers.

    As a manufacturer, distributor or warehouse, sometimes your own profitability hinges on how quickly you can get pallets of goods to their destination, without massive cost implications.

    Being highly responsive to customer orders from across the UK and the rest of Europe is possible thanks to Palletforce, which means you can be more competitive.

    Palletforce parcel delivery – as a palletised load – can now be sent to 14 different countries, quickly.

    This is a company that has delivered 28.4 million pallets. So its experience is clearly second to none. Remember,that investment in new IT, vehicles, personnel and the super hub mean that Palletforce has clearly signalled an intention to grow and further enhance its services.

    This includes the acquisition of localised parcel and pallet delivery firms to further build its knowledge of – and connections with – companies of all sizes in key UK regions.

    Palletforce parcel delivery services also prides itself on being an environmentally conscious business model. That’s largely because your palletised goods will be transported via a shared network, reducing the carbon footprint of delivery services across Europe.

    One of the other reasons Palletforce is an attractive option – when it appears on your parcel delivery comparison quotes – is the technological acumen they provide. All of which provide the reassurance that your goods will be handled safely, quickly and in a highly accountable way.

    At their super hub, Palletforce use their own patented Super Forklift Trucks to move pallets around, as well as load and unload vehicles.

    Your goods would be orchestrated using the Palletforce ARC system ‘Arrived, Recorded, Confirmed’. Palletforce equates this to air traffic control at an airport. ARC provides their technicians with a live summary of their entire network of operations, and therefore fingertip control.

    The way in which pallets are processed on collection, transport and delivery, would be within Palletforce’s Alliance IT network – also an industry standard.

    Palletforce Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

    Palletforce parcels can consist of full pallets, half pallets or even quarter pallets.

    A full pallet would need to have a maximum weight of 1,250kg. The weight limit for a half pallet under the Palletforce pricing system is 500kg. If you were booking a quarter pallet delivery, the upper weight limit is 250kg.

    The prices you would pay would depend on the size and weight of your consignment and of course where it was being shipped to.

    There are no one-size-fits-all price plans, and your costs would be bespoke to your needs.

    To book a collection and start your Palletforce parcel delivery service, click through from your quote on our website. You will then be taken to the Palletforce website to continue the transaction.

    Once you have successfully booked in a pallet for Palletforce collection and delivery, you can track it online using their ePOD system. So, for a parcel delivery service as sublime as this, use Parcel Delivery to compare couriers and find the ideal one for you!