City Sprint Parcel Delivery

Need same day delivery from a reputable courier? There's no better choice than CitySprint - The UK's leading same day courier.

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As the UK’s leading same day distribution network, City Sprint offers efficient and reliable parcel delivery to suit the needs of both sender and recipient. Handling over 5 million same-day deliveries per year, this courier can ensure that your urgent packages arrive on time and in pristine condition.

Whether you require delivery of important files or documents, large parcels, or even a regular mailing of goods, City Sprint parcel delivery service is one of the UK’s most relied upon services. With a fleet of over 3,000 GPS-enabled couriers, they offer the largest service of same day delivery – that’s over 3 million per year.

At the forefront of service since 1985, City Sprint couriers have gained a reputation as the go-to city express delivery company by providing premium standard service to business customers as well as to the public – all for a very affordable price. The UK distribution team is set across 40 interconnected centres, covering local and national delivery, which ensures accurate and time-sensitive distribution. This is partly due to the extensive local knowledge held by all our drivers, and partly because of the care and attention that goes into their planning, data management, and technical support.

All deliveries through City Sprint couriers are completely secure, giving you peace of mind when ordering and sending packages. So for the times you need to personally send a gift to a loved one, ship equipment to a business exhibition, or arrange a regular delivery of items to customers, you can be sure that not only will items arrive on time, but in immaculate condition – helping you get on with the more important things in life.

How City Sprint Parcel Delivery Works

By selecting City Sprint couriers as your delivery partner, or alternatively for one-off deliveries, you are guaranteed a flexible and fast service tailored to your specific needs. Boasting a fleet of varying size vehicles your package will be distributed as fast as possible via the most effective method. From the largest fleet of pushbikes in London, mopeds, or motorbikes; all the way up to small or large vans, the most efficient method of delivery is on-hand for each individual requirement.

City Sprint’s motorcycle service is the fastest available with the potential to carrying dimensions of up to 30cm x 30cm x 30cm, and the ability to ship a maximum weight of up to 12kg.

Their small van service enables delivery of parcels up to 1.5 metres in size, and with weights of up to and including 500kg. As one of the more popular methods, large items can effortlessly be carried to your destination quickly through the streets of any city without any restriction.

For items of a larger scale, City Sprint couriers boast a fleet of transit vans, which are able to carry twice the weight, at 1000kg. The size of package available with this service is up to 1.5m on any side, meaning there is very little that this delivery service can’t handle.

If this still isn’t enough for your requirements, the largest wheel based service on offer can accommodate packages up to the size of three metres, also at the weight of 1000kg. This ensures that almost everything that can be delivered is able to be delivered by this fantastic and adaptable fleet of vehicles and their drivers.

With such a variety of options available, City Sprint parcel delivery has consistently shown – for over 30 years – that it is the leading city-based parcel delivery service in the country. With various options available for any package size, and ability to deliver to strict deadlines, there are very few options out there that can compete with City Sprint parcels. Our team is on hand to answer questions about how this service works and how it can benefit you or your business needs.

Why Choose City Sprint Parcel Delivery?

All City Sprint parcels come with the guarantee of quality customer service and satisfaction. By choosing this method of delivery, you are ensuring the safety and security of the product being shipped.

All of City Sprint parcel delivery drivers have been selected from the cream-of-the-crop. Standards are high, with rigorous testing before anyone is sent out on the roads, which are carried out only after a full review of their background and experience by standard. Not to mention all drivers hold ID so you can have peace of mind the right person is behind the wheel (or handlebars).

Use of technology is crucial to the success of City Sprint parcel delivery, with full tracking by GPS always offered for each parcel distributed, and this includes a £50 cover which is included in the price. Other options are of course available for extra security if your package is that little bit more precious. All tracking can be done by the MyCourier booking app, and for businesses looking for more in-depth coverage a full API integration is available along with use of ParcelTrak, Pathtrack or Scantrack, and fully accurate routing software so you can keep an eye on the delivery at all times. Not only this, but with an SMS (text message) notification system on the day of delivery, you can be sure the delivery is successful and fully signed for by the recipient.

City Sprint parcel delivery service ensures each delivery maintains the high standards expected by the customer and holding titles from the Supply Chain Excellence Awards 2016, Retail Systems Awards, and the Sunday Times Top Track 250; you can guarantee you are using a tried and trusted service that you can count on. It is clear City Sprint parcels is a company which will continue to flourish, with initiatives and focus on environmental impact, local employment, and charity work.

City Sprint Parcel Delivery Times And Prices

With City Sprint parcel delivery service, delivery is available via a number of tailored solutions with the aim of being as flexible and reliable as possible. Whether it is same day, overnight, regular, or a tailored arrangement, there is a solution that can be arranged to meet your specifications.

Some of the main City Sprint parcel delivery services include: same day courier, which provides dedicated local service centre, active 24/7 to respond to urgent demands, as well as ensuring deliveries are always on time. International and UK overnight deliveries offer a flexible solution when booking and even an online portal to help track deliveries. Logistics; for when you have a lot of deliveries to make, tailoring a personalised logistics service that provides you with account reporting, tracking, and constant communication with your local service centre. Finally, City Sprint parcels’ specialist solutions present fast, reliable solutions when delivering consignments when you require specific times and regularity – including route audits and professional logistical management to improve efficiency.

As with every City Sprint parcel delivery service price is subject to individual parcels, so this is worth checking in more detail with a customer adviser. Factors that may affect the price of parcel shipping will include which of the above packages you choose, the speed of delivery, as well as size and weight of the package. However, we always ensure our delivery partners give you complete value for money, with prices being kept as low as possible, so visit Parcel Delivery today.