Collect Plus Parcel Delivery

Want the convenience of dropping off a parcel at your local shop? Use Collect Plus to send a parcel from a handy Collect Plus near me location.

Collect from £5.99 exc VAT
Collect Classic from £10.79 exc VAT
Collect Classic Plus from £12.79 exc VAT
Collect Classic European from £12.99 exc VAT
Collect Classic European Plus from £17.39 exc VAT


    Collect Plus Courier Services

    Collect Plus parcel delivery and collection service is a different type of courier. They enable users to send, as well as receive, parcels every day of the week. The key difference between Collect Plus couriers and other parcel delivery and collection services? The company gives you the opportunity to pick up and send parcels, no matter where you are. With plenty of parcel delivery stores open every day, from early until late… you’re bound to find an option that’s both close to you and open.

    With Collect Plus parcel delivery, you can take your pick when it comes to which parcel store you use. In fact, Collect Plus UK has made it easier than ever to drop off and pick up parcels. This is simply because there are thousands of parcel stores throughout Britain through which their service is available. Currently, the Collect Plus UK store network consists of more than 7,000 convenience shops and newsagents. You can also find Collect Plus delivery services at supermarkets and even petrol stations. So, it’s incredibly easy to find a Collect Plus near me!

    Collect Plus Tracking Deliveries

    At Parcel Delivery, we compare Collect Plus prices with a range of other couriers. This means you know you’re getting the best possible deal you select Collect Plus to send a parcel. What’s more, you don’t have to waste your time visiting different couriers’ websites. If Collect Plus parcel delivery comes up as the cheapest option, you know you can trust this result.

    The number of stores through which Collect Plus delivery services are available is vast. So much so that 90% of all UK residents live within just one mile of a Collect Plus near me store. It’s really easy to find a local store from which you can send or receive a parcel. What’s more, you can get updates on your parcel with Collect Plus tracking. So, if it’s convenience you’re after when it comes to parcel delivery and collection? You can’t go wrong with Collect Plus to send a parcel.

    Use Collect Plus to Send a Parcel

    The Collect Plus parcel delivery service is very straightforward and all about the convenience. Delivering a parcel to Pembroke or Hampshire? Pop into one of the 7,000 stores with Collect Plus UK facilities and have your parcel on its way to its destination. Being able to drop off parcels any time that suits helps delivery go without incident.

    To use Collect Plus to send a parcel, head to the comparison tool at the top of this page. Alternatively, you can visit the Collect Plus parcel delivery service website. Here, you can enter the destination postcode. Collect Plus couriers will then look up the postcode, meaning all you have to do is either select the house number. After you’ve entered the address, all you have to do is select one of the delivery options available. The one you choose will depend on which Collect Plus prices are most attractive to you. It’s easy to use Collect Plus tracking to follow your parcel on its journey. Collect Plus delivery charges will differ depending on the size and weight of your parcel. It’s a good idea to measure and weigh your parcel in order to ensure you select the right option.

    Collect Plus Near Me

    Once you’ve chosen the delivery service that’s right for you, purchase the service. You will receive a parcel label. Simply print the label out at home and stick it to your parcel and your parcel is ready to go. Don’t have any printing facilities at home? Most of the 7,000 Collect Plus near me stores will be able to print it for you for a minimal fee. Not all the stores will have printing facilities available, however. So, it’s worth checking the list of stores you can print labels at on the Collect Plus parcel delivery service website.

    When purchasing a label, you also have the option of taking out compensation cover. You are covered up to a set value as standard. You can check this on the Collect Plus UK website. If you are sending valuable items, you will be able to select additional cover should you want to. This will only be a small fee on top of your Collect Plus delivery costs. Collect Plus tracking comes as standard with all deliveries.

    Print and fix the label to your parcel. Now, all you have to do is take the parcel to your local Collect Plus parcel delivery service store. Your parcel will be on its way. Be sure to keep the receipt once you hand over your parcel. This way you have proof you sent the parcel and you can use it to track your parcel online.

    Collect Plus UK Delivery Service

    Collect Plus parcel delivery is all about the convenience. With Collect Plus UK, you don’t have to stand in a queue. You don’t have to worry about whether you have enough time to get to the post office before it closes. Instead, you just have to go to your local Collect Plus near me store with Collect Plus facilities and send your parcel. You can send your parcel any time, day or night. Work long hours? You can usually find a store that’s open early in the morning or late at night.

    It frees you up from having to go to the post office. This means you’re able to send parcels at your own speed and do things your way. No matter what parcel delivery option you choose, Collect Plus delivery charges are highly competitive. When you consider you can print your labels at home or in most of the 7,000 Collect Plus parcels stores… sending parcels really never has been easier.

    Run an online business and need to send parcels regularly? Or perhaps you’re looking to send a gift to a family member or a friend? They’ll all benefit from Collect Plus tracking services. Collect Plus UK allows you to send parcels from pretty much anywhere at any time. For eBay and Amazon sellers you can easily link your account to Collect Plus courier services. This makes it simple and straightforward to manage all of your orders in one place. You can even create multiple labels quickly. Simply upload a CSV file with all the address and parcel details on it.

    No matter where you are… or where you need to send a parcel to… Collect Plus parcel delivery is incredibly convenient and reliable. It offers a great way of getting your parcel to its destination without any fuss. Use our comparison tool to find the lowest Collect Plus prices.

    Collect Plus Prices

    Sending a parcel from a Collect Plus near me store direct to your recipient’s door can be done from relatively little with the economy delivery option. Collect Plus prices are scaled depending on the weight of the parcel, with the cheapest methods available for parcels weighing between 0 and 2kg, as long as the parcel complies with the size guidelines in place.

    With economy delivery from Collect Plus couriers, you can typically expect your parcel to be delivered within just three to five working days. If your item is heavier, you can still send your parcel via the economy delivery option, but the Collect Plus prices increase the heavier your parcel is. If you need your item to arrive sooner, you can choose the standard delivery option which will ensure Collect Plus couriers deliver your parcel to its destination in two working days.

    Collect Plus delivery charges vary by weight. Small parcels weighing less than 2kg are the cheapest. Collect Plus prices go up in increments for any parcel weighing 2kg or more. Even the cheapest way for Collect Plus to send a parcel comes with a full Collect Plus tracking service. So, you don’t have to choose between low Collect Plus delivery costs and great service.

    One working day should be added for all deliveries being made to Northern Ireland and the Isle of Wight as well as the Isle of Man and the North of Scotland. For deliveries to the Scottish Islands, you may have to add up to five extra working days.

    If it’s more convenient for the recipient, you can send your parcel to their nearest Collect Plus near me store with Collect Plus delivery services. Called ‘Store to Store’, the service is available with economy delivery times only, and costs the same as the economy store to door service.

    Once you’ve purchased your label online via the Collect Plus UK website and taken your parcel to your local Collect Plus store, your parcel will be delivered by Collect Plus couriers much like any other parcel service. Deliveries are carried out between 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday. It’s worth noting that timed delivery slots are not available with Collect Plus.

    Collect Plus Parcel Delivery FAQs

    Where is my nearest Collect Plus?

    There are over 7,000 Collect Plus near me stores up and down the UK. This means you’re never far away from a handy location to drop off your Collect Plus parcel delivery. You can enter your home or work postcode into Collect Plus courier’s website to find your nearest Collect Plus UK location on a map.

    How does Collect Plus work?

    It’s easy to arrange a Collect Plus courier to handle your delivery. Use our comparison tool to find the best Collect Plus prices for your parcel. Follow the link to purchase a Collect Plus delivery service. Print and attach the label provided to your package. Drop it off at your nearest Collect Plus near me shop. Use the Collect Plus tracking number to follow the parcel until it is delivered by a Collect Plus courier.