City Sprint Parcel Delivery

If you are looking for a courier that is reliable and flexible with fast delivery, City Sprint is right for you. This nationwide courier provides a network of couriers that are on hand to take care of your parcel whether you need it to be collected or delivered. With a fleet of Pushbikes, Motorbikes and small and large vans, this is the biggest courier fleet in the UK.

City Sprint from £5.99 exc VAT
City Sprint Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
City Sprint Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
City Sprint Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
City Sprint Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    More About City Sprint

    Through they were formally part of the DMS Corporation, this company began operation in 2003, as their own platform. This same day courier allowed for tracking as well as booking management to provide. This was to provide the best service to their customers. With a number of City Sprint courier locations up and down the country delivery is made easy.

    Here at Parcel Delivery, we make finding the best City Sprint UK price easy. Our comparison tool helps to find affordable City Sprint prices that work for your budget. We understand that finding reliable delivery is important. This is why we find City Sprint rates that provide you with the service you need at all times. With a number of Citi Sprint couriers working alongside leading businesses finding City Sprint delivery has never been easier.

    As a business owner, prompt delivery and affordable services are crucial. This is why City Sprint prices allow you the courier you need at an affordable rate. Whether it is a van you need or one of the many Citi Sprint couriers operating by bike, you can have your parcel delivered with ease. In addition, you can ask your Citi Sprint courier to collect a parcel to prevent damage. All this can be accessed with one affordable City Sprint quote making it an ideal service for you.

    How Can Parcel Delivery Help You?

    Finding the perfect delivery quote used to take hours of research but not anymore. We have connections with a number of the worlds leading couriers. This allows us to compare City Sprint rates with other services to find you the best deal.

    As the UK’s largest courier company, City Sprint has a large workforce always on hand to help. With a strong network of couriers as well as in-depth knowledge of the area, this is a reliable service for you. In addition, we also compare the prices for a number of other City Sprint delivery services. This includes overseas delivery and UK overnight services. This company have a network of over 5000 city sprint couriers and 40 local services. Therefore, making it easy to be directed to a local courier quickly.

    This vast network makes sending a parcel to a loved one or business easy. All we need is the weight and dimensions of the parcel as well as the destination. We will then compare City Sprint rates to give you the best price every time.

    City Sprint Delivery In The UK

    When looking to send a parcel with your local City Sprint delivery service, you should visit their site. From here, you can either book a City Sprint courier or you can track your parcel. With either a City Sprint account or a debit card, you can receive a quote for your chosen Citi Sprint courier service with ease.

    As part of their City Sprint delivery services, there are a number of options to choose from. With same-day City Sprint couriers, as well as next day parcel services delivery, is easy. In addition, there is the option of a bespoke service that is tailor-made to suit your business. Each of these City Sprint couriers handles your parcel with care at every stage of the process. With a number of City Sprint near me results, this is the simple way of finding affordable delivery.

    With a number of offers also given on City Sprint prices, you can send a parcel by courier with ease. Whether you decide to opt for the City Sprint quote given to you by us, or you take advantage of their offers, the choice is up to you.

    When sending a parcel around the UK, it is important to be aware of prohibited items. These are items that cannot be sent by any courier around the UK. These can include some following items:

    • Batteries
    • Furs
    • Explosives
    • Animal Skins
    • Acids
    • Bleach

    If you are unsure whether the item, you are sending can be delivered, get In touch. Your City Sprint courier service will be able to answer any questions that you may have. This is great as this will ensure the product is delivered on time. If this is planned beforehand, this will prevent the item being returned to sender.

    Why Should You Try City Sprint Delivery?

    If you have used couriers before with little success, City Sprint is the service for you. With a number of City Sprint couriers in the UK, all you need is to type City Sprint near me into Google. This will give you a range of quotes in minutes. However, we at parcel delivery compare City Sprint prices with other reliable couriers. This will ensure your getting the best service.

    We take the information that you provide us and find City Sprint rates that are the best based off of distance, weight and size. We will then direct you to the booking page and provide you with a wide range of Citi Sprint couriers to choose from.

    As a company, we pride ourselves on making your delivery as stress-free as possible. Because of this, we work closely with Citi Sprint Couriers to ensure the best service. Whether you are sending a parcel to the UK or internationally, we have got you covered.

    If you are sending an item that is expensive using a City Sprint delive4ry service, you may require insurance. When using a same-day delivery service, you are covered for an item value of £5000. If you need Indemnity cover, this starts at just £10. Similarly, Indemnity cover for international and UK overnight services cover parcels to the value of £100. If you are sending an item that is between £101 – £10,000 this should be stated clearly when booking. Due to the value of your item, you will also need indemnity cover that starts from £25. This will protect your item during transit and ensure your courier delivery is a success.

    Packing Your Parcel For Citi Sprint Couriers

    When you have found a Citi Sprint courier at an affordable price, it is time to package your item. This is vital as you do not want your item to be damaged. The first step should be choosing the box. It is vital that the box is strong as this will hold the item secure during transit. Depending on the weight, you may have to change the lining of the box to accommodate.

    The size of the box should be small enough to reduce waste but should also leave room for inner packaging.

    Inner packaging such as bubble wrap, packing peanuts or air pockets will protect your item and reduce the weight. This is perfect when organising City Sprint delivery as the quote is likely to be cheaper. This is due to the weight and the size of the parcel affect delivery cost the most.

    When inner packaging is added, you then need to seal the box. Packaging tape is advised during this stage as it adheres to the box quickly. The gum forms a bond with the box that is not affected by water. In order to open it, you will need a knife to cut through. This is advised when sending a parcel by courier as it prevents the box from opening during transit.

    To fully secure the box, it is important to tape along the seams at the top and bottom of the box. Additionally, the tape can be added to the corners to secure the box. After this, the delivery address will then need to be written on the top of the box. This should be written with permanent marker on the top of the box in clear handwriting.

    This will ensure that your Citi Sprint courier can read the delivery address and deliver it to its required location. This is vital for businesses in the city as parcels can get lost easily.

    An alternative to writing the address is sticking a label to the top of the box. This will make sure that your courier can read the address clearly.  This can then be waterproofed by applying micro glaze or candle wax over the surface of the address as this will repel the water. This will make sure the address is readable regardless of the weather conditions.

    This will not only ensure that your City Sprint delivery service is a success, but it will also help to keep costs to a minimum and ensure that you have the best possible courier service at an affordable price. Why not try our price comparison tool today and get started on comparing the price for your City Sprint UK delivery service?