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    Couriers to Haiti

    The Caribbean country of Haiti is a beautiful and exotic place. With its vibrant culture, stunning beaches and breath-taking mountain views… This is one great location that is becoming more and more popular with tourists. With around 10 million inhabitants, it is one of the most populated of the Caribbean countries. The capital city of Port-Au-Prince is the largest city in Haiti. It is one of the major economic centres in the country.

    This size and border with the Dominican Republic and Cuba make it an important trade hub for the whole region. This is very handy when needing couriers to Haiti. There’s a high volume of parcels delivered via Haiti parcel delivery. This means that when you want to send a parcel to Haiti… all the professional couriers we compare for you are fully experienced. They know all about getting goods to where they need to be on this beautiful island.

    Imports are of central importance to the Haitian economy. So, you can rest assured that the delivery services are well catered for there. This means that your parcel to Haiti will arrive quickly and efficiently. Let us take the hassle out of finding quality and cheap couriers to Haiti. We do this by comparing the best quotes for delivery out there. Rest assured the couriers we work with are among the most well-known and respected in the business. This means you get peace of mind and reassurance. We can offer the best cheap parcel to Haiti services on the market. Our fantastic service will allow you to find world-class service without the world-class price! Join the many happy customers who rely on us time and again. We’ve helped countless people get their packages to their destination on time. So why not avail yourself of the cheap delivery to Haiti that’s on offer.

    Compare Quotes for Sending a Parcel to Haiti

    When thinking about using couriers to Haiti… many UK businesses will want to know that their goods can be delivered quickly and safely. Luckily, the UK has great links with Haiti. This is especially from helping after the 2010 earthquake. This makes it easy for UK companies to send goods to the island. Needing to send a parcel to Haiti filled with personal items or parcels to friends and family? This is not a problem either due to the fine links between the countries. We understand the importance of being able to send a parcel to Haiti. We know it needs to be completed in a timely and efficient manner. We can compare the best cheap courier services to Haiti.

    The island itself has a good internal infrastructure. This allows the goods and parcels sent to be delivered quickly. It’s especially fast when completed by the professional couriers to Haiti that we work with. There was a recent airport opening in the North of the island. This makes it easier than ever to find cheap courier services to Haiti from UK. It also allows faster deliveries to be conducted via air mail. The capital of Port-Au-Prince is a major port for shipped goods. Saint-Marc is also a large port that allows for an even higher volume of cheap parcel to Haiti. There are major highways in the country also. These allow for road transport to the addressee to be achieved securely and quickly. All this means that the island is set up for speedy and cheap shipping to wherever your parcel is intended to go. Parcel delivery make sure it arrives before you know it.

    We compare prices for a network of experience and reliable couriers to Haiti. We’ll make sure your parcel gets where it needs to with no fuss. Haiti parcel delivery times are usually around 5 business days. However, this will depend on the quote you choose. So, you will need to factor this in when sending your parcel off if it needs to arrive by a certain date.

    Delivery Prices to Send a Parcel to Haiti

    The starting price for couriers to Haiti via Parcel Delivery is around £35 normally. However, this will naturally depend on the dimensions and weight of the packages you are sending. Bigger and heavier parcels will cost more to send than smaller, lighter ones. So, you need to bear this in mind when thinking of the overall parcel delivery UK to Haiti cost.

    For a personalised quote, why not fill in the size and weight of what you are sending? This will let you see the very best prices out there currently. We will compare all the international couriers to Haiti that can deliver for you. We’ll find the very best quotes there are. Don’t waste time doing it all manually. Simply fill in your details and let us find you a top-class courier at a superb price. We’re confident we can find you the cheap couriers to Haiti via Parcel Delivery without compromising on quality.

    Useful Information on Using Couriers to Haiti

    As ever when transporting goods via cheap couriers to Haiti or sending a parcel internationally… you need to make sure what you are sending is not prohibited in the country it is going to. This includes Haiti which has its own list of items that will not be allowed into its borders. Please do not try to send any prohibited items as they will not be delivered and may incur legal action from the Haitian government.

    Prohibited items include illegal drugs, pornographic material, live flora or fauna, fertiliser, weapons or ammunition, toxic waste and counterfeit money. As always, it is ultimately the sender’s responsibility to make sure they follow any postal restrictions for a certain country so it is advisable to double check with your local Haitian Embassy if you’re unsure or HM Revenues and Customs. Many couriers to Haiti are able to further advise if you have any questions about a specific item. They take goods into the country regularly and so are familiar with the rules and regulations.

    Another important point to note when sending a parcel to Haiti from UK is the postal conventions. The Haiti Postal Corporation asks that the country code ‘HT’ be placed before the postcode digits on all parcels or packages being sent. Doing this will ensure your parcel is allowed into the country and gets to where it’s going safely. It will ensure that your couriers to Haiti can quickly and easily identify the destination at the sorting plant. This means your parcel will be able to move along its journey without delays.

    On the same note, please make sure you put a full address on the parcel with as much detail as possible. Although the couriers to Haiti we work with are the best in their field, this will just make their job easier and mean you can rest easy knowing it will be delivered correctly. It is also worth putting your contact name and address on the reverse of the parcel so you can be contacted in the event of any delivery issues. We’re confident that there won’t be, but it is still a wise move in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

    Please ensure the parcel or package you send is securely put together and packaged sufficiently. This will make sure it arrives as intended with the addresses in Haiti and can be shipped safely. You will also need to make sure you attach the appropriate declaration forms to your parcel. This is because sending to Haiti from the UK means passing through international customs and these forms are needed to make sure this can happen without any hitches. Our couriers to Haiti will be able to advise if you have any questions about the declaration forms. Check the FAQ section on their website or call the customer service team.

    If you are wanting your parcel to Haiti to be sent with protection or insurance, please be sure to select this when you choose a quote or make sure the quote you choose includes it already. Many people prefer this extra layer of security for peace of mind so if this applies to you, make sure you choose the right quote. Our couriers to Haiti will handle your parcel with the utmost care. However, if you’re sending fragile or valuable items… it’s best to be extra careful. Taking out insurance is affordable. We think it’s definitely worth considering for such a long journey.

    How to Send a Parcel to Haiti

    It couldn’t be easier to arrange your parcel delivery to Haiti with us. All you need to do is weigh your parcel in kilograms. Then measure the height, width and length in centimetres. You don’t need any specialist equipment. A tape measure and your bathroom scales are perfect for the job. Then, go to the top of any page on our website. Enter your parcel measurements into our comparison tool.

    Next, add in the collection and destination postcodes. We can collect from anywhere in the UK that’s convenient to you. This is usually a home or work address. However, you can also find services that allow you to drop your parcel off at a local newsagents or supermarket while you run your errands. Our couriers to Haiti can handle deliveries to any part of the country. So there are no restrictions on where you can send a parcel to Haiti. We’ll provide you with a list of quotes from our trusted couriers. We only recommend couriers to Haiti that we would personally use. They’re all experienced and have a proven track record of being reliable.

    Once you book the parcel to Haiti, you’re on your way. You’ll need to print off the delivery label and package your item safely for its journey to Haiti. We have a guide on safely packing up parcels which you can read here. Once the couriers to Haiti have collected your parcel, they’ll give you a tracking number. You can use this to follow your parcel in real time until it is safely delivered. If you have chosen a signed-for service, you will be sent a confirmation of delivery with an image of the recipient’s signature. This is a fantastic service for many users. It lets you know that your parcel delivery has been completed without any problems.

    If you’re looking for fast, reliable and efficient service with the cheapest couriers to Haiti then we can help. Get a personalised quote from us today and we’ll compare the best couriers out there for you. Let us take all the hassle out of finding a top-quality delivery service at a superb low price. Get a quote today at Parcel Delivery!