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    Located in the Caribbean and bordered by Cuba, Haiti, the USA and Turks and Caicos, the Bahamas is an archipelagic state, also known as the Commonwealth of The Bahamas. There are over 700 islands within the Bahamas, with the capital being Nassau.

    During the 18th and 19th centuries, the Bahamas actually became a favourable location for pirates, including the infamous Blackbeard, placing this country as an interesting tourist attraction in modern day. Due to this invasion, Britain and the Bahamas have had close relations for years, as Britain made the Bahamas a crown colony in order to eliminate piracy.

    Geographically, the Bahamas is over 4000 miles away from the UK, making parcel delivery UK to Bahamas quite difficult. The Bahamas is actually one of the richest countries in the Americas, and with tourism always on the rise, there has never been such a demand for Bahamas parcel delivery as there is today. Whether you’re a fellow Bahamian living in the UK and still have family there, or you need to send a parcel to Bahamas due to business reasons, even finding cheap parcel delivery to Bahamas is becoming increasingly easier.

    With so much distance between the UK and the Bahamas, it’s important to do some research into the most efficient but cheapest parcel delivery to Bahamas that is out there. This can be difficult and time-consuming, so by using our clever comparison tool, you can find the ideal courier for you, whether you want to send small letters or heavy parcels via parcel delivery to Bahamas from UK. All you need to do is enter your parcel dimensions into the tool, select the service you desire, and choose the right destination. After that, you’ll be welcomed by a number of quotes, so it’s then up to you to pick the one that suits your needs the best – and then you’re ready to use your cheap delivery to Bahamas!

    As the demand for parcel delivery increases so to does the range of cheap shipping to Bahamas. With many different companies offering you a range of different prices on delivery of your parcel, comparing all the prices and calculating the overall cost can become stressful, however we are here to help! With our price comparison tool, simply enter the weight and dimensions of your parcel and we will handle the rest, making finding cheap shipping to Bahamas easier than ever.

    Parcel Delivery To Bahamas

    Despite the distance, parcel delivery to Bahamas can be much faster than you’d expect, depending on the type of service you decide to select. It doesn’t matter if you want to send a parcel to Eleuthera, Staniel City, Musha Cay or Acklins Island, as Bahamas parcel delivery can be made to any of these locations with the right courier and service. Being the capital, Nassau tends to see the most parcel delivery, but don’t let this deceive you, as many couriers are flexible with where they are able to deliver for parcel delivery UK to Bahamas as well as the range of cheap courier services to Bahamas that they provide.

    Due to the amount of tourism that is emerging in this country, the availability for cheap parcel delivery to Bahamas is beginning to increase, which is why couriers are beginning to cater for this development with the implementation of cheap courier to Bahamas. With a population of around 391,232, it’s not surprising that demand for parcel delivery to Bahamas is increasing. Once you have selected the perfect quote for you by using our quick online courier comparison tool, you can relax and watch your Bahamas parcel delivery as it travels across the world. Our skilled and careful couriers will pick up your parcel and ship it across to the Bahamas, whether that is to Samana Cay or Inagua Islands. Plus, because our couriers care about their customers, they provide you with peace of mind by using their tracking system – even with the cheapest parcel deliver to Bahamas!. By having a unique and personal code, you can stay updated on how your parcel is doing, whilst saving money with cheap delivery to Bahamas.

    Delivery Prices To Send A Parcel To Bahamas

    The price of your parcel delivery to Bahamas will completely depend on the service you choose and the dimensions of your parcel. If you would like to send your parcel for the cheapest price possible, you’ll have to take some precautions in order to do so.

    For example, some people need to purchase a special delivery service in order to get their parcel to their desired location on time. To prevent this, you should send a parcel to Bahamas well in advance to allow it time to arrive at the destination you have chosen. This way, you won’t have to fork out more money for expensive delivery services, saving you money.  In addition to this our tool will compare multiple different sites to ensure you are getting the best cheap courier to Bahamas. Furthermore, the way you decide to package your parcel will help you to save money. Of course, it is your responsibility to keep your parcel delivery UK to Bahamas safe, and so you should take necessary precautions to ensure that sufficient packing has occurred to keep the insides safe and free from any breakages. With an increased number of cheap courier services to Bahamas, it is important to note that couriers will not be liable for any breakages that occur throughout the journey, so safe packaging is essential to save money, time and hassle.

    It is therefore worth investing in packaging supplies, such as scrunched up newspaper or foam packaging peanuts. Not only will these prevent the contents of your parcel from breaking, but they’ll also keep the weight of your parcel to a minimum. This will also reduce the price of your parcel delivery, as the heavier the parcel, the more it will cost you to send it- just another way to find the cheapest parcel delivery to Bahamas.

    So, with the courier comparison tool here at Parcel Delivery, you can find out the prices for cheap courier services to Bahamas that different couriers offer depending on your parcel dimensions and the speed that you want your parcel delivered. With ParcelForce, the cheapest parcel delivery to Bahamas from UK available for an express delivery is £71.95, and this is for a 0.5kg parcel. However, if you’ve sent your parcel in advance and therefore have plenty of time for it to reach the Bahamas and thus select a global value service, you’ll be looking at £35.35 for a 0.5kg parcel. To conclude, it’s very clear to see how simple actions can heavily reduce the price of parcel delivery to Bahamas from UK, a £40 difference, to be exact.

    Useful Information When Sending A Parcel To The Bahamas

    Other than trying to keep the price of your parcel delivery to a minimum, there are numerous other factors to consider before sending your parcel, the first one being weight. Before sending your parcel, it would be suitable to double check whether the courier you have chosen can send the parcel that you’re aiming on delivering. For example, the weight limit for an individual parcel with ParcelForce is 30kg, whereas with DHL, the limit is 70kg, although because of their impressive flexibility, DHL are happy to negotiate about sending parcels that are slightly heavier than 70kg.

    A very important factor is to consider is items that may be prohibited or restricted in the Bahamas. If you send restricted parcels into the Bahamas, the customs department will either decide to send your parcel back, or even worse, destroy your parcel there and then. To save yourself the struggle, double check which goods aren’t allowed into the country. A selection of restricted goods includes firearms, fireworks, meat, fruits and vegetables, indecent or obscene prints and several more. To educate yourself on the items that aren’t allowed into the country, check the Bahamas Government Customs Department website for the entire list.

    Discussed previously, packaging your parcel in an appropriate manner for the contents is important, especially if it’s fragile. If that is the case, you should ensure that you label your parcel with FRAGILE in capital letters, as well as using the red and white striped tape to immediately alert the couriers that the parcel needs to be handled with extra care. Of course, we wouldn’t put our faith in couriers who are careless with their parcels, however by informing them about your parcel being fragile, they will further ensure that your parcel is transported safely from A to B.

    So, if you would like to discover your cheap parcel delivery to Bahamas options, why not use our Parcel Delivery comparison tool today?