Which Courier Is Best To Send a Mobile Phone?

Many people who treat themselves to a new mobile phone and don’t have a younger sibling or someone to pass their hand me down to often end up selling their old phone online to try get a bit of money back. If you are in the situation where you need to send a mobile phone across the country or even internationally then here’s the best place to start. Use the comparison tool here at ParcelDelivery.com for a free quotation to help you find the best courier for your parcel.

How Much Does It Cost To Send a Mobile Phone?

The price of sending a mobile phone depends on a few different variants. One variant is the weight and size of the product; most mobile phones would be in and around the same region so prices will not fluctuate too much as a result of this. Furthermore, another thing to consider would be where your parcel is being sent to, as there are a number of different pricing options depending on the distance the parcel needs to travel. The average cost to send a 1 Kg parcel (which is likely to be quite a bit more than your mobile phone will be, but rounded to the nearest Kg) for next day delivery will cost between £6.29 and £23.89, for national delivery. For international delivery please note the price will be different for each location but delivering an iPhone 7 to Italy (Reminder that country’s outside the EU may be considerably more) within 3-5 working days can cost between £13.99 by Parcel Force to £16.79 from DPD.

National Price
DPD £5.99
DX £7.19
Parcel Force £9.89


International Price
DPD Pickup £14.19
Parcel Force £13.99


Please note that all international and national prices were based on a 0.5Kg weight. International deliveries may vary (prices included are based on deliveries in the EU).


Be aware that you should look into a country’s prohibited items before attempting to send a mobile phone. Some countries and couriers won’t allow the transportation of lithium batteries and therefore sending a mobile phone using this method is not always a possibility. Double check with the courier directly prior to sending the parcel.


When looking to send a parcel with a valuable item such as a mobile phone it is best to take into consideration liability so if your parcel becomes damaged along the way, you may be able to get some money back if you have specific insurance. Make sure that you read all courier terms and conditions prior to booking in order to find out what items are covered when it comes to basic insurance. Some couriers will not pay out if an expensive product like a phone breaks if they have advised to not use the service without insurance.


If you’re looking for the best price, with the most reliable reputation then turn to our courier comparison service here at Parcel Delivery. We aim to ensure that you can find the best price overall, for deliveries across the country and also internationally, and can help you to find a courier which will take a mobile phone package. Selling your mobile phone and having it delivered to the most appropriate location has never been easier.