Send a Parcel to Dominican Republic

Deliver an item or send a large letter to the Dominican Republic with Parcel Delivery.


    When you send a parcel to Dominican Republic, you want it to be done right – by the right people, for the right amount of money and for it to arrive at the correct destination at the right time. That is where we come in at Parcel Delivery! Deciding on the courier company to send a parcel to Dominican Republic with can be easier than you think, and can help you to save money while ensuring your parcel arrives on time and in perfect condition. The Dominican Republic can be found in the Caribbean, with bordering countries such as Haiti and Cuba.

    We cater for individuals wishing to send just one (or a few) parcels via parcel delivery to Dominican Republic as well as businesses who need to send dozens or hundreds or parcels out each day. Whether it’s a wedding present, a birthday present, something for a special occasion, or a package for a customer, we’re here to help find cheap delivery to Dominican Republic.

    It doesn’t matter whether you are a lone seller or a business, because we’re always here to deliver only the best quality and cheap courier services to Dominican Republic for the lowest prices possible, constantly ensuring that your parcel delivery to Dominican Republic from UK gets to where it needs to be for the price you want.

    Parcel Delivery To Dominican Republic

    Our Dominican Republic parcel delivery services give you the choice of dozens of different couriers, renowned for their worldwide delivery services. Compare cheap courier services to Dominican Republic, you can compare prices, lead times and information, helping you to choose the best deal for you.

    Here are a few of the wonderful worldwide couriers who can offer cheap shipping to Dominican Republic.


    DPD parcel delivery to Dominican Republic offers a reliable, accurate tracking systems with selected services, so you know exactly where your parcel is and where it’s been when you send parcel to Dominican Republic

    DPD have reliable, fast delivery services that can suit your needs for parcel delivery UK to Dominican Republic. With international depots all around the world, including within the Dominican Republic, your parcel is bound to get there safely, no matter what it is.


    UPS, also known as United Parcel Services, is a fast, efficient offers cheap delivery to Dominican Republic parcel today. As one of the biggest global shipping couriers, UPS handle hundreds of thousands of parcels across 220 countries. Offering single parcel services that can arrive in just a couple of weeks to business courier services, they can deliver pallets and large consignments via parcel delivery to Dominican Republic from UK at an affordable price.

    UPS have years of experience delivering parcels from the UK to the Dominican Republic and are always working on how to drive costs down, improve lead times and boost service quality, so if you want to send a parcel to Dominican Republic you can always be sure your parcel is in good hands.


    A global courier service with an emphasis on the timely, reliable and cost-effective delivery of thousands of packages each and every day across 220 countries worldwide. FedEx is one of the global leaders for worldwide delivery services and offers several options for the cheapest parcel delivery to Dominican Republic when you need it to.

    You can send large, small, heavy, light and palleted parcels via parcel delivery to Dominican Republic from UK with FedEx, all with the peace of mind that your parcel will arrive on time and in the same condition it left your hands. We can make sure that your parcel is safe and the delivery doesn’t cost the earth with the reliable couriers of FedEx, meaning cheap parcel delivery to Dominican Republic isn’t as hard to reach as you may think.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel In Dominican Republic

    If you want to send a parcel to Dominican Republic, regardless of whether you’re shipping regularly, or it’s just a one-off, or you’re a business with the need to send large consignments on a regular basis, we’re here to help find cheap shipping to Dominican Republic. We compare the delivery prices of dozens of couriers who offer Parcel delivery UK to Dominican Republic, and can tell you who the cheapest is with just a few simple bits of information. We can ensure that you send your parcel with a high-quality cheap courier to Dominican Republic, so your parcel gets there on time, unharmed and for a fair price.

    The price of your cheap parcel delivery to Dominican Republic  will depend on a few things. Firstly, the size of your parcel will dictate which category of parcel it falls into (large, small etc.). Some couriers use the weight of your parcel to determine this, others use both the size and weight, while some use solely the dimensions of the parcel. Each size and/or weight band will have a corresponding price, and you must pay the correct amount of postage to ensure that your parcel gets to where it needs to be – but here at Parcel Delivery we’ll help you find cheap parcel delivery to Dominican Republic no matter how heavy your parcel is.

    The lead time that you need your parcel to be delivered via cheap courier to Dominican Republic will affect the price of your Dominican Republic parcel delivery. International services, depending on the courier, usually have an economy service which can take up to 4-6 weeks at busy times with the option for faster services at a little extra cost. International lead times tend to be more than domestically sent parcels, with around 12-14 days being the average, depending on the courier.

    Tracked services are also available for international deliveries from the UK to the Dominican Republic, so you can see where your parcel is, where it’s been and when it enters the country it’s going to.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To Dominican Republic

    Before you send your parcel to the Dominican Republic, there are a few useful bits of information you should know about first.

    The first one is what you can’t send in a parcel to the Dominican Republic.

    Both domestic (UK) and international post regulations prohibit and restrict the sending of certain items through the postal system. Most domestic restrictions, and some international, are for safety reasons, and some international restrictions are for customs reasons (such as dirt, plants, etc.). There are some obvious ones such as explosives, firearms (excluding sporting firearms) and medical or industrial waste that can’t be sent through the UK post system. However, things like aerosols that aren’t personal grooming items are also prohibited, and deodorant aerosols (for personal grooming) have certain restrictions placed on them, meaning they need to be packaged a certain way (as do lighters, batteries, sporting firearms etc.).

    International rules can be different to UK rules and are usually more strict. As well as the firearms and explosives that aren’t allowed in UK postal systems, there are a few things banned from being sent to the Dominican Republic that you cannot send with any courier. For instance, live animals, cash and items containing staples are not allowed into the Dominican Republic postal system and heavy fines can be generated for breaking the law.

    Packaging your parcel for delivery to the Dominican Republic is essential for the welfare of the item inside and the satisfaction of your customers. Using a tracked service is always recommended, and services with higher insurance amounts, that cover you for more, can be chosen for more high-value items.

    To help get your parcel where it needs to be, always make sure that you address your parcel properly. The first thing the courier’s system will look at is the country. Always use the full country name and write it in English, and last. Then, ensure that the zip/postcode is correct and the street name and house number have been written correctly.

    It’s up to us to provide you with the most cost-effective and reliable service we can – offering you the selection of several different couriers with cheap parcel delivery to Dominican Republic services so that you can choose the one that best suits your individual needs. We always endeavour to give you the best, from our customer service to our prices and the couriers we use.